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Status Updates posted by submix8c

  1. Hello again. Hope my old fart faves are still alive and kicking (or screaming, depending on...). :P

  2. LOL! Where da edit  button? It's all upgraded! Must have been that insane clown dude. <thumbsup> 

    1. UCyborg


      There's probably a 3 dots button. At least it's there for normal forum posts.

  3. Well, hello dere! Still kicking! Just  checking in.  Will at a later day see how some of my old faves are doing. Hopefully, y'all still kicking too.

  4. My sincerest apologies for being scarce and not making a donation. Personal matters have drained me both emotionally and financially. My thanks to all that have contributed to keeping MSFN alive and well. Live Long And Prosper, Y'all. <Hillbilly Spock>

    1. dencorso


      Peace and long life to you, my friend, and glad to see you around here again!

    2. Dibya


      Same to you have a long life !! MSFN Forever

  5. Still alive and well, Still alive and well,
    Every now and then I know it's kinda hard to tell
    But I'm still alive and well.

    Just checked in to see what condition my condition was in.

    Have a great weekend. Got a sound gig tomorrow.

    1. dencorso


      Glad to hear it! How was the gig?

    2. submix8c


      YEESH! Made it work. Had two guys (roadies/assistants) help me. Dunno what I'll get paid. Thank God for Pixie Dust, since the PA owner (dude who set the job up) *never* gives correct info. Good band, though. cincyrockersDOTcom/music to see what they sound like. Our mix wasn't too far off, except live.

  6. Way past Beer:30...

  7. Be aware that the Grand-Kids are driving me BONKERS and it makes it VERY hard to think clearly! That is all...


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. dencorso


      We are twitter: resistance is futile!

    3. Ponch


      Are you Tweeting to me ?

    4. dencorso


      Not me. I never tweet nor do I have an account on tweeter.

  9. I guess Status Updates is a great place to Promote your Websites and Youtube Videos. :(

    1. Tripredacus


      I'm not sure why this was enabled again.

    2. submix8c


      Here's the sad part - it's USUALLY inserted from Twitter. ;)

  10. XRumer - Backlinks. Suspecting Spammers are sitting tight with inane posts/topics/bugging to retain Spammer Access. Paranoid? Maybe... a lot of pointless arguing within some topics.

    1. Ponch


      Yeah, Status Update seems to be taken over by "Zero day members" with links to spam or Youtube.

    2. Joseph_sw


      perhaps should bann z-day members to post on status until a week later.

    3. Tripredacus


      They are twitter users.

  11. Be aware MANY Banned Members ar on the Forum Front Page and we start getting Spam. XRumerTest is an XRumer SpamBot and a couple of others too. YES, we KNOW what's going on and you WILL be eradicated!

  12. Clean your PC's guts everyonce in a while or risk the wrath for Immediate OFF!

  13. Bad teeth, can't afford dentist, hurts, have temp custody two Grandchildren... Ga-RUM-pee!!! ARRR, maties!

  14. Any method of "tech support" via Holographic Image having Physical Access?

  15. Click the link at top for "MSFN Rules"

  16. Need a paying job. Got Eggs?

  17. "nLite is for Personal Use".

  18. Dang it! Iced-down across the U-S-of-A!

  19. Merry-Go-Round Broke Down...

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