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  1. mmx, thanks for your answer and explanation. Yeah, lazy coding by the autocad folks i guess...If I feel up to it i'll try to tackle the 'which folders cad needs access to' option. thanks again! ceez
  2. hello fellow msnf-ers! We need to remove a software from about 100 workstations and I want to figure out how to get it to silently uninstall. I got the uninstall key from the registry of one of the computers that had the app installed: As you can see this is the uninstall string: "RunDll32 C:\\PROGRA~1\\COMMON~1\\INSTAL~1\\engine\\6\\INTEL3~1\\ctor.dll,LaunchSetup \"C:\\Program Files\\InstallShield Installation Information\\{35C30793-32F4-11D6-A043-00E081105A80}\\setup.exe\" remove" When I run that command from the RUN box, CMD window or a batch file I get the progress bar and then the "are you sure you want uninstall...." [yes]|[no] option. How can I avoid that? I want to be able to put that uninstall command in a logon script and have it removed at login. How can I accomplish this? I went to the installshield command line help online but it only talks about silent installs. Can someone help me out with this? thanks, ceez ps: I tried the /qn | /s | /silent options as switches and had no luck.
  3. hello fellow-msfners... In our domain we have noticed that users can connect to other pc's via unc , ie: patch \\pcname\c$. Can this be disabled via group policy to prevent users from accessing computers this way? The users are part of the domain users group BUT in the workstations they are part of the administrators group because autocad requires that the users be memebers of it. Does that have anything to do with it? thanks guys, ceez
  4. before I go mad typing up a storm of questions, I was wondering if there's anyone here that really knows/uses BUE and can help me witha few questions. ie: how can I prevent a job from restarting once it fails? If fails, then dont restart the same bkup job! can someone explain the diff between policies and selection lists? how the heck did you configure your media vault. We already have it set up for our daily incrementals, weekly fulls and SQL+exch bkups, but there are additional functionalities or minor tweaking that needs to be performed..and as tech savvy as I am for some reason I just cant grasp BUE. Thanks ceez
  5. hey guys i have a computer which is freezing at the xp splash screen, it wont boot into safe mode either. the computer is configured with RAID1 and the drives are healthy. I reinstalled winxp on this computer last week successfullly with no isues... yesterday the user calls and says that it froze....he has not installed any software other that his regular CAD and 3dmax software. He says he just rebooted the computer in the morning and that was the end of it. I am booting with the xp cd, selecting the repair "R" option and select my windows installation. at the C:\windows\ I type fixboot and get the following: FIXBOOT cannot open the partition If I try fixmbr then I get the following: The old master boot record cannot be found If I try a chkdsk with the P or R switch then I get this: The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable volumes I am assuming this is because of the RAID1 configuration, how the heck can I diagnose a HD in raid!?!?!?, this computer is p***ing me off! thanks for the help guys! ceez
  6. wow thanks alot for the information guys! I knew i could get some good intelligent answers from fellow msfn members! I never thought of imaging, and funny, I do use XCOPY when I need to move a huge amount of files (not shares just files) but never noticed the switch in regards to permissions. I will definitly use all these suggestions. thanks again to ALL!!!! :thumbsup ceez
  7. hello fellow msfn-ers! I have a question to see how you guys would tackle this as I am curious what to do myself... Our office in NYC is running out of space on their file server. This server was setup 3 years ago, it's an HP Proliant with two 34gig drives in a RAID1 as the OS hd and the remaining 4 drives in a RAID5 configuration with 72gig drives....they only have 50 gigs left out of the 200 odd gigs of total space. How can I go about getting more storage without purchasing another server? if we bought lets say, (4) 300gig drives and config with RAID5 (about 900gigs) how can I xfer the data that's already there without messing up the permissions? I would assume that I just have no other way than to either back up all the data to tape and then restore to the new drives or back the info up onto a NAS unit and then restore to the new drives....but again, my concern is the shares and permissions to stay how they are. What do you guys recommend? thanks for the input, ceez
  8. I need some help guys... one of our 'techsavvy' users installed some application and his computer BSOD after her rebooted. It gets the XP boot splash and 4 seconds later it BSOD. The workstation has 2 sata 250gig drives in a RAID1 configuration. I am able to pull out one of the drives and use a SATA to USB adapter to get the data out. Now what I want to try is a repair of windows or a reinstall. Unfortunately it's not letting me.... Boot with the XP CD, press "R" to get to the console, then when I press the #1 to get into the C:\Windows it just freezes....press 1 then press ENTER and just hangs there. I said, fine....lets reinstall.....Instead of "R" I continue to get to the part where you install XP, unfortunately right after the EULA where it says something like "...finding previosly installed versions..." it freezes right there. so i cant repair or reinstalled. We've ran many diagnostics on the drive with DFT and the one that is built into the workstation as well as a dell diag cd which tests everything on the system and it all passes. how can i get around this?!?!? any thoughts? very confusing thanks, ceez
  9. kiriku, that's good to know...we have some mobile users at work that complain about their office application taking some time to do stuff. I'll see if this works for us. thanks
  10. you should create a 2nd account which is not an administrative account. then modify the group policies on the pc, go to start-run type gpedit.msc from there you can go to user configuration - administrative templates and lock down stuff there. I usually dont mess with these group policies on a non domain xp workstation so i dont know if what you configure will affect his account. make a change to something simple and see if it messes up your account. else google something along the line of "group polcies windows xp"
  11. like Glenn9999 said, unlocker is pretty good. I use it at home and even incorporated it on some of our 2003 file servers at work. sometimes just files dont want to delete or rename because some computer on the network has a lock on them....this will let us do what we need with the file.
