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  1. Guys, there was a program that lets you change the version of windows that is shown on your system. For example, you can change it to report Windows XP when it's in fact a Windows 2003 machine. Anyone know what that program was called? Can't remember where I saw it and google isn't any help. Thanks guys
  2. I keep getting prompted when I boot up win2k3 that my copy is not activated, and I have no other option but to reboot in safe mode. Any reg tweak / etc to get around this? Tried things but no luck.
  3. That indeed is one way of doing it... If all else fails, that's probably the option I'll be taking. Thanks for that suggestion
  4. I had a question regarding making an unattended win2k3 install cd. I have a 3-in-1 (ent, std, web) install cd that I made. My question is how does this change me following the winxp unattended guide? Is the cd's dir structure different? Do I need extra paramenters or whatnot ? How can I choose which install to use automatically? I don't mind if the unattended part comes after me choosing which win2k3 version I want to install on bootup, I just wanted to know what changes/additions I have to make when following the guide. Thanks
  5. Hey, I have a small network at work... Basically a Windows Server 2003 machine that shares the internet to about 12 workstations. Basically, I want to let the users on those workstations to go to 1 internet website only, and block them from going to all others (maybe have a username/password) box that pops up whenever they go to www.google.com for example, or any other website apart from mycompany.com. How can I do this? I don't want to buy MS ISA Server, or start messing with policies, is there any other quick/easy way to do this with Windows? With freeware ? Thanks

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