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  1. I am afraid you said me I was a spammer: if I was a spammer Ketarin wasn't free and I will have posted my affiliate link for marketplaces I suggested you. I have only suggested you some way to earn money because I read in other threads that you must pay your domain and you spent a lot of work hours to implement WPI earnings a few money. You are totally free to decide what to do with WPI and your other products. However thanks for efforts you put in WPI.
  2. I don't understand your answer. WPI is for installing software silently, but installers you use with switches must be downloaded by hand. It's a time consuming task, Ketarin can automatize this task and you say that it has nothing to do with WPI. I've also been over something like this in the past. For this to work would require a TRULY MASSIVE effort on my part, I would have to build a database, complete withe versions and download links for HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of programs and I would have to keep that list fully up to date on a timely basis. As has been noted before I can barely keep up with web costs (a lot of that comes out of my own pocket and quite frankly I shouldn't have to pay any of it. WPI should generate enough income to cover this crap) I have personally put literally THOUSANDS of hours into it (with the kind of recompense that equals to a penny or less an hour) and you can't understand why I am burnt out and don't even want to entertain the prospect of much more work? I'll maek you a deal if you want to personally pay me $30 USD per hour for making and keeping such a database, then fine i'll do it, otherwise no way... Hi Kelsenellenelvian, I am a developer like you and I can image how many hours you have spent on WPI. I suggest you to implement this functionality in next release. The right path to implement is to study like Ketarin works. It's not necessary insert in database complex url or complex regular expressions, you can use download sites for upgrade software. If you want add an application in ketarin you can add a simple filehippo id to download always upgraded installer from filehippo. I have learned that only money can help you to improve your software. So from internet marketer point of view I can give you two suggestions: 1) go to envato marketplace, see what other develop and try to create your product. You can also develop an improved version of WPI with this functionality I explain above. 2) go to freelancer.com, guru.com or other famous freelacing site. I think you have a lot skill for develop browser plugins, these developers are rare and you can earn easily from 15$ to 30$ per hour. See always what is popular and try always to create products that add value, after the money will come to you.
  3. I don't understand your answer. WPI is for installing software silently, but installers you use with switches must be downloaded by hand. It's a time consuming task, Ketarin can automatize this task and you say that it has nothing to do with WPI.
  4. I have always used WPI for my installation needs. The problem for me was to update installers. So I have found this software: Ketarin that can help you to automatically update installers. I think that is the missing tool for WPI.
  5. Hi all, I have prepared a batch file to install an application. When I do double click on this patch the installation works, and my application after reboot works. Instead, if I install this application inside wpi, no one installation file is found. Seem that wpi don't esecute batch file from location of batch. For examaple. My batch is in %wpipath%/Install/myapp/ the name of my batch is silentInstall.cmd So in wpi I put %wpipath%/Install/myapp/silentInstall.cmd in mysilentInstall there is: start /wait "application.exe" /s /noreboot start /wait regedit /s registryset.reg This don't works. I have tried to change in start /wait "%wpipath%/Install/myapp/application.exe" /s /noreboot start /wait regedit /s %wpipath%/Install/myapp/registryset.reg And nothing. How can I use wpi with batch files?
  6. Using MagicISO to create Multi BartPE disc

    The procedure won't be much different than described here.
  7. Schedule reboots during unattended setups

    Excuse me Kelsenellenelvian I don't understand what you say. For example. 1) start my first unattended setup 2) call your %reboot% function in WPI 3) Windows restart, but at next boot how can I say to windows next unattended setup? I'd like that this operation will be automatic. According to you at step 3 I'd have to restart WPI, lanch other unattended setups and recall %reboot% command? I have read forum someone says to insert a runonce registry key at every boot so I can automatically start an application or an unattended setup, but I want to know if exist an utility with similar functionalities.
  8. Schedule reboots during unattended setups

    With %reboot% function I can call another unattended setup after reboot?
  9. For many aplication is necessary reboot Windows. It will be usefull find an utility for scheduling reboot. The utility shall do so: 1) first application install setup 2) reboot 3) second application setup 4) third application setup 5) reboot 6) ...other installations. Exist this utility? Or a batch file with a similar functionality?
  10. I have tested the lastest version of your fantastic application. So the driver recognization is better thn previous version. I have created driver DB, but I had a strange problem. After I installed missing drivers with your utility, I changed my USB mouse. After I plugged new mouse, it didn't be recognized from Windows XP. I think that the problem it's your utility because I have always used the previous version and I hadn't nothing problem. is it possible this behaviour with new version?
  11. I have contacted the TweakUAC author for knowing if possibile add a quiet switch. Perhaps is possible use VIsta elevators 2. It'd be the same. I will wait an answer. If you ask permittion you can integrate this utility in WPI. I think will be a gread feature because many people use WPI like me.
  12. Perhaps I have solved. I have found this wonderful program TweakUAC. It don't disable UAC, but supppress elevation prompts for the administrator. It's must be used in quiet mode with silent installers
  13. Your solution is good if I want to create a customized CD for Windows VIsta. But I use your fantastic utility WPI After I have installed Windows Vista.
  14. I don't understand: sources file? what sources file?
  15. Hi all, is there one way to disable temporally windows Vista UAC during installation time?