  12. i used to have a setup like that years ago with my pc at home. I had a linksys 4 port router and linksys nic with WOL feature as well as the mobo had the WOL connection for the nic to plug into. This is the setup as i remember it from back then: I used a free dns/static ip service (no-ip.com) I remember I had a command line utility that I could run from work in which i would type my dns name provided by no-ip, ie: myftp.ceez.com My router was configured to fwd that particular port (7 or 9) to the internal network ip address of my pc, ie: My pc would magically wake up! oh it was awesome, complete controll over my pc! Now I do remember something that was ticking me off....I was first trying it by turning my computer off, you CANT turn it off, it has to be on standby (or was it hibernate?!?!) for it to work. hope this helps, ceez ps- now that i checked out depicus, i think that's the cmd line tool i was using! works like a charm.
  13. All the excellent suggestions have been posted already, but if it cant recover the files you can always send it to ontrack. We've had backup data at work from about 10 years ago in RAM drives, cd's, dvd's and newer backup tape media and they have been able to recover it. it's pricey but they'll let you know the cost before they recover anything. You ship the drive, they attempt to recover, they let you know the $$$ and you say yay or nay. http://www.ontrackdatarecovery.com/ good luck
  14. I dont mean to state the obvious but if you can ping from the cisco pix into your network but not from the pix to the cloud then it's definitely your pix configuration. Wish i could help but i am no cisco guy, we just call 'Habib' from Cisco Tech Support whenever we encounter a problem with our pix 515e.
  15. anyone!?!??! I was thinkiing that i might need a crossover cable to go directly from the dsl to the wap....i'll make one tomorrow at work and try it out. any other ideas?!?! thanks! ceez
  16. hello, I am having some trouble connecting a Linksys WAP (WAP54g) to a Westell DSL+Router (E90-60030-06) for my g/f. At my house I was able to connect the WAP to my Linksys Router and connect to it via I changed the setting to get its IP via DHCP because my g/f's modem+router is currently setup to give out IP's. Now when I connect the WAP to the DSL modem and try to connect via wireless the laptop does not even see any wireless nextworks (XP+sp2). I would assume that the modem would assign an IP to the WAP and then the wireless will be on the network and the laptop able to see the WAP! What the heck an I doing wrong? Do i need a switch/hub in between the DSL and WAP, ie": DSL -> Switch -> WAP? Thank you for your help....this is driving me nuts!?!?!? ceez
  17. funnier is when apparently he released an article mentioning to delete exe's and all those computer literate people with P4 duo cores and 21" widescreen computers started deleting exe's!!!??? At least he didnt say to delete large folders..."boy that Windows folder sure is huge!!!" [Del] key!!!
  18. well that's quite awesome. I'll start incorporating that 'delayed ping' between my commands! thanks man....always learning at MSFN!!!
  19. hmmm....what happens if I plant it!!!! It's the Serial Tree!
  20. so just add: /n 10 > nul to the end of any line? I am assuming you can use any other number of seconds right? thanks!
  21. @everyone, thank you very much for your assistance, it's working PERFECTLY now! @submix, thanks for the zip file with the batch files, I just clicked and figured it woudl be somwhere in that huge download...but you did save me some bandwith! @spacesurfer, thank you for the code syntax, I did not know about the " " (quotes). @aadipa, I did find some info on the choices command but it seems to be a pre XP command. thanks! thanks again! ceez
  22. iceman, I tried that same thing you said with acrobat 8 standard and unfortunately it is NOT the same key. now i really wonder why JB peeps would say that they can retrieve Adobe serials when they are useless (i am not saying ALL apps, just mentioning Acrobat since I bet there are other apps out that wont encrypt the serial#) oh well. I guess we're screwed!
  23. ok i tried the jelly bean and it does list a serial number but it's not the actual key that we have listed on our serial list. it seems like it's encrypted...if that's the case then why does jellybean say it can 'retrieve' serial numbers! :confused: thanks, ceez
  24. joemsfn, thanks for the jellybean idea....i had forgotten about that nifty tool. I didnt know they were now doing other serial listings. this will save us from the doom of the missing serial numbers!
  25. hmmmm....so 264 megs of batch file examples?!?! i dont get it yet but i'll download it. thanks for the info ceez

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