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  1. That sounds interesting. Can you explain some about this advanced OCR?
  2. How many SPs are there and do I need install all of them?
  3. Hi, do you know if there's a place in the web where I can get old games as TIM, DuneII and even oldest as digger etc.?
  4. If more than just the DC power jack were hitted you may consider taking it to a lab.
  5. What ways to receive radio throug the Internet do you know? I know one way via Media player but there'e many station it's not include. Is there a program that allows you choose a frequency in a specefic country and finds it on the web?
  6. I once used to install NAV but lately I was really fed with it because no matter what new computer I've bought and how fast it is - I makes it so slower! I moved on to NOD32 although its name kinda funny...
  7. Which one the CPU reads first, the SATA or the IDE?
  8. Well, my friend ocne run a business and needed a business card scanner from this kind. I asked him last week and he told me he bought one from That's my www.scanshell-store.com and one from other company I can't remember now and the only one which survived more than 2 years without any tech. fault is the one from scanshell. What kinda business R U running?
  9. What is the lifetime of a standard battery? Is there something I can do to make it longer, let's say, as turning the laptop off at night?
  10. Can someone explain what is this firefox and Y it is so special?
  11. I've had a good experience with NOD32 but I don't know much about the antivirus world so I have some quiestions: Do NOD32 covers all the viruses that covered by Norton or Kaspersky? And doesn't Norton make the computer slowest?
  12. I've just bought a new AMD with M-audio Delta 1010LT and it's fantastic!
  13. Business card scanner to outlook is a popular technology and also usefull. At this site you can find also ID scanner etc. Good luck with the business!
  14. There's no need to buy a new one, you can buy only DC power jack. I hope only the jacks broke down and not any inside electronics!
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