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  1. @betamax thank u so much
  2. still waiting for any suggestion
  3. thank u for ur fast reply , but i need to do this without any network share and without any usb flash drivers , i need to put every thing in the read-only media (DVD) i found software will call /SOURCES/BOOT.WIM now i need to edit this boot.wim to call a different xml for each pc thank u in advance
  4. hii all we have a lot of pcs have the same hardware , and i want to use one windows 7 DVD to install on those pcs with different configuration i mean to make more than one unattended file to use with each pc i know how to do this in xp , boot.bin will call setupldr then it will call winnt.sif , so i used to edit boot.bin and setupldr with any hex editor to call different winnt.sif for example boot1.bin will call setupld1 and it will call winnt1.sif can anyone help me to do it in windows 7 ??
  5. thank u so much , worked great with me and also very simple
  6. in my company we have an app called Solidus ecare , i install this app with silent switch and every thing goes fine , then there is an update i want to setup it silently, this update made by winzip self extractor , i try this switch app.exe /s or app.exe /s v/qn it hide the 1st screen and the 2nd screen but nothing will happened , and when i open task manager i can see msiexec.exe running can anyone tell me what shall i do to setup this update silently ??
  7. Missing Windows Firewall in GP

    thank u for ur reply , i'm gonna check this out
  8. Missing Windows Firewall in GP

    is there anyone face this problem before ???
  9. i have a little problem in my server 2003 dc sp1 , i can't find windows firewall i mean when i navigate to computer config --> administrative template --> network --> network connection i can't find windows firewall i try dcgpofix command but nothing happened can anyone help me to retrieve this option back
  10. i think this will help u in the printer issue http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307016/EN-US/ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314486/EN-US/
  11. i think u can reset this to the default setting start --> Control Panel --> mouse --> pointers then u can customize the pointer or u can choose windows default (system scheme) from Scheme area hope this will help u
  12. Remote shutdown - possible?

    this is what u c when u use start --> run --> cmd --> shutdown -i that if u r using win xp < i think it is the better way to remotely shutdown more than 1 pc using "add" and also u have more than option like shutdown , restart and log off and u also will b able to warn the user who uses the remotely pc using the "comment" section
  13. 2503 error with new user account

    can u post a screen shot for this error plz ??
  14. 2503 error with new user account

    by the way there no keys like what u r looking for , it is permissions u will have to navigate to this HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer the right click on Installer -- > the choose permissions from pop up menu , then u can edit the permissions as u like