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  1. LAN Boot Problem

    Alright, isolated the error When I'm using the system files of a DOS 6.22 disk it works. Just the newer system files don't seem to work Thanks for your help guys!
  2. LAN Boot Problem

    Well last time i took a look a the disks there was a command.com Probably this is a problem with the version of the command.com I am using. I am now trying the ultimate network bootdisk, it uses a Windows XP bootdisk, maybe me lucky with this 1...
  3. LAN Boot Problem

    Thanks for your answer os2fan2, the weird thing about this is, that the bootdisk seems to get transferred to my client an the client attempts to boot the disk. Transfering control to DOS boot diskette image... Starting Windows 98... Please insert the name of the command line interpreter (e.g. c:\windows\command.com) A>_ So your suggestion would be to insert a non-MS command.com into the floppy image?
  4. LAN Boot Problem

    Happy new Year everybody! I've got a problem with one of our new PCs, which I want to boot via LAN. The PC does not have a floppy drive by default, with this configuration it would not boot the transferred image from our PXE server. When I insert a floppy drive into the PC there is no problem at all, everything works. The message during the failed boot says something like that: Please insert the name of the command line interpreter (e.g. c:\windows\command.com) Does someone have an idea how I could solve this problem? Could this be a problem of our PXE server or the boot images? Any help would be apreciated! Thanks Ralf
  5. Battle Field 2 Weapon Unlock

    Well I'd say you clicked it now you have it I made the same mistake when I chose the new weapon for the medic I think this gun just sucks...
  6. HKCR and underdog users

    Hi there guys, I've got a question related to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT registry hive. We created a secure XP client here and some users complained about the fact that they could not change the file associations i.e. in Photoshop. Does anyone of you have an idea how I could enable a user to change the file associations without giving him control of HKCR? I tried it like that, runas /user:priviledged "RunDLL32.EXE shell32.dll,Options_RunDLL 0" but that didn't work either. Thanks for your help
  7. Hey guys, I bought myself Painkiller Black Edition. Unfortunately it crashes with a bluescreen right on the initial screen. I treid the patches up to 1.62 and Beta video drivers. Windows tells me something about the driver being caught in an endless loop, this happens with all video drivers i tried out... Any suggestions? My config: AMD 64 3200+ Winchester 1GB Corsair DDR PC400 MSI K8N Neo2 nForce 3 Ultra Chipset ASUS V9999 GT/TD GF 6800 GT 80 GB WDC IDE Thanks in advance
  8. How can i play cstrike source in bot mode?

    Alright, I've found something official http://www.steampowered.com/index.php?area=news&id=389 They were deployed with the CSS patch released on January, 17th.
  9. Screen Capture Program

    SnagIT is pretty cool, we even use it in my company.
  10. How can i play cstrike source in bot mode?

    Well, just yesterday i played offline against my Bots again. I will make a screenshot when I come back from work. Unfortunately the menus are written in German but it's definitely possible and I think the versions of CSS don't differ that much throughout the world. @fatalwoomera: what kind of CSS did you get? is it that one distributed with HL²?
  11. Hey guys, I've got a problem with my SATA HD. I installed it yesterday and at first it booted fine. After partitioning the HD and rebooting I tried to copy some of my data to the new HD. During that process a lot of I/O errors occured. I then rebooted my PC once again, now the BIOS stops after detecting the IDE drives. As soon as I unplug the SATA drive the system boots properly again. Any ideas The HD is a Samsungs SP1614C connected to a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum with BIOS v1.4
  12. How can i play cstrike source in bot mode?

    Well, its pretty simple. You create a game in CSS and tick the Box where something like "Use Bots" is written. Then you should define the max. number of bots in the game and don't forget to set the maximum player number to this: number of bots + 2, thats because CSS always keeps one slot open for human players and one is for you. Greetz
  13. Doom 3 In-Game Cheats

    I think it's CTRL + ALT + ~ (on German keyboards ^ )
  14. Database Design

    @Junkie: I'm curious, do you need these ID-fields of the relations at all? It looks like you're referencing everything by name, etc. I prefer relations by absolutely unique IDs, because you won't ever get in trouble with duplicate records due to the fact that the system creates the primary key itself, I thinks that's pretty neat
  15. How to install Languages unattended

    Hi Patrick, we made the same at my company. We created a zip File of the MUI and added the extraction and the call of the MUI installation to the unattend. We have added this line to cmdline.txt in the $oem$ directory: "cmd /c c:\1stSetup.Cmd" which contains the follwing commands: "START /W C:\WXPMUI.EXE " "START /W C:\WXPMUI\Muisetup.exe /i 0407 040c 0410 0c0a 041f /d 0407 /r /s" WXPMUI.EXE is our self-extracting package of the MUI and the next command is the installation of the MUI. /i 0407 040c 0410 0c0a 041f This switch installs the desired languages, the /d switch marks the default language, like 0407 (German). You should find a whole description of the language codes here: http://www.science.co.il/Language/Locale-Codes.asp Good Luck Ralf