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  1. Could you detail a bit more ?? I do have all the librairies that are needed, i used the Depend tool for that. But i don't really know if they are correctly registered. Maybe the problem comes from there. The librairies for the MFC are maybe not corerctly installed.
  2. Hi everyone, I have developped an app under MS Visual C++ 6.0 using MFC 4.2. This app can be skinned or not. When it is not skinned, it works perfectly, but when i launched it when it is skinned, it fails ..... When i say it fails, it is that nothing is launched .... i'm not seeing the first frame of my app. What is going on ?
  3. It seems that i have the problem you mentionned : the network card created during the RAS processus seems not to be correctly configured. When i use the "updatedevices" tool, i can see that this card is not correctly configured. It aks me to reinstall the drivers ..... If you have any informations on that, that would be cool to get them.
  4. HI again, i have made some progress since i only have one error left, during the installation of the RAS client. the code is : netcfg -l %systemroot%\inf\netrass.inf -c s -i MS_RASCLI and i still have the code error I also discovered that, when you launch a connection with the rasphone utility, it creates a network adapter called :RAS Async Adapter. But unluckly it seems that it's not correctly configured (with the help of the updatedevices tool). Here is the list of the service that are correcty launched :
  5. Apparently, thoses services are natively implemented in Windows PE : So i'm trying to get the next services to work on the LiveCD : But apparently you also need I have a made a quite long registry files (ras.reg) for thoses services. As soon as i am not far away to get it working, i'll post another post with explanations. If on your side you have news, let's share. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks a lot dude ! I watched a little bit closer to the bartpe's plugin. And apparently it does some of the things you mentionned. It writes a lot of entries in the registry and move some files. Then we can start all this services with a little .bat file. Unluckly, it does not work really well. Most of the services are launched except one during the operation netcfg -l %Systemroot%\inf\netrass.inf -c s -i MS_RASCLI But then when i try to use the rasphone utility rasphone -f path_to_phonebook everything goes well until the "opening ports" step ..... It seems the i can't acces to my modem through COM objects. Do i have to add a plugin for the COM ports ??
  7. Hi all, I work for a company which want to use Windows PE for one of their product. But in order to work, this solution needs to have a Remote connection based on the RAS (Remote Access Service) from Windows. But in Windows PE, this service is not implemented. I know that with BartPE and UBCD comes a plugin which allows dialup networking. I tried to convert this plugin for Windows PE but with no success. Does anyone know how to make the dialup networking work ?? if so, could you post the way you made it ?? Thanks in advance. PS : if you are interested in the way that i tried to convert the BartPE plugin for Windows PE, post here.
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