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  1. Hmm...i wonder if that's for the final rollup. The beta rollup had the same file name. I wonder if microsoft simply made the beta rollup final, without changing anything? -gosh
  2. It looks like it's final although i havent had time to install it. Later tonite ill post updated instructions on how to slipstream it. http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=826939 -gosh
  3. One of my goals for my next cd is to have more customizations. One thing i'd like to do is disable services depending on your needs. For example, if you're gonna use your computer just to play games, i'd like to disable unneeded services such as internet services. Or if you want to use your pc for the internet, but you don't have a network, i want to disable the networking services. This will speed up the computer and make the computer more secure. I know how to disable and enable services from a batch file, my problem is my batch file won't know any extra services. For example if i installed norton internet security it will install a service. I couldn't write a batch file to enable or disable this service, since it is not an xp service. What i want is a way to disable all services but the ones i specify. So far i haven't found any way to do this. Does anyone have any insight on how to do this? -gosh
  4. If you use my method to slipstream the xp rollup it takes 1 min longer. Does xp setup hang at the 13 min mark? What does setuperr.log say? -gosh
  5. I don't know if anyone has seen this, but this is the best way i've found to make a silent winrar installation that has the rar key in it. It was written by someone else at another website a long time ago. I think it should be added to the MSFN unattend guide. Post was originally written by jiimmy @thetechguide -gosh
  6. No, it'll say files are missing. You can spend an hour trying to find each file xp setup needs, but i gave up on that. -gosh
  7. gosh

    Go Cubs!

