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  1. i'm doing a system build for a friend, and he wants to use xp x64 as the os, so he can use 4 gb of ram (all of it)...the machine will be used for alot of production-quality audio creation...the only snag is that he's blind, and uses Freedom Scientific's Jaws 8 program, which doesnt appear to be compatible with 64 bit environments...i've sent a general inquiry e-mail to FS, but figured i'd ask around and see if anyone has tried it.. also, there's no mention of vista compatibilty either, and i wondered if anyone's tried that? any information is helpful
  2. if nuhi had a nickel for every time he was asked for ETA on next version, he'd be a millionaire by now use common sense, people...nuhi will release next version when he thinks it's done....quit trying to get status reports, and asking "how much left til next ver?"...for every one of these threads, time is wasted responding to it...in other words, the more u ask about the next version (and u dont have anything to do with its development), the later we all can expect it, as nuhi must waste his time answering, instead of coding/troubleshooting/fixing crap/watching tv...so leave him alone people! leave the man to his work, and leave something in his tip jar
  3. @tweacle i had the exact same problem...the adobe site would report it as installed and working ok, but sites like youtube would say it wasn't installed...i fixed this by installing flash player from an msi installer, not the web installer.... here's a copy..it's version http://www.gigasize.com/get.php/362724/flashplayer9.zip
  4. it's astonishing how close ur readme is to mine...even the CaPs and puncuation are there... i guess it never hurts to have someone clarify what i meant to say tho EDIT: so many years past and i still can't read
  5. i think the games are included, but i dont have a copy to verify that...and no, media center is only in home premium and ultimate, as i understand it...
  6. holy crap, i can't believe how simple the solution was ...the ide cable i had hooked up to the optical and hdd was going bad; replaced it with a new one, problem went away....i guess i'm still a 'tard at heart
  7. i've been noticing some problems with my dvd burner, with reading both cd's and dvd's....first, it seems to get random errors after the system being running for a few hours...if i'm copying something, or installing, i get a message that the file cant be read (but it's not a crc error)...i also notice it when i watch dvd movies, the video freezes, audio keeps going for a couple seconds, then stops...and the drive appears to be idle...this freeze also locks the player (i've tried wmp10, mpc, and vlc; same result with every player)...i first thought the disc was dirty or scratched, but the discs are in pristine condition... second, i look in the event viewer, then under system, and there are a crapload of errors, all have the same source: "cdrom"...these errors are recorded even when i don't have a disc in the drive! strange, no? here are some screenshots... the event viewer window... and here's what they all say... if it helps, here's what the part at the bottom says... 0000: 03 01 68 00 01 00 b8 00 ..h...¸. 0008: 00 00 00 00 0b 00 04 c0 .......À 0010: 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........ 0018: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........ 0020: 00 c0 54 28 00 00 00 00 .ÀT(.... 0028: 59 1b 57 00 00 00 00 00 Y.W..... 0030: ff ff ff ff 02 00 00 00 ÿÿÿÿ.... 0038: 40 00 00 84 02 00 00 00 @..„.... 0040: ff 20 0a 12 4c 02 00 00 ÿ ..L... 0048: 00 00 00 00 0a 00 00 00 ........ 0050: 00 00 8f 04 70 51 6e 89 ...pQn‰ 0058: 00 00 00 00 58 0d 75 89 ....X.u‰ 0060: 02 00 00 00 98 0a 05 00 ....˜... 0068: 28 00 00 05 0a 98 00 00 (....˜.. 0070: 20 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ....... 0078: 70 00 04 00 00 00 00 0a p....... 0080: 00 00 00 00 08 03 00 00 ........ 0088: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........ and since it maybe relevant, i have 3 hard drives and 1 optical drive..no sata, 2 hard drives on primary, 1 hdd as master on secondary, the dvd burner is slave...mobo is a biostar m7ncg 400 v7.2 (latest bios), newest nforce2 drivers from nvidia, dvd drive is a samsung SH-S162A (identified in device manager as a TSSTcorp SH-S162A, firmware version on that is T01.... on the software side, i have sptd 1.38, d-tools 4.08, alcohol 1.9.6 b4719, and nero 6 installed....it may also help to know that i have imapi disabled, as i don't use xp's burning features (and don't care for them anyhow)... i should point out that a simple reboot fixes the problem for several hours, so i'm really confused as to what could be causing this...also, i've swapped the dvd drive with a memorex true8xn drive, and got the same errors... for some background, i've had this setup for some time now, and never noticed anything before...also, i just reinstalled xp a few days ago, if that means anything....
