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  1. Just installed new version 1.4.5 which should support 10586 build. It actually fixed windows buttons (the icons were broken) but windows titles now are white-only, can not change color... when I change it - only window border changes, see screenshot - green border but not windows header.
  2. Thanks mate, for now - I just rolled back previous version.
  3. I suspected it, just hoped I missed something and there is some better working release sitting somewhere in hidden place
  4. My Windows 10 just auto-updated to 10.0.10586 and Aero Glass stopped working properly: It kinda work, but it shows error message at windows start and colors messed up: Changes on customization color page lead to change to wrong colors etc. I read that there is a test build #506 which supposed to fix the incompatibility so I installed it. Now when Windows starts these windows appear and it is not possible to close console window (it reopens). Also watermark appeared. Is there a solution how to make it work without side effects at the moment?If not, is there a forecast when version supporting new windows build could be released?Thanks!
  5. Thank you for the answer, Unfortunately the link does not work "403 - Přístup odepřen"
  6. How to make 'glass' look not so bright and more transparent? (Windows 10) Hello, Just installed Aero Glass 8.1+ v 1.4 on my Windows 10, as I understood the build is supported by this AG version. It looks defensively better than all-white default theme, but I wonder is there any way to make it look little more like Windows 7 Aero. What i mean is that in my case borders are too colorful, in windows 7 they were more transparent and neutral. I added couple of screenshots to demonstrate what I am talking about.

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