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  1. Hello friends, I am not getting to enable the button for the administrative installation. somebody helps me See Thank I see you in the Brazil
  2. Now I understood. please forgive me. As I am stupid. Thank you !!!!!!
  3. Anybody help me!! Thank you very much to all!
  4. Friends, you are not understanding. I don't know the road for Drver Genius REG
  5. ok, ok See All the program exist a REG that resembles this example: I don't know how to do of the program Driver Genius. It is alone that that I don't find. Please help me. Thank you!!
  6. Friends, I didn't still get to find the command of Drver Genius REG. Please help me.
  7. I don't get to find Drver Genius REG Anybody help me!! Thank you very much to all!
  8. Hello friends, I need to know how the command REG of Driver Genius. I don't get to find...somebody helps me. Thank you!!
  9. Hello friends, I need help with Script AutoIT of this Screensaver Freeware Download Johnny Castaway The installation of this screensaver is very difficult for me to do. See INSTALLATION: Johncast.exe is a self-extracting zipped file. Ideally you should place johncast.exe in a specific folder (like c:\castaway) and double-click on the file once there. The file will self-extract to the same folder. Find setup.exe among the newly extracted files, double click on it, and follow instructions. See more information in: http://www.freesaver.com/johnny.htm I thank all that can me to help
  10. can you clairify your question pls i dont understand what your truely asking and in order for any one to try there best to help you, you should make your request more clearly, OK, I will try to be clearer. I already know the silent commands of the firewall. I don't only know as creating a registration document to be to execute after the installation. It is not installation done with AutoIt. Thank you!
  11. Hello friends, I need to know as it is made Outpost Firewall's registration Install 3.51.759.6511 (462). Does anybody help me? Thank you!!
  12. Hello, Does anybody know the silent command of this program? I don't want to restart my computer in the end of the installation. He only has 243 kb and he works with NOD REMOVED WAREZ - tain Thank you very much to all!
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