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  1. Hi XPero heck this out. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/12148457/ http://www.deviantart.com/view/9074112/ http://www.aero-soft.com/board/showthread.php?p=10680
  2. itsme_4ucz

    Clock Avi

    Any cure for this ?
  3. itsme_4ucz

    Clock Avi

    Hi Xpero i am getin this error. Thku!
  4. itsme_4ucz

    Clock Avi

    Thankyou XPero eagerly waiting for your xpize v4.any betas r welcome.
  5. itsme_4ucz

    Clock Avi

    @glent Hi plz send me also,when u recive it from xpero. Thku!. itsme_4ucz@yahoo.com
  6. some great suggestions there Gaav! great looking new release mike.. well done! Thku!
  7. bmn......looks nice. can i u share with us all. thx
  8. hi @gnome Same here(Nice program, successfully stripstreamed and installed on Winxpsp2! Great work gnome! ) Thks for great utility.
  9. here my mail itsme_4ucz@yahoo.com Thk u !
  10. Cant explore or open start menu folders Same problem i am to facin ,ll sombody(geeks) help us out
  11. hi again is it wrong ? then plz correct it . thk u i am using cmd way.
  12. Hi i am unable to find proper switch for MP10_EnergyBlissViz plugin for wmp 10. [QUOTE]http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/b/7/3b7f92b8-d73e-4325-b402-b3e72ad6a39e/MP10_EnergyBlissViz.exe[/QUOTE] need help.
  13. the link is dead. can someone please upload it again? Happy new year thanks.
  14. Thank you .[is it the (minalgar) one or the(kelsenellenelvian) . i need minalgar ver bcos the other one i have it. Astalavista
  15. Can i have this file h88p://w8w.mip.sdu.dk/~rauba/Royale-Luna-Pack-NEW.zip bcos it is not there.
  16. Hi all can u all guys make SFC_OS.DLL to somthing like this SFC_OS.DL_ so even newbe can diretly add to the i386 folder to the cd itself.Bcos i myself dono how to make it. And RyanVM you can add it to ur upcomming Update Pack 1.4. THX
  17. Hi minalgar Just unzip and overwrite the 3 files in your I386 folder. or to extract it & then replace it while instllation. Thx
  18. During the install i got a message that "battery" is not microsoft certfied and i had click on "continue anyway" ("BATTERY.IN_" from i386 folder) ...

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