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  1. Basically, what i wanna do is, just allow ppl to save any kind of file on the personal folder and desktop. Also, how can i prevent them from installing any kind of software? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks, I guess I found the problem, Mine is running version, and sony haven't provided a newest version EDIT: It doesn't show on Sony update, but they have uploaded a newest version into their site, going to try it!
  3. Well, I got a Sony Vaio from the S series that came with Windows 7 professional installed but I can't install the SP1 on it... any ideas why? It doesn't even show on the Windows Update. Thanks.
  4. Cloaky


    Why does my Start up menu always end up on Flat mode... even if i don't select it on the tweaks??
  5. Cloaky

    What is this for?

    What is this language group for? http://img168.imageshack.us/my.php?image=12hw5.jpg
  6. Cloaky


    I know that I might be asking way too much... but I don't have enough time (as I wish I had) to test and find out with components I should remove/keep... So if u guys could give me some help. Here is a list of what my family uses my computer for. Emule, LimeWire ,uTorrent Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3, WoW Burning DVD/CD (Nero, DVD Shrink) Microsoft Office Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome Windows Live Messenger Xampp (To host sites, DB) Music, Video Win Rar, Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Dev-C++, Internet Download Manager, Kaspersky I always download the latest Video Card, Printer, Sound and Lan drives if u guys could help me to make a list of what I should remove and of what I MUSTN'T remove.. I would be so glad... and btw if u guys need any more info just let me know
  7. So... why does the update time is it set to 3 AM if on vlite is set to 15 http://img253.imageshack.us/my.php?image=40912269nj8.jpg
  8. Cloaky

    Bug report

    Portuguese shouldn't be on the English keyboards list... here is how it should be http://img141.imageshack.us/my.php?image=83473361vb8.jpg
  9. Cloaky

    Bug report

    I guess the SS already say everything here is the link: http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/3771/aaaasr6.jpg
  10. I kind of just want to remove some components...
  11. If I edit my Windows Server 2008 using vLite will I it break the "add future" on my windows?, cuz i want to add some stuffs like the windows aero theme, if yes, is there any other way to add the Windows aero theme?
  12. Cloaky


    I "made" my windows a few days ago and I was testing, and while I was doing that I got some errors while I was doing that I got some problems when I was trying to connect to the Emule, I might have removed a stuff that is necessary for that, do you guys have any idea which component I need to connect to the Emule? OBS: The rest of the internet is working…
  13. Cloaky

    Can I Remove This?

    It is kind of strange, because after the installation both languages works perfectly, the only problem is that your windows original language won't work during the installation, you will need to set any other of the languages as the default.
  14. Cloaky

    Can I Remove This?

    Ooo I see, but haha now I am kind of confused... What is your ansewer for "Can I remove Task Scheduler? I’ve never used that before", Ty for helping me, I just don't want to do any stupid s*** as I am noob with vLite. BUG REPORT My original windows was using the language Portuguese, but I decided to install the English language pack, so I download it, but while I was testing the new iso, right after the iso boot I got a msg saying that was not possible to load the language (default language was set as Portuguese) so I went to the vlite and changed the default language to English and it worked, after the installation I was able to set it to Portuguese without any problem, but I was not able to remove it.
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