  8. i haven't tried it, so i can't say with absolute certainty, but i don't see why it wouldn't work...anyone else got any insight?
  9. i PM'd rabiddog awhile back about getting that file, and never got a response, so i figured it out for myself...instructions and needed files are included in .rar -joll69 MD5: D702658E19BCE36AD366A8967DFFB2F7 2k3_upnp.rar
  10. as far as i understand, HT is bidirectional, and if one sees HT1000, it means 1ghz each way, so 2ghz effectively...HT800 (1600) was the standard with S754, while S939 upped the HT to 1000 (2000)...AFAIK, that's the fastest there is... so, to answer your original question, there is no difference between HT1000 and HT2000, because they are the same speed....i hope i'm not mistaken in this matter...
  11. oh, dont worry about it...i'm going for a socket 939 system... parts: case motherboard cpu KVM cables (i dont want to get spares ) the rest can wait, as i dont need them right away, but they'd be so very nice to add 2gb ddr ram 2 of these in raid 1 cpu fan list (can't decide, but i'm leaning towards either the cooler master or the thhermal take.. opinions?) better psu for these parts (i'd rather not have the thing die on me ) i could swap the 3700+ for either an fx-55 or an x2 4400 (newegg has been phasing dual core 939's out, they've only got a few models left)....the fx-55 is ~$130, and the x2 4400 is ~$190....price is somewhat of a concern, but so long as it's not too expensive (like more than $900), then i can get just about anything for it... and in case ur wondering, i'm going 939 instead of am2 because i'd have to get ddr2 right away with am2, wheras i've already got some spare ddr1, just not much (1x512mb)...
  12. exactly! all it needs is some good flash developers/designers to put some time and effort into it, and this could really take off!
  13. that's a much better idea, come to think of it...and i wasn't considering that case...it was just for example...seems i can build my torrenting box for less than $250, if i use some parts i already have
  14. anyone ever heard of or use Front Motion Logins? it's flash-based, and works in both xp and server 2003...i dont have 64 bit hardware, so i can't say if it works or not in x64 versions, although i don't see why it wouldn't... the Front Motion login program is free, except for tablet pc edition (not sure about commercial use, consult the site)...the forum can be found here...it's a bit dead-looking, but it seems that this could really take off, as the only thing required to make/mod a login is flash... thoughts?
  15. i read a review on a mini ITX mobo, and i found it on newegg here. ...newegg has one itx case, but i'd rather use a micro ATX case, like this one.. my question is, will that mini ITX mobo fit into a micro ATX case? do the screw holes line up, or am I in for some case-modding? any insight would be helpful
  16. i've seen the same thing for a few weeks now...i've also seen an instance of svchost.exe (running the automatic updates service), which spikes cpu to 99% during this time...the service is running before and after running MU, but the cpu only spikes (as well as lots of physical and virtual memory changes) when "searching for updates". i havent found a solution yet, but i have tried to kill that instance of svchost when it spikes (stupid me), it killed several other services, and the computer would behave strangely until rebooted... my next attempt would be to remove excess .cat files, as i've seen too many of those give problems on MU...but as i've only got 80 of them, i dont see how they could be causing this...i suppose this is why vmware exists, so i dont hose my own system
  17. everyone knows that 'protected mode' is only supposed to work on vista, yes? and not on xp? i'm not sure if this is a bug or glitch or what, but i think the protected mode is working in ie7 on xp...here's what i did integrate ryanvm's 2.1.3 pack (i know, 2.1.4 is out now, but all my tests with the new version failed to reproduce it), his wmp10 pack, dx9, and wga...i integrated them onto a clean xp sp2 source using the ryanVM integrator...next, i used nlite 1.2.1 to integrate kb892130 (yes, i know this is more wga), then IE7, additional addons and drivers optional...i then selected IE7 in the compatibility section, then went on with my usual cutting of xp once xp setup is finished, if i open the ie options, go to the advanced tab, and about halfway down, i see this...(except that it was not ticked at first, and not greyed out...once i ticked it, and hit ok, it stays ticked, and is greyed out..yellow info bar on the bottom also shows up after enabling) i've never seen the 'protected mode enabled' in the status bar, so i'm not sure if it's actually being enabled...i searched all thru gpedit to see if there was anything to set there, but found nothing... if i use the same update pack, but install ie7 after setup is finished, instead of integrate, this option isn't present...does anyone know if this actually does something? or is it just a glitch? i've noticed nothing so far, but i've only done limited testing...
