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  1. Thank you for these amazing lists You know you got someone who's appreciating your work mates so keep up the good work.
  2. there is a way to remove the languages and it works. see this topic http://www.msfn.org/board/Removing-Languages-t116511.html
  3. you cannot add a multilanguage pack with vLite i did this with a batch file. See this topic...... http://www.msfn.org/board/How-to-integrate...ist-t99648.html If you want to use this batch file you have to install Windows Automated Install Kit (AIK) download it from here..... Windows AIK Build 6001.18000.080118-1840
  4. Hi, I want to make a custom Vista DVD with driverpacks. I have the driverpacks and I want them to be installed from the DVD during the installation. I don't want to install all the drivers included in the driverpack only what it is neded and that should be automaticly be done by a "script" or a program from the DVD. How should I do it to make this custom DVD. I don't want any vLite or vista update integrator.... . Whould someone help me with this? Thanks,
  5. sorry for the duble post, And I integrated the almost 700 mb driver, I used the driverpacks from muiz and HJW for vista...... . The windows installation install the appropiate drivers from the driverpack for your hardware isn't it or it should be?
  6. I didn't get any popups during the install :} . I don't know what I had done wrong.....
  7. Integrate drivers and install the image to your PC and open Device Manager.When all your hardware recognized then its all ok.But with the current case...drivers will be integrated into the image and installed during Vista setup not sooner.Also that directory you found i problably some temp directory. I opened my device manager and none of the drivers are installed
  8. hello, I integrated some drivers with vlite on Vista Ultimate image but the drivers aren't installing..... . I checked if the drivers are in the image and there are in the image, Mountdirectory\Windows\Temp\vDrv\.... but there aren't installed. What am i doing whrong?
  9. can you type the whole command for extracting the service pack. the command that you gave isn't correct. It gives me....this..... 'M:\' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. C:\Windows\system32>Windows6.0-KB936330-X64-wave1.exe /X:D:\VistaWorK\SP1Extract 'Windows6.0-KB936330-X64-wave1.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.
  10. Hi, all I had integrated all the updates untill april 08 and then SP1 into my Vista DVD. The problem is that when the installation is finished Windows asks me to activate. During the installation I had unchequed the option "Activate Windows at the first login". I can't use the Windows in grace period of 30 days. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks!!
  11. I managed to edit the lang.ini in the boot.wim and it works. I don't have any boot.ini in the DVD and i didn't slipstreamed the Service pack yet. I managed to set all the commands in one batch file. @Echo Off Echo Enter path to Windows AIK: Echo Example: C:\Program Files\Windows AIK Set /p WAIK= Echo. Echo Enter path for mounting WIM file: Echo Example: D:\VistaWork\Mount Set /p WIM= Echo. Echo Enter path to directory with Vista DVD copied: Echo Example: D:\VistaWork\DVD Set /p WD= Echo. Echo Enter path to the .xml file: Echo Example: D:\VistaWork\remlanguage.xml Set /p XML= Echo. Echo Enter path to the new lang file self edited: Echo Example: D:\VistaWork\lang.ini Set /p INI= Echo. Echo Enter language pack ID default: Echo Example: ro-RO Set /p LANG= Echo. Echo Select the Vista edition: Echo Example: 1 Echo 1 - BUSINESS Echo 2 - HOMEBASIC Echo 3 - HOMEPREMIUM Echo 4 - ULTIMATE Echo 5 - BUSINESSN Echo 6 - HOMEBASICN Echo 7 - STARTER Set /p EDITION= Echo. "%WAIK%\Tools\x86\Imagex.exe" /mountrw "%WD%\Sources\install.wim" %EDITION% "%WIM%" "%WAIK%\Tools\x86\intlcfg.exe" -all:%LANG% -image:"%WIM%" "%WAIK%\Tools\Servicing\pkgmgr.exe" /o:"%WIM%\;%WIM%\Windows" /n:"%XML%" "%WAIK%\Tools\x86\Imagex.exe" /unmount /commit "%WIM%" "%WAIK%\Tools\x86\Imagex.exe" /mountrw "%WD%\Sources\boot.wim" 2 "%WIM%" Copy "%INI%" "%WIM%\sources\Lang.ini" "%WAIK%\Tools\x86\Imagex.exe" /unmount /commit "%WIM%" echo End of language pack desintegration. pause The language folders are still there but you cannot chose them in the installation. Thanks eryen for helping me out :thumbup
  12. I can do it manualy, maybe with WAIK
  13. Your batchfile worked but the language is still on the DVD. Here is an screenshot: I think the language that in the setup is in boot.wim image installed is. I want my DVD only in Romanian.
  14. Thats why it didn't worked, I didn't set the paths to WAIK. Can you rewrite your batch in one file again please but with the paths to Windows AIK? I only want to remove the english language from the install.wim . For integrating another language i have another script. Thanks
  15. sorry for double post, but is there any way to do that with an batch script? I have already mhyll's batch script for adding languages, that works 100% and maybe someone can do all the commands in one batch script. That whould be appreciated. My appologies for the double post!
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