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  1. I buyed Hitachi SATA but Maxtor is the better!!! THING OF TASTE
  2. NEC = for home user Pioneer = advanced user LG, MSI, LiteOn = past I hope so that I help you just little for shoping...
  3. IDM 4.07 is the best manager! he can download everything what you want, just type new extensions in IDM and enjoy.
  4. every administrator can install 10 xp each on one computer! Microsoft rules... :-(
  5. MCSE

    Tweak XP

    Sjajne zezalice za XP!!! http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm
  6. English language is very important in the world, but it's so bad for you or other people in the world...but you live in Canada and your native language is English but you told us that's poor! Oh, man, you're jealousy!!!
  7. change hardware acceleration for VGA, try it!
  8. I don't understand this: REMOVE=BuyNowACDSeeTrial,BuyNowPowerPackTrial where to write this line???
  9. I have XP SP2 and WMP10, I want to uninstall but how? In add/remove WMP10 it's not here???
  10. aero is ok, I like contrast black-white-blue, but Microsoft must to create more themes in the future... Mac is No.1 for displaying!
  11. MCSE


    hm, I have same configuration: MSI 848P, Intel Celeron 2,4, LG CD-RW 52/24/52 = ACPI is working MSI 848P, Intel Celeron 2,4, LG CD-RW 52/32/52 = it's not working ACPI maybe a firmware it's not good or something else?

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