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  1. Installed IE7 beta 1 several days ago (XP-sp2).

    Ever since, outlook express 6 is constantly asking me to enter my username and password for each folder it tries to download.

    Anyone else experience this?

    About ready to remove and go back to IE6 unless someone has some thought on how to overcome this issue.

    Thanks -

    they are 2 seprate issues, make sure u have the remember me option checked in the account properties in outlook

  2. i'm more confused than ever,

    thanks <_<

    This sounds right

    Wait until .swf is loaded and then look into "%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files" folder

    You could also get link to any flash. Click view, source in any web browser (you should get site's .html) then try something like "Ctrl + F" and search for .swf in a .html source.

    Then you may find in a .html source something like that:


    put that in front of sites adress:


    But i'm not sure
    all he wants to do is download the .swf
    Thats correct
  3. @wolf7448

    11. Please refrain from using CAPITALIZATIONS in the topic title or when participating in threads because they will not attract attention - instead it will annoy many of MSFN's members.

    And people please stay on topic.

    O.T. (Dobrodosli na MSFN)

    sry i realized it right after i wrote it, i wasent thinking


    I'm grateful for ur reply and help, but I wonder, have you ever used Total Commander and tried ur suggestions before u post them :yes:

    I can only give you half the answer...

    Well you can use a program like HoeKey which allows you to map Winkey combinations to virtually anything in windows. Including performing functions within an application. You can probably map it to take focus on any area you want, but you'll need to find out the message code to do so.

    There might be applications that let you sniff out app messages, but your smartest bet is to contact the support and ask them what message you need to have the control take focus.

    It's an awesome app too, appears to be written in Assembly and uses a mere 128k of ram! I use it as an easy way to pause WinAmp quickly, since people often walk up to me at work.

    I would like to use it without some third party app like the one u suggested, if it isn't possible that it ain't matter.

    Thx anyway mate :)

    nope :D

  5. well u know the saying, the more the merrier, it applies to bites of RAM too :lol:

    It even applies to bytes of RAM! :D

    bits, bites - to-ma-to, tom-at-o

    did you know the tomato's a fruit?

    which brings me to my point, dont put a tomato in a fruit salad

    ok i'm gunna go stand over there now :lol::hello:

  6. I hate my blackberry with a passion. My work gave the the Nextel 7520 version. The hardware design is awesome, and the reception is pretty good too. But the user-interface sucks a**. I've literally got enraged at trying to use this phone, many times. I've come close to shattering it on the floor many time too, if I couldn't play Texas-Holdem on this phone it would have been in splinters months ago.

    The GUI is absolute crap, it was programmed by idiots. If you get a call while using the web-browser, you better believe that you are going to miss that call. And if the software glitches, you will not be able to charge the phone, you have to remove the battery and reinsert it. I could go on and on, but I'm getting mad writing this.


    i've been waiting for someone to say that

  7. Heyguyz,

    happy to say that i got through :blushing: well my gfs id and that too through that leaked link , not though the invite.

    Just got it through today so no testing in detail.

    Looked clean n simple.

    wont explain in detail right now. Lil busy, will test and post reports later.

    BTW, who else is into live mail. How was your experience?

    everyone can share there thoughts over here!!!

    i have it! I love it, the only thing i would like to see in M5 is being able to attach a signature and a little more customizability :lol:

  8. I am deploying some anti virus/antispyware software solution for a gaming room. I am concerned with keeping them secure, however I also want to make sure I am not sacrificing much performance. No Internet browsing will occur on the computers, so I am fairly confident most spy ware/anti virus solutions will do the trick..

    any suggestions?! B)


    use faronics deep freeze! it takes care of everything! viruses, worms, Trojans, spy ware, with a simple restart! and does not affect system performance! it sounds like the best solution for u. I'm tried of explaining the magic of it so just go here for more info! It doesn't say this there but if u expect to be saving anything u must partition Ur "docs and settings" folder into a separate partition and when deep freeze askers you what to freeze..dont select the drive letter u gave Ur docs and settings folder!

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