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  1. Hey guys, I have a curious question. There are times when I encounter some systems that cant boot because of corrupt storage drivers. Sometimes I wonder if it's possible to copy the storage drivers onto the appropriate windows folder if I am able to boot with a bartpe CD. This way I can quickly replace the storage drivers and get the system up and running in no time. Thanks, ceez
  2. hey guys. I have an issue which would seem like a virus/spyware/trojan, etc... but yet my pc comes up clean. I use panda cloud av and superantispyware. I've also scanned with malwarebytes and trendmicro housecall. They all come back clean. Yet when I click on search result links I will get redirected to some other sites. ie: yellow pages or some other search result page....nothing that looks dangerous but annoying. if i try to browse back using the arrow or alt-left arrow it will get stuck on the page. I have to browse back using the recent pages option. and this doesnt happen on EVERY click but when it does it gets annoying and it obviously should happen. I also use the host file from mvps.org as the subject reads, I am using the latest ff3.6 thanks! ceez
  3. yes, same sp level. installed xp pro sp3, cd used was xp pro sp3 I dont understand what is happening as it should just be a regular win xp repair. I used nlite to install the intel matrix drivers to the xpsp3 cd and the install went without a hitch. now it gets to the xp splash followed by a half second bsod and then reboots again. the dell bios is set to "raid on" instead of "raid autodetect/ata". that's the default setting and I have not changed it but what would happen if I set it to raid autodetect/ata? It warns about data loss but maybe that would make it boot? and at this point I just need to get into the hd and copy the outlook pst file. once I do that I can break the raid, config as raid1 and reinstall windows again.
  4. thanks for the reply. yeah I tried safe mode with no luck. by reinstalling windows does the raid0 break? well the pc came like that from dell. no way in heck he could of set that up himself!
  5. hey guys, I am having problems with a friends PC. he got some nasty virus which I was able to get rid of but it messed up with explorer shell and what not. I decided to do a repair of his xp pro with obviously an xp pro cd. the repair went well but it now goes into a constant reboot loop. I dont want to break the raid knowing that it will lose all the data. is there any way to get xp to boot? and I wonder why would dell ship this pc out with a raid0 instead of a raid1 knowing that raid0 has no redundancy....**** them as now I am the one stuck! thanks! ceez
  6. hey guys. have a vista question which i am not familiar with at all when it comes to troubleshooting. I have a friend that's having problems uninstalling apps from her system. I am pretty sure she renamed the administrator user account at now everytime you need to uninstall an app it defaults to c:\users\administrator\<whatever_app_path_goes_here>\ so I just have to manually change the path to c:\users\makody\<whatever_app_path_goes_here>\. Where can I change the source path in vista for it to look for the default account or how can I go about working this out? her account is set to administrator, UAC is disabled and it's Vista Home Premium sp2 thanks. ps- this seems to be with applications intalled prior to the name change, new apps that I installed have no problem uninstalling. And under C:\users\ I have the 2 user accounts along with the Default and Public folders, no Administrator
  7. hey puntomx, thanks for the reply. yes, this will be my primary OS and data drive. I might even try to get a raid config if I buy 2 hd's. I was browsing over at tigerdirect (i know some hate, but I enjoy their pricses ) and see these 3 drives: Hitachi 7K1000.B Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200RPM, 16MB, SATA-300 Western Digital Caviar Green WD10EADS Hard Drive - 1TB, 32MB, SATA-300 ST31000528AS Barracuda 7200.12 Hard Drive - 1TB, 7200 rpm, 32MB, SATA-3G Now my Qs: Is there really a major difference between a 16mb and 32mb cache HD? Other than the "green" feature of the WD is it any better? They all have the same specs except for the cache. I will NOT use this gaming, rather for storing music, movies and apps. In regards to your hitachi comment, i've read elsewhere that hitachi drives have a hight rate of failure but have always known that WD is not too great either. thanks again!
