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  1. ISA server is massive, but hugely configurable. The only way you would get the benefit of it is having a client machine you can use to test access to the net with. You didnt mention is this a virtualized box? or a physical one? A free AV would be Avira or Clamwin. Iv never used Forefront to be honest, what about looking into SCOM 2K7 with an SQL backend, that has Nap along with a LOT more (im guessing similar to what forefront provides? although i could be very wrong) Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, I have an ARC-1230 Card which runs at 8X in a PCIe slot. I emailed Tech support at areca to ask if it would reduce performance running this card in a 4X slot and they said So i asked What internal bus he was referring to and got the answer: What does everyone here think? Thank you EDIT: What im thinking is that i will buy an Asus board that has the Nvidia 750i chipset or higher as i know that they have 2 PCI lanes @ 16X. Then i can put the card in a 16X slot, that way it will definitely run ok.
  3. I always use either DBAN - a 16bit DOS app or one called Eraser - a win32 App.
  4. Sata does start at 150. There is Sata 150 and Sata 300 as far as i know. Dont tell me iv have it wrong all these years
  5. Have you checked all of the windows update dlls are registered properly? There are lists out there and maybe registering and rebooting would fix it?
  6. The Armour Of God is my favourite film ever
  7. With that motherboard you will not be able to see more than 128Mb per RAM slot it would seem.
  8. eyeball

    Windows 7

    LOL! sorry i did not see that Oh well, my bad
  9. eyeball

    Windows 7

    This just annoys me. :realmad: Windows 7 Kernel = Windows Vista Kernel + Despatcher Lock removed, Usermode scheduler added, Boot from VHD enabled and minwin + More. Now please tell me how you can possibly be so anti-vista and pro win 7 knowing what you now know....
  10. nice find! I got 12 right can anyone get any more?
  11. Check over the router and see if you can configure a 1-1 full feature NAT rule. That should do it. Thanks
  12. Is the Ram slot on the board bad maybe? What if you try one dimm in each slot does that work ok?
  13. Wow i didnt realise a CTP was available of 2010 already. I hope 2010 has MZ tools built in. Then it would be amazing
  14. Other..... THE TRAP DOOR is the greatest cartoon ever
  15. In active directory under the view menu i think, you should see "advanced". Enable this and when you search for a user and view the properties your will see an "object" tab. In there it tells you the OU where the user resides.
  16. Nah the 12TB is going in the server, it will be 10TB after RAID 6. Thats the whole point of me doing this i want a desktop and a server seperate not a crazy hybrid thing like iv always had. Just looking at motherboards now and wondering if a standard Asus board or something similar is gonna play nice with this RAID card I hope so, does anyone have suggestions of what to get?
  17. I Suppose if i get a really good UPS and backup the most important stuff such as home movies and photos things like that i could replace the other stuff if it ever failed. At least with RAID 6 i can afford to loose 2 Drives also this nice little graph here puts my mind at rest somewhat, lol http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/314/3 Btw where is Zxian? he has a server, i wonder how he backs it up?....
  18. Just create a new DNS zone for the PRT records, It should populate itself as DHCP assigns Addresses. I havent got a server here to give you step by step but the wizard is really simple
  19. Ok Point taken guys, this brings me to the next point then. What do i do about a backup? I plan on having 12 TB drives in a RAID 6 here, how do i go about backing this up? (considering this is a home environment) Or would you guys recommend another RAID type?
  20. I should be getting it this saturday. Il post Pics when it comes Cheers
  21. Ok thats it! iv ordered the Areca Card, really thanks a lot for the help on this, i read through the datasheet and I love the sound of MAID along with the rest of the features, like you mentioned the ethernet port sounds really cool, i will be able to http to my RAID card Im building a server cause im sick of storing things across my computer and messing about with it all the time, now all i need to do is save some more for the rest of it, but at least thats the most expensive thing out of the way. Thank you
  22. Apologies Crahak you are quite right, I must have overlooked those drivers... now im torn between the 2 again, 2008 drivers are not supported on the 3ware card. Also I have just checked that slot on 2 boards I have and it is a 1X slot. So would it just fit in 16X slot and effectively use only half of the bandwidth? Thanks EDIT: just been back to their site and i did not notice the FTP link on the download page, thanks again Crahak

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