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  1. I went to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and there were only 4 entries. 3 of them were for Java and the other was for Flash Player. I don't believe this would work because when you go to the Windows Update website, it just opens up the Windows Update panel which is accessible from the Control Panel.
  2. Hi. I've been having problems with Windows Update on my Vista Enterprise laptop. A while ago, Windows stopped being able to check for updates. Every time I click "check for updates" it checks for about 10 minutes and then fails and gives me the error code 80080005. After that, an icon appears in the system tray and says "Windows can't check for updates." This affects Windows, Office and Windows Defender. I have looked up this error and have not been able to find a solution. I tried installing the Standalone Windows Update client, but it fails to install. When I try to reinstall SP1, it won't let me because it says it's already installed. Is there any way to reinstall the components needed for Windows Update? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi. Recently, I've had a trojan on my system which tried putting itself into my System Restore backup points. Luckily, my AVG caught all of the files of the trojan and deleted them, including the ones which it tried to put into my System Restore backups. I have heard that when you have a virus/trojan on your computer, you are supposed to turn off System Restore so it can delete all of your restore points because the virus may still be backed up in it. I really don't like doing this because if I ever need to restore one of those points, I won't be able to. Even though AVG deleted all of the trojan's files in the system restore backups, should I still turn off System Restore? Would it be okay for me to keep it running without deleting all of my previous restores or would it be best for me to delete all of them? What do you think?
  4. 1) What do you mean? I heard that the patch(es) can limit functionality of using P2P applications and online games. I am confused about the difference between opened and opening connections. If you are limited with opening connections, how can you have more opened connections if there is a limit of how many can be opening? It's like saying you have 30GB of data on a 20GB hard drive. 2) From what I remember, only one hotfix made the big change from changing the limit from like 100 to 10. 3) I tried searching, however I couldn't find a post about this.
  5. It is most likely a revamped version of Windows XP SP2, with a few extra features, most likely similar to the Windows 95/98 sort of thing. Like said above Blackcomb was originally supposed to be the next release, however, due to its long release date of like 2007-2008 Microsoft decided to release Longhorn with not as many new features with a quicker release date.
  6. Hi. I've recently read about how a recent Windows hotfix modifies the tcpip.sys file and limits the number of TCP/IP connections to 10. Does anyone know which hotfix changes this, and if so, does it only apply to Windows XP SP2? I'm currently on SP1, but I don't want to install this hotfix because I heard that it can degrade download performance, online gaming, and other high-bandwidth services.
  7. Hey everyone... I'm new to the MSFN forums and I hope to find a few answers about Windows here, and hopefully help other people out with their questions about Windows/other software. -Shadow0890
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