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  1. Hello. I recently installed Vista on my computer, and I would like to get Oblivion to work. I've tried everything, running as admin, reinstalling nVidia drivers, and even running in windowed mode, none worked. The problem is it goes awfully slow. Even on the first screen it goes SO slow, sometimes it doesn't even get past it. I am running build 5384. Can someone help? I want to play Oblivion again.
  2. Arv3n


    Alright, I'm off to install Vista and then play some Oblivion then. Thanks!
  3. Arv3n


    So just keep running it and it should go faster? Because I tried installing it a couple of times and it was on my HD for a couple of days before I got rid of it because it was so slow.
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    Hello. I've been reading at a lot of places that Vista runs fine for them, they can do everything they normally do. But on my computer it's SO SLOW, and I have better system specs than them. Is there anything I could do to fix this? Also, how do I upgrade builds without having to download the whole thing again? I heard new builds were out. But I don't know how to get them. Right now my DVD is 5384. Thanks guys.

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