    Let's go cubbies let's go! Tonite is the night! God bless you dusty baker!! -gosh
  8. That's interesting, i never noticed that -d switch, i'll have to start using it. -gosh
  9. I made a script to do this. All you do is get the cdrom drive letter, then you can install the programs directly from cd if you want. -gosh
  10. XP using my method is 360 megs office2003 cd 1 is only 300 megs So i would say yes. -gosh
  11. Well here's a guess. Run the exe, and as setup is in front of you look at %tmp% for the .msi file. -gosh
  12. Thanks to Aaron, i got some space to upload files. I uploaded my unattended registry entries here Extract the zip file to $OEM$\$$\ In your unattend file, put this: [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemPreinstall=Yes OemSkipEula=Yes [GuiRunOnce] Command0="%windir%\Reg\reg.bat" Now when you install xp unattended, it'll import all my registry settings. These settings are only for XP Pro. As you see, i took a slightly different approach from most people. I have the registry files saved as .reg files, and reg.bat imports them. This wasy is very flexible, allowing me to add/remove reg hacks very easily. My reg hacks do the following: -disables 4 services -Clears the XP start menu (i don't know why but it does) -associates .sif and .nfo files as text files -customizes the explorer interface -disables simple file sharing and more. Enjoy, -gosh
  13. So far everything ive said applies to any version of NT. Now let's make the cd not have an i386 folder on the root. This makes the cd look more professional, and it also makes the cd more organised. First, put your i386 folder into another folder. For this example we're gonna put it into a folder called WinXPPro. I'm not sure if there's a folder name limit, but i recommend keeping the name under 8 characters. Next, edit txtsetup.sif in each BOOT or VOLX folder and edit the SetupSourcePath. Change it to this: This has to be done in each boot folder, but you don't have to do it for the txtsetup.sif file in the i386 folder (if you have one). Doing this will make setup look in the WinXPPro folder for the source files, not the root of the cdrom.Next, in the WinXPPro folder, make sure you have the following files: $OEM$ <--- only if youre doing an OEMPreinstall i386 <--- source files setup.exe <--- you can put the xp setup.exe here (optional) spnotes.htm <--- only if you're installing xp sp1 or higher WIN51 <--- this has to be here WIN51ic <--- only if installing xp home WIN51ic.SP1<--- only if installing xp sp1 home WIN51ip <--- only if installing xp pro WIN51ip.SP1<--- only if installing xp sp1 pro If you're smart you're probably thinking, "why do i need to add the cd ident files to the winxppro folder? They're already on the root of the cdrom". Or you might think "why do i need to do this, since txtsetup.sif will tell xp setup to look in the WinXPPro folder for the source files". That's very true. The reason why you have to include the cd identification files is because of a bug (in sp1?). XP setup is hard coded to install the drivers from an i386 folder, it doesn't look at the SetupSourcePath value in txtsetup.sif. To see what i mean look at txtsetup.sif at this part: When setup starts at the 33 min mark, it starts installing hardware. Setup looks in a folder called i386 under the cd ident files because of the 1 and 100. For example setup looks for amdk6.sys in the i386 folder under the cd ident files. The 100=%spcdname%,%spcdtagfilei%,,\i386,1 So if you don't have the cd idents in the WinXPPro folder, but you do have the idents on the root of the cd, XP Setup will look for an i386 folder on the root of the cdrom, but won't find it! So make sure you have the cd ident files in the root of the cdrom AND the WinXPPro folder. Otherwise you will get blue screens. For 6 months my xp all in one cd kept blue screening on me and i could never figure out why. Finally i figured out what was going on. That's it. You now don't have an i386 folder on the root of the cdrom. Instead, you have a WinXPPro folder, which makes the cd look more professional, like a MSDN cd. -gosh
  14. Install the stuff then look at setupapi.log to see what inf was used. Then copy that .inf and files to your $OEM$ folder. -gosh
  15. search google: http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=en&lr=&...213&sa=N&tab=wg I see one post dated June 12th of this year that says sp2 1213 was leaked http://groups.google.com/groups?q=xp+sp2+1...TeraNews&rnum=3 -gosh
  16. Build 1213 leaked onto the internet last January. It's old news. -gosh
  17. If that doesn't work you can rebuild the windows driver database. In safe mode delete drvidx.bin and drvdata.bin, then restart. -gosh
  18. AutoPartition=1 is gonna tell setup to install on the partition with the most free space i believe (correct me if im wrong). If you set AutoPartition=0 setup will prompt you where you want to instal windows, which is the setting i use (correct me if im wrong). -gosh
  19. You cannot tell setup which partition to install to. The only thing you can do is have setup install on the partition with the most free space. Does the slave drive have more free space then the primary? does your c drive have at least the minimum space requirement (1.5 gigs free)? -gosh
  20. I've had this program with any installshield program, such as Hexworks 4.00 (bpsoft.com). It only installs if i install on the C drive. -gosh
  21. I've had this question for awhile and never found an answer... To make a silent install of a program that uses instalshield, you make a setup.iss file that has all the answers in it. The problem is the install location is static (ie c:\program files\appname). I like to install my cd on different partitions. If the app only installs on the c drive, this will cause problems. I've tried editing the setup.iss file and putting %programfiles% for the install location, but that never works. Anyone find a way around this? -gosh
  22. Like i've said a billion times you put $OEM$ parallel to i386 folder, which should be on the root of the cd!!!!!!!
  23. DMX: My method just avoid the first file copy phase, NOTHING is installed yet. Nothing such as the HAL is determined. It's exactly the same if you booted from cd and did a clean install. carrot: you integrate hotfixes the same way as before. Just forget about dosnet.inf, everything else is the same. gamehead200: all my method does is avoid 1 file copy phase. You will lose no data, etc. You can use the xp setup.exe, however you cannot install from the GUI because there is no winnt.exe or winnt32.exe. If you want to slipstream the cd, slipstream BEFORE using my method. flyakite: The $OEM$ folder for cd bases installs is paralel to the i386 folder (which is usually the root of the cd). -gosh
  24. If you want to reduce the size of winpe by about 30 megs, run this batch file in the WNPE folder (same folder as setupldr.bin). It removes networking support and some fonts. -gosh RemoveNetwork.bat

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