  8. Hello fellow msfn-ers. I am looking to upgrade my now 'tiny' 350gb sata hd with something bigger and better. with so many hd options out there and myself not really being in the loop with all the latest changes I was wondering if any of you hard core stat guys (and I say this with respect so please dont misconstrue) could guide me towards a fast SATA 1 or 1.5 tb hd thanks guys! ceez
  9. Hello fellow msfn-ers! I am in desperate need for some guidance from a webmaster guru. We are getting the following error message on our intranet site today. This started for no dog-gone reason: Server Error in '/' Application Runtime Error First off, I am not the web master for our company, he unfortunately got laid off 6 months ago. I am the network admin with limited knowledge on web management. This morning our intranet site just stopped working. All other external and internal sites still work which are running on the same web server. Intranet is the only one giving problems. No changes have been made, neither myself or my coworker touch any configuration files regarding websites. I've restarted the web server and checked IIS, the site is also started. Checked the eventvwr and saw some error messages regarding some sql services failing. They had the webmasters user account as logon rights. I changed to administrator. Still no go. We have sql 2005 cause there are about 4 sharepoint portal sites. I dont know if the intranet is also somehow integrated with the intranet. I did notice that it does prompt for username and password. Not authenticating? Maybe that's the problem?!?! Please help. Thanks, ceez
  10. hey guys, sorry for the late reply but figure i would let you know how i fixed it. Apparently if I left the window alone for a long time the save location window would come up to %userprofile%. Odd cause I never save anything directly to there, usually to my desktop and then I move. I remembered that I had cleaned out some folders from my desktop the day before. I recreted one of the folders which I remembered and knew I was d/ling stuff onto. At first it still froze but after a reboot the save as dialog window came up pointing into that folder that I previously deleted. I changed it to my desktop and it's working fine. I know this is not a common issue and windows should be able to save wherever but I believe that system created some sort of "memory" in regards to the location of the save as folder. in regards to getting the dump information, I tried following your post on how to get it, but honestly I think I could not get it to work correctly or something. Either way, it's good info and will try it sometime to get it right. thanks again, ceez
  11. thanks for the input guys. yeah apparently there's no market for setting up something like this with various software. It appears that the best bet is getting slingbox. Thanks for the info guys. ceez
  12. hello everyone. sorry didnt know where else to post this, but I have a curious question. As some of us know, MLB opening day is tomorrow monday April 6th. Since i'll be at work and not able to watch the opening day for the marlins at 4pm I wanted to know if I could stream vid from my house to my work computer. I have a tv tuner card which I can plug into my computer and plug to the cable...works fine. Now is it possible to stream whatever is coming in to the tuner card over the web? what software can accomplish this? thanks, ceez
  13. hello everyone, having a curious problem that started today. nothing has changed, running xpsp3 with ie7, no win updates performed this week. whenever I click on a link to download I'll get the window prompting to run or save. if I click on save the save window freezes and the windo turns white. I have to end task and it takes a few seconds before it actually goes away. instead of I click on run the download begins. is the browser stuck on some sort of temp folder?!?! this is a weird one. thanks for reading! ceez
  14. thanks alot for that detailed explanation now I dont know if they have it enabled and I just cant go up to the user and tell them to share it out cause HR wants to take a peek at what you have cause you're a bad bad bad boy/girl. is it possible to check in my windows network what her mac computer name is? this way I can try to UNC and if I am in great, if I am not then HR will have to personally take the laptop away....have THEM work for a change! thanks again, ceez
  15. hello everyone. I need some help. at work they've asked us in IT to try to connect remotely to our single mac user in the office. I am mac illiterate and have not idea how this can be done or if it's even possible with a 3rd party application. Heck, I dont even know what the computer name is. Can you guys point me in the right direction? thanks, ceez
  16. puntoMX so you're saying the only way is to get a matrox card or that box? adding a y-splitter to one of the 2 outputs might not?
  17. hello fellow msfn-ers! I have a friend who has a dual LCD setup with the above mentioned card. both LCD's are connected via VGA one connected to the VGA connection the other is connected to the DVI using a DVI to VGA adaptor Would it be possible to get a Y-Splitter for the VGA connection and get a 3rd LCD connected or does he need a 2nd VGA card? Thanks! ceez ps- here are the specs for the card: ATI FireGL V3100 Features Built on ATI’s native PCI Express x16 lane architecture Outstanding entry-level workstation performance and quality utilizing 4 pixel pipelines and 2 geometry engines 128 MB DDR unified graphics memory Dual display support via DVI and VGA outputs Optimized and certified for professional workstation applications based on OpenGL® and Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 Windows® and Linux® support
  18. hey guys, interested in replacing my good ol Microsoft wireless desktop elite kb&mouse for a bluetooth set from rocketfish. the only reason being that you can find those cheaper online compared to MS. I also sit on my sofa and use my kb/ms from there, and the range of the wireless is not strong enough. I always have to drag over the receiver to the sofa this is the one I am talking about: http://www.rocketfishproducts.com/pc-85-3-...ksilverred.aspx thanks for the input ceez
  19. zxian....obviously the concept of supply & demand did not kick in. but yes, you're correct. I'll end up getting that pcie instead and pay that restocking fee.
  20. it's not just a necessity, it's a way of life! yes,, this place is awesome!
  21. somewhere around 3-4 mins from the time I push the power button until the hard drive spins down after desktop is fully loaded. this is on a 3 "old" 3.4p4 dell but maybe a clean install after 2 years of use would speed that up.
  22. is there a way that you can have an application pop up at the logon screen in which they can first vpn and then log onto their laptop? I know you said via website but maybe your vpn solution might have a standalone application that you might want to play with. we use cisco at our office and the application has that option, we dont use it, but it exists. found this: http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/forums...05456631/inc/-1 if you're not using logon scripts and just group policies you might be able to change the update interval of maybe send them a batch file that they can run on their laptops that contains gpupdate /force command
  23. switch the bios settings from AHCI to compatible. this is from a lenovo laptop but settings should be similiar, sata to ide or ahci to ide....play with those settings and you should be able to install xp. YET it shouldnt just bsod if you need the sata drivers. It would just stop on the text startup when it gets to the point of finding the harddrive and nicely tell you that it cant find a hard drive to install to. do you get past that area? do you get into the gui portion of the install process? I've read in the past that toshiba along with some other brand laptops are not downgradable to xp, the hardware has been made in such way that only works with vista. hopefully not your case, but a bsod is not the fault of missing sata drivers

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