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  1. I'm looking to setup a lab of sorts with a switch running a different VLAN on each port and each port being connected to a device with the IP address I want to get an Intel server NIC which I can use to create virtual interfaces each having a different IP address (,, etc.) From the Windows 7 command prompt if I type "ping -S" and "ping -S" would the pings originate from the correct virtual interface and reach the correct device on the matching VLAN? In my head I'm seeing this work, but right now I'm a routing master who hasn't quite got into the switching stuff yet. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Using Windows 7 x64 RTM and over the course of an hour of using the OS I came across no less than 20 instances of me not being able to delete various executable files. I thought I had screwed something up by disabling a boatload of services and applying quite a few tweaks so I did a fresh format and encountered the same issue over and over and couldn't even install Steam as the installer needs to delete the steam.exe file to update it with a new one and it can't remove the file. The problem persists whether or not I'm in the built in administrator account you have to enable or if UAC is on or off. Taking ownership of the files does not remove the error saying that you need administrator rights. The only thing that works is waiting about 10 minutes until the OS lets you delete the files.
  3. There's absolutely nothing relating to mail in the control panel.
  4. I was messing around with outlook 2003 and it's set to be used for an exchange server which I do not have so the first thing that happens after opening outlook is it asks me for the server/username information and if it's incorrect or not provided it just closes outlook and I can't figure out how to get into any options to change this. Can anyone help?
  5. That's definitely slow. The rig in my sig takes maybe 10-15 minutes to integrate 34 updates.
  6. Did you try clicking restore at the bottom of vlite and see if you accidentally hid the option?
  7. When I integrate my Intel ICH9-R drivers with vlite they do not work so what I do is copy a folder into the root of my disc or USB stick with the drivers in there and during the Vista install where it looks for your drives you click the button for drivers, search your disc or USB stick for the folder and load the driver. Problem solved.
  8. Unless your pointer finger is broken it is rather simple to check the boxes for which languages you would like to remove in the removals section using vlite.
  9. Thanks. Yeah I knew you need a source to make BartPE, but I figured out that after the next process you can just click no to only copy BartPE without copying an entire xp install. I have a cheap Newegg brand flash drive with crappy speeds so copying XP takes like 30 minutes.
  10. So on the list I told it where the BartPE files are and it still wants a path for a full XP install. All I want on here is BartPE so why do I need to enter a setup source?
  11. Thanks dude. That will work just fine for the ren_fold file.
  12. If at all possible I'd like the install to require no user interaction once someone has chosen option 1 to initiate the text mode setup. I just want it to format the hard drive by itself, but it doesn't seem to function with this method of install. Am I hoping for too much? I've tried the Repartition=yes and filesystem=ntfs or convertntfs and every combination of these items with no luck.
  13. I figured out my problem. I wasn't able to properly output because I did not #include <fstream>
  14. My boss is under the impression I can somehow make a batch file to turn a computer on. I'm just about positive this isn't possible since batch just runs DOS based command prompt commands and the BIOS is not DOS. Am I entirely mistaken or is there actually a way to schedule a PC to turn on at a specified time?
  15. I'm trying to find a program like regshot that will check for modifications to the registry but also output a .reg file with those additions/changes so I don't have to spend an entire day exporting hundreds of keys and copy/pasting one by one into one file. Is there such an application out there?
  16. arfett

    Deeply sorry

    You're going to prison now and nuhi will never forgive you unless you bake him a cake and send it overnight before the cops knock on your door.
  17. It's not a big deal, but it is really annoying waiting hours to download something that should take minutes with the speed of my internet connection. If you have it on your to do list anytime in the future that would be cool though. I already have patched files for xp and I did for vista, but since SP1 has come out seems like the patchers have given up on 64 bit. I keep hearing people say the patched files are not necessary in vista because the tcpip tuning does this automatically, but I don't buy it after going back and forth in xp and vista 20 times and getting the same results in both operating systems.
  18. It makes a HUGE difference when downloading t0rr3nts with lots of users on it. I've done extensive testing by rebooting back and forth between patched/unpatched tcpip.sys files and loading up the same t0rr3nt which has thousands of seeds/peers. After 1-2 minutes my 400 connections are maxed out with patched tcpip.sys. With unpatched I'm lucky to be maxed after 2-3 hours. So instead of downloading at 2 megabytes a second right off the bat, I have to wait hours to pick up speed. These results are the same in xp or vista, but no one seems to be patching the x64 SP1 tcpip.sys file.
  19. arfett


    There's nothing wrong with that picture unless I'm missing something.
  20. Fizban is right. Each partition is just arbitrarily (not really arbitrary, but for your uses it is) assigned a drive letter by the OS. If you don't like the order vista puts them in then once you boot into vista open the disk management app from administrator tools and change the drive letter of the partitions. This will not affect how XP reads the drives.
  21. Remove the drive and then just add a new one and while setting it up check IDE.
  22. arfett

    making an iso

    Mount the .iso file you created in Daemon Tools or your inferior virtual disc program of your choice and then open the drive in windows explorer and copy the contents from there to the flash drive.
  23. Delete them all. Just set up the drive as IDE and not SCSI.

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