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  1. Back when I tried Mint with Xfce, this was as close to Windows as I could get it. But not a single desktop environment with folders as cascading menus+search, and a case sensitive file system were deal-breakers that made me switch back to Windows.CdF4z0t.png

    1. Tommy


      Linux is so much more than just the GUI. That was one of my frustrations as well. I didn't like the case sensitive file system, I didn't mind the terminal too much but I'm used being able to download an executable and it launches an install wizard but you don't get a lot of that in Linux. I mean most of the time there's some sort of set up procedure but I don't want to go through terminal or software center to do it. I want to double click on the file to get it going. I also don't like how the desktop works. I haven't found how to create effective shortcuts. I think that's what it was, I can't remember. It was something to do with when you'd put something on the desktop that it didn't always show up on the actual desktop and that was annoying. Q4OS was the one closest to Windows I've ever tried and it's pretty good for what it is, I haven't tried the newer versions so I can't say what it's like now but the pre version 3 releases are pretty good. But even that was a bit too different in order for me to use full time. I have no qualms with open or shared source and understand that Linux is a totally different beast from Windows, but I feel as if Linux is still more of an internet browsing OS that can run open source software, but it's not for those who need to run specific applications. Advanced networking is also a nightmare. I have my own Windows Domain on my network with custom group policies in effect. But I couldn't even get Fedora on the domain where I could log in even after following a bunch of walkthroughs online. So for what it's worth...Linux isn't bad, but it's just not for me full time.

    2. xpclient


      Of course it is so much more than just the GUI. In some technical aspects, it is even superior to Windows. But it is not for me as GUI and usability/ease of use hold the top spot for me and Windows delivers that in addition to unprecedented compatibility.

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