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  1. hey, i'm Jon

    i just joined like an hour ago!

    i fix computers in my spare time so i kno alot if u ever need help!

    and i'm olny 13 in gr 8lol B) and when i'm out of school i want to get my MCDST (microsoft certified desktop support teck.) and if u ever need a gmail invite, i'm the guy to come to! lol :lol:

  2. Hey guys i hope you help me out, Every once in a while my computer will shutdown and restart all by its self and when windows starts it comes up with a error and it said: windows has recoverd from a serious error.

    See the picture Below:


    can i fix this?

    Your problem might be u have contracted some type of virus your antivirus might not be picking up! :} Your computer is set to defult to restart automatically and u have to change that setting to "take no action" but i cant remember how because its been years since i had to do that! :whistle: lol

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