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  1. If the key is not on the back of your laptop then it is on the motherboard. In this case when you do a fresh Windows install skip the step when you must fill your Windows key. When you finish, the Windows will do the activation by its self after you connect to internet. Make sure you use the same Windows version as the one installed initially.
  2. Hello everybody and a Happy New Year! Does anybody know what not to remove for Deep Freeze? Thank you in advance.
  3. You will have slower read/write speed on HDD. I had the same problem on my Toshiba A300 17N. The only solution was to integrate the SATA driver in the WXP with nLite and made after that a new WXP CD. But I think you'll need a new key.
  4. DiO

    Foxit PDF Reader

    Got it! I renamed it back "AdRemover.reg" and it works! I don't now wat was the problem:maybe the space, maybe the name of the file was too long, who knows?
  5. DiO

    Foxit PDF Reader

    Hello everybody! I tried http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=92959 a little reg file to remove the ad from the Foxit PDF R. If I run it directly it's ok. It works.But if i try to use it on [GuiRunOnce]-nLite, it doesn't.Here is what I did: - I integrated the Foxit PDF Reader addon among others - I renamed the reg file "AdRemover FoxitReader.reg" - I used "regedit /s C:\WINDOWS\AdRemover FoxitReader.reg" - Before making the ISO, I made a folder called "$$" in the $OEM$ folder and put it there Anybody got an ideea? Thanks in advance. LAST_SESSION.INI
  6. I can't download any adddon from winAddons.I don't have IE.I removed it with nLite.And the firewall I use it for months and it doesn't make me any problems.
  7. This is what I get without the download manager.It's a 22 KB file that I cannot upload.
  8. When I try to download I get a file with "jsp" extension wich I cannot use it.The same it happend with the picture.
  9. why not remove Logon Notifications?
  10. I think this is what you are looking for. http://ksphere.free.fr/site/codecspackage.php
  11. http://www.screamer-radio.com/
  12. 1.Unzip the files of the archive in a folder. 2.Put the AutoIT script named JS in the same folder. 3.Run JSJS.au3
  13. DiO

    line 42 of the inf file

    Thank you jmwills! You were right. All it's ok now
  14. Hello everybody! Can anyone tell me please what is wrong with my "line 42"?This message appears when I boot my nlited W.I used nlite 1.2.1 "line 42 of the inf file \i386\winnt.sif is invalid.Setup cannot continue.press any key to exit"LAST_SESSION__205210.30_23.02.36_.INILAST_SESSION.INIWINNT.SIF
  15. I don't use WMWare.Usually, I test an nlited W(+addons) this way: I have a hidden primary partition(2GB).When I want to try a customized W I set it active and I install it there.This way I know what is working and what not.For this it needs a partitioning program and a boot manager.
  16. Look in the Autoit script collection.There is an Autoit script for KIS it, then use the "nlite addon maker", by Carnificina, to make the addon.Put the compiled script and the KIS in the same folder and when you use the addon maker select "autoit" and point to the compiled script.
  17. This script is for Kaspersky Internet Security It runs well if you have the activation key in C:\windows. You must put the key there before you run the script. The installer is named "kis600299en". [attachment=13135:attachment] Replace the x letters in the script with your key name.
  18. One picture is my PowerDVD 5 and there i must put the key. The other one is what I had in mind about the key. I want to use the key before the making of the PDVD5 addon so after the OS installation i have no problems with the program.
  19. Can someone tell me what not to remove for having suport for running java scripts right after windows is installed? Thanks.
  20. DiO

    MP3 software

    Try this: http://www.mpesch3.de
  21. I had a similar problem.On my motherboard's drivers CD I discovered a hidden folder called "Installation".Inside, among other files was a virus named "reboot".The virus cannot be discovered by scanning the CD, but scanning the HDD after installing drivers.To avoid the virus installation, after installing Windows, I copied the drivers on the HDD and run them from there.
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