  18. the auto update service (we're talking the service, right?) is needed whether u'll be using auto update (the program) or not...both MU and WU require it to check for updates, even when u manually visit those sites (not so sure about WU)... i keep auto updates either disabled, or set to notify, depending on whether it's my main system, or a secondary one...but the service itself (in services.msc) is set to auto start... SENS is needed for...ok, i have no idea...i always disabled that service (but not remove it), until i started getting errors in the system event log whenever a user logged in...re-enabling the service stopped those errors...i never noticed anything broken because of it, probly just windows complaining... and logon notification is...i have no idea what that's for...then again, this is windows we're talking about here...it could be anything...
  19. thnx for the x86 version, i owe ya a beer ...any chance of an x64 version too?
  20. really? the x64 kernel always reports as server? didnt know that...
  21. i have licences for both xp x64 and server 2003 x64 standard, and an athlon 64 computer on its way from newegg...i've done some research and matched the hardware to 64-bit drivers from manufacturers prior to ordering anything, so i'm not too concerned about drivers...all i'm wondering is what apps wont work if i use server 2003 instead of xp...obviously, the ones in 64 bit versions arent too much of a concern (d-tools, for example)...here's a list of what i'm not sure about... -nero 6 (didnt like what i saw of 7 in the trial, so i wont be buying it) -alcohol 120% (does a 64 bit version of this exist? or can i just use what i've already got? version i have is 1.9.6 2649) -cdex 1.70 beta 2 -isobuster 1.9.1 -poweriso 3.2 -dvd decryptor 3.5.4 -cursorXP --for AV, i'll use nod32 --for firewall, i dont care much for the 64 bit ones i've seen...but as i use a hardware spi firewall, it's not as important...i do have a copy of comodo personal firewall..will that work in x64? i know it works in server 2003 x86...if not, i'll just use the windows firewall (shudder) -hamachi - the support forum says it will work in x64, but it seems some programs/games have issues.. -vmware workstation 5.5.2 i've seen that most programs work just fine in x64, but i do know that all drivers must be 64 bit for the kernel to work with...i'm just not sure if these work in x64, let alone server 2003 x64... that's all the questions i have for now, thanx for reading
  22. explorer.exe (aka the shell) is (or was) trying to grab media information about that file... all i do in that case is run a cmd window from that folder, use task manager to end explorer.exe (dont close task manager yet), use the cmd window to delete the avi that wont go away (del <filename>)...use tab to autocomplete the name if needed...then go to file->new task in task manager..type 'explorer' (without quotes), then delete the folder if ya want... if this doesnt work, something other than explorer is trying to access the file...
  23. how long did u give the update scanner? i've seen one svchost.exe instance saturate cpu utilization for 2-3 minutes when checking for updates...a look on sysinternals' process xp tool says that instance of svchost is the automatic updates service....in my case, all i did was let the stupid thing take its time, and after about 3 minutes, i have the list of available updates (like usual), svchost drops to 0% cpu, and everything seems peachy... i did notice that if i killed the svchost that was taking so much cpu time, several other services stopped..they could be restarted manually, but the system seemed generally unstable until a reboot....no bluescreens, just services randomly stopping and/or restarting....
  24. i had to do the same when i updated from beta 3 to rc1, and am about to do the same from rc1 to final....all i did was uninstall xpize (everything), reboot, install the new version of ie7, reboot, re-apply xpize, and reboot...there are more reboots with this method, but it works perfectly in my experience. hope this helps

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