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  1. I'm having problems building WPI. I get errors when trying to use USSF and adding or editing applications. My path is C:\WPI\WPI.exe IE 8 is my version of IE The version of WPI I'm using is 8.2.0 Upon opening USSF under commands when adding a new command for existing application. Error Could not open "C:\Users\norjms\AppData\Local\Temp" Upon opening USSF under commands for a new program Line: 69 Char: 3 Error: Object expected Code: 0 URL: file:///C:/WPI/WPIScripts/configwizard_ussf.js Config.js // WPI Config 8.0.0 // // User defined options // // Configurations tab CheckOnLoad='<I title=All _title="true">All'; Configurations=[]; ShowMultiDefault=true; // --- SortOrder=['Applications']; // --- ConfigSortBy=0; ConfigSortAscDes='asc'; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Your programs here... //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- pn=1; prog[pn]=['7 Zip']; uid[pn]=['7ZIP']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; pfro[pn]=['no']; cmds[pn]=['{x86} "%wpipath%\\Install\\Utilities\\x86\\7z920.exe"','{x64} "%wpipath%\\Install\\Utilities\\x64\\7z920-x64.msi"']; pn++; prog[pn]=['Virtual Clone Drive [Manual]']; uid[pn]=['VIRTUALCLONEDRIVEMANUAL']; dflt[pn]=['yes']; forc[pn]=['no']; bit64[pn]=['no']; cat[pn]=['Applications']; configs[pn]=['Default']; pfro[pn]=['no']; cmds[pn]=['"%wpipath%\\Install\\Utilities\\x86-x64\\SetupVirtualCloneDrive5450.exe"']; desc[pn]=['Virtual Clone Drive [Manual]']; pn++; //--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- // End of program definitions ... //---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hello thanks for looking. I'm having problems with an AutoIt script and was hoping someone could degub the script. I tried reading the manual on the website but it appears to be down. I know this is the unnattended section, but it seems like there are alot of people here with knowledge on how to get AutoIt working. Here is the script. ;Define the DVD drive letter GLOBAL $DVDDRIVE = IniRead("configure.ini", "section1", "key", "NotFound") ;Define the path to store the DVD files GLOBAL $RIPFOLDER = IniRead("configure.ini", "section2", "key", "NotFound") ;Wait until drive is ready While DriveStatus( $DVDDRIVE ) = "NOTREADY" WEnd While DriveStatus( $DVDDRIVE ) = "UNKNOWN" WEnd ;Once drive is ready If DriveStatus( $DVDDRIVE ) = "READY" Then RunWait("AnyTool2.exe ripraw " $DVDDRIVE " " $RIPFOLDER) ;When done CDTray("G:", "open") and here is the code for configure.ini [section1] Key=G: [section2] Key=E:\DVDRip

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