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  1. Against better knowledge I decided to install SP2 today. So I inserted the slipstreamed WinXP-SP2 CD and did a repair install. After text-mode installation had completed without errors, the computer restarted and should load gui-mode setup. But right after the boot screen, a STOP 0x7F bluescreen appeared with param 0x0D. Microsoft KB says 0x7F-0x0D means a kind of application error. So I booted WinPE, loaded the registry and deactivated a couple of services and drivers. I also reinstalled Windows multiple times, no change. Booting in safe mode results in the same error. As I said, this happens when the gui-mode setup should be loaded. I also remember my attempt to install SP2 using the normal installation while Windows is running, a few months ago - same error. Actually I want to avoid a complete reinstall, because this will reset the registry which means 80% of my programs will need to be reinstalled, also I will have to remake my hkey_classes config and so on … it'll gonna be some hours of work and so I hope someone here knows a solutions for my problem. Thanks in advance.
  2. First thing, I would prefer Notepad2 to Notepad++. Second thing, why don't you just use Microsoft's compress.exe? Just use "compress Notepad2.exe Notepad.ex_" and copy the result (Notepad.ex_) into the specific directory... that's how I'd do it.
  3. Hello guys, I feel like I have to start a thread because for a long time now I'm playing round with the thought that an alternative to BartPE is needed. I mean, do you really think BartPE is a professional solution for building a professional WinPE? - I don't. Fortunately, WinPE is an always-relevant topic, so I don't think it's too late to make an additional tool now. I'm thinking of an InstallShield-like application. I do NOT mean the installer thing, of course, rather I mean the program you create these installers with. If you ever looked at it, you will have seen a well-organzied, professional and easy-to-use application. This is what I expect from a real WinPE creator, not that 500x400 dialog thing. Well, I would like to hear your opinions about this idea. Do you think it's senseful, or just "my godness that German guy is crazy". Alright, that's enough for now. Thanks for you feedback. (oops sry for spelling mistake in the topic)
  4. I use Alcohol. I just prefer professional software to freak-software. By the way, who the hell has autorun enabled?! My godness that feature sucks, really.
  5. I think I sometimes have the same thing. When I use standard GDI and create ownerless MessageBox'es they are not visible. But I remember that you can press the Alt key and for whatever reason they appear then… I can't give a real solution for that, but I think this problem doesn't occour when you specify an owner window in the MessageBox() call.
  6. Or just use a regulary Windows PE (which includes the standard regedit.exe).
  7. You might try Nullsoft Install System, I never used it but it doesn't look bad at all....
  8. Try this: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;883791 Also, you might find an entry in the system log in compmgmt.msc.
  9. Have a look at this: http://www.codeproject.com/win32/AntonioWinLock.asp You can find a sample program and also the code for it, in case you want to write a program yourself. Otherwise, try the sample tool, maybe it meets your needs.
  10. It's completely correct what Delprat says. And for the new version of the tcpip.sys there are also new patches available so that it shouldn't be a problem to re-fix the number of possible connections to open.
  11. @mjc Are you sure a software RAID 0 is not possible on Windows XP? I mean, even software RAID 5 is possible, why not RAID 0? @phillyman Open the computer management (compmgmt.msc) and select disk manager (I think it's called "disk manager", isn't it?). The right-click a hard-disk in the list at the bottom and select "Convert into dynamic disk" (or whatever MS called that). Then you might be able to create a new drive with RAID 0, but I am NOT SURE about this because I couldn't test it. I only know that it's possible to create a RAID 5 array like this (though to do that you have to hack some files ^^).
  12. The question is: do experts have to know this? You could take a disassembler and load the .cpl file, then have a look where the text of item 55 (iirc) of dialog 101 is set. (you get these IDs using ResHacker) *g*
  13. Shall I tell you what I just did? - Install SP2. Haha. Very funny isn't it? What do I get? Bluescreen Error 0x7F, no chance to start windows again. The standard 7F-method didn't work, also the error was 7F (0, 0, 0, 0) which is untypical. So it took me 3 hours to restore all those **** files via WinPE, copy over the registry files I saved just before my mainboard+cpu change, re-install mergeide ("the 7F-method"), re-install thousands of drivers and getting Windows XP SP0 run like it did before. Ah no the USB port is still not working, I still need to find a solution for that (and also for running USB 2.0 on SP0, believe me it is possible as I managed it some months ago on a friend's machine). So ehm, back to topic, how do I fake the win version?
  14. I know installing SP2 is a possibility. But I'd rather continue using SP0 as I can't see any advantages of SP2. And I made some bad experiences with that crappy SP1, where system() calls in general resulted in an application crash. So, what can I do except installing SP2? ^^
  15. As far as I know the only way to change file associations IS via HKCL, thus you won't be able to do this without having a program, running as priviledged, which changes the values in HKCL. This could be a service for instance. But I don't know whether such a tool exist.
  16. Have a look at this article: http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/GetSaveFileName.asp Seems to be exactly what you need. edit: I wasn't sure about which language you want to use, but I guess it's csharp, isn't it?
  17. Hmm, I just had a look at gpedit.msc and it seems to me like you can do a lot of what you want there... I mean, I've found following options: -> in Start Menu/Taskbar: • "Remove programs in Settings menu" • "Deny access to context menus of the task bar" -> in Control Center: • "Deny access to the Control Center" (don't know if you need this too) (I hope I translated them understandable) Aren't these options what you were looking for? btw I guess you need to restart Windows or at least explorer.exe to get an effect.
  18. **** to all those programs requiring SP1 or 2 at setup time. You can be sure - they will NEVER need any SP feature, never. GRRR Alright, well, I want to install a program on my XP SP0 system that (pretends to) needs Service Pack 2. I don't want to install SP2, so I prefer to fake the windows version, if possible. I tried to simply replace version.dll but it didn't work. Anyone got an idea how to do this?
  19. What I did is: • delete registry entry in HKLM\Software\MS\Windows\CurVer\Run • kill process • rename msmsgs.exe to sth else It works.
  20. The registry is the same for all users. Just the content of the HKCU hive differs from user to user. HKCU is a kind of virtual registry mapping to the user-specific sub-hive in HKEY_USERS. afaik, there are no other differences.
  21. I can't give you a real solution but maybe these pieces of information help you. The whole network service stuff is started by svchost -k netsvcs. This command starts all services which are listed in HKLM\Software\MS\Windows NT\svchost -> netsvcs by looking into the registry entry of each service in HKLM\System\CCS\Services\<service>\parameters -> ServiceDll. Thus you need to add these entries to the registry, and, of course, the dlls. I'd add all dlls which are listed in the service hive of the services you want/need to run. I would advice you to add the following services to your winpe in order to add network support: • RasMan, Rasauto, DHCP • LanmanWorkstation, LanmanServer, Dnscache • Netman, NLA, PlugPlay • RpcSS, LmHosts, TermService Your next problem will be the network adapter, I guess. But currently I have no clue about it, I'm afraid. Hope that helped a bit.
  22. ehm .... thumb?! I use the right pointer (right handed)

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