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  1. im sorry i wasnt clear. the reason im wanting them rated is because i currently use xp home and its crap. im looking for the best one b4 i purchase it. i also tried out a few linux distros. they were great but dont really support many windows based games. you can fart about with wine to get them to work, but i found it very daunting.
  2. could someone please rate all microsoft os from best to worse from these please? xp home xp professional xp media centre server 2003 thanks
  3. just tried what you said and your right it sets a random computer name , but the screen still comes up. its still asking for an admin password. how do i set it to skip this automaticly?
  4. i put a comp name in nlite unattended settings. dont i have to put in a password? or does that script just bypass the admin password too?
  5. sorry m8 but do you mean keep the compuer name blank? or do i put a star in the computer name? im using nlite to do this. do i need to make a script like you did there? and if so how and where do i do this?
  6. i have my disc the way i want it except from one annoying thing. this screen always comes up during installation. how do i get rid of it?
  7. i purchased tuneup utilities 2009 a couple of weeks ago and im looking to make an addon installer with my serial code intregated into it. could someone please show me how to do this? thanks
  8. i dont use any anti virus at all mainly because i only use xp for my games. everything else is done on linux kubuntu jaunty, which is imune to most viruses out there. its by far one of the most secure os out there.
  9. i downloaded an xp disc that had 3 or 4 different versions on it. how would i go about making one of them. this disc had xp home, pro and media edition on it. i take it there is a program out there that allows me to do this? sorry i just had a lookaround. is it called powerpacker?
  10. so what you mean is you change the path of your favorites to a different drive and keep the favorites on there? i never thought of that cheers m8. how do you change the path of the favorites again. on both if you dont mind
  11. yes it does. but i have slipstreamed 3.5 into my xp disc too. also where can i get the drivers only for ati? any driver pack ive seen is an exe installer
  12. you need to install wine tricks then install ms.net 2.0 on wine tricks for it to work. to install winetricks copy paste this into terminal. wget http://www.kegel.com/wine/winetricks then to install ms.net2.0 copy paste this in sh winetricks dotnet20 then try installing nlite. it should work please note dont click the link i posted for winetricks you have to copy paste everything including the wget into terminal
  13. is there a way of intrigating my favorite websites into ie8? likwise with fireox bookmarks?
  14. i am trying to make a silent installer for the new ati catalyst driver suite. but i dont know what commands to use to make this a silent installer. its difficult to experiment with it because i have been making my own xp disc as iso files and installing it on virtual box to test it out. but i cant test out ati drivers on virtual machine because it uses its own virtual hardware. so could someone please post some information on what all the different commands are and what they do? thanks
  15. i am trying to slipstream all of my critical updates but when i do all i get when i go to install xp is a constant reboot. it works fine when i install all of my addons and sp3. but when i add in all of the critical updates it seems to restart after the partitioning part all the time. what am i doing wrong?
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