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  1. i added new hfslip updates list for windows xp.check it please

  2. Windows Updates

    New updates for windows xp. I adding security bulletin's posts. for KB2712808 for KB2723135 for KB2731847 for KB2722913 for KB2705219 and replace old Malicious Software Removal version with that version and add this update to HF folder. thats all.
  3. i wanna learn how i make .net Unattended

  4. How Can I skip an update?

    i use hfslip and hfslip is not support that update.but if i use visual pack like v'iso, this update is change some icons.
  5. OOBE

    If selected, the log on opens with the admin account and user creation screen is skipped.
  6. How Can I skip an update?

    Hi everybody, How can i skip a windows update with a regedit file? for example i want to skip kb968930 thanks for your answers... regards
  7. KB2416400 is Not integrate

    do you mean use two hfslip?
  8. KB2416400 is Not integrate

    i use IE8 and i tested on virtual pc
  9. KB2416400 is Not integrate

    I've tried in SW1 folder, but not integrated. I've tried in the HF folder, but not integrated. What can I do? Please Help Me
  10. okey,How to make .net 4 for Windows 7 ?
  11. The File-Checker (HFSLIPFC) for HFSLIP

    HFSlip ignore WindowsXP-KB968930-x86 and i can't integrate this hotfix with hfslip.. what can i do?
  12. I create my .net aio exe but i see a problem like this.. I can execute this file only windows xp and i can't see any option for windows 7 or general option.If i can't tell please look picture This is error and This is my ini files options TARGETOS=XP T13ADDONS=YES ROEADDONS=YES ALSOINSTALLERS=YES MERGEFXS=YES SILENT=YES COMPRATIO=HIGHER
  13. i create two new installer and their name is NDP20SP2-KB976576-x86.exe and NDP30SP2-KB977354-x86.exe and i don't put NDP30SP2-KB982524-x86.exe to WORK folder. After i create my silent .net installer. is it true?
  14. -i use iexpress for NDP30SP2-KB982524-x86 but i see it in windows update website :wacko: