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  1. Playing lots of Left 4 Dead lately, hitting the survival mode!
  2. Maleko


    haha very good!
  3. Maleko

    SP2 vs. SP3

    Never had any problems with SP3, its just the new SP2
  4. Maleko

    xpize 5 Release 6

    What took you so long? Laziness Great job though
  5. Maleko

    xpize 5 Release 6

    Awesome release! I have FINALLY upgraded from 4.7 B2 to this one, and works a TREAT! many thanks
  6. I passionately hate that kind of BSOD! My initial response would be test Memory and Hard Drive. Could be a number of things though, as previously said, could even be a driver.
  7. Gave that a go jcarle, still no luck im afraid. I have however seem to have solved it! After going through each setting one by one in the bios I came across the USB Mass Storage Configuration. In there you can set the emulation for attached USB storage, it was set to AUTO, emulating as a hard drive, so I set it to FDD and now it never seems to take over in the hard disk setup, as it gets seen in BIOS as removable storage, but still a usb hard drive in windows!
  8. kept trying to change boot order and any other settings that could relate to it, but no luck, it seems to be that when it detects the USB hard drives it for some reason wants to put them in the first boot order...very strange...
  9. yeh, this is the only setting that gets changed, my floppy drive is always disabled, and that never comes back on.
  10. I have a Asus P5Q-E Mainboard, updated to latest bios to see if it fixes this problem, still no luck. Heres the problem. My connected hard drives goes as follows: X2 80GB in RAID0 - Main OS 500GB Internal Sata Drive 250GB eSATA drive 500GB USB Seagate FreeAgent Harddrive 1TB USB Seagate FreeAgent Harddrive My boot device priority is set as follows: 1st - ATAPI CDROM 2nd - INTEL RAID 3rd - Disabled Each time I turn my PC on - Not after a reboot, the Priority changes! I have to go back into the bios, change it, then reboot successfully. IT changes randomly to things like: 1st - USB FreeAgent 500GB 2nd - USB FreeAgent 1000GB 3rd - SATA 500GB 4th - SATA 250GB 5th - ATAPI CDROM This can apear in any random order, with the INTEL RAID not showing, I have to re-enable it in the Connected Hard Drives options. Any Ideas? I'm pretty lost now!
  11. Gonna be crap NV goggles for that price, lol
  12. Can anyone recommend some good photoslide show creation software for DVD/CD players? I have used the one in Nero, but sometime sget strange stutters in the final output. Just after some simple software that will creation a photo slideshow that can then be burnt onto CD/DVD for dvd players.
  13. Well, all that needs to be said is "Software Compatibility" This may be good for people who want cheap netbooks and to get on the Net quick, but for a main stream OS? I think not.
  14. I have always built them, never brought a pre-built pc (apart from at work)
  15. I upgraded my eset antivirus to eset smart security, love the firewall for it, nice easy to use and all in one package!
  16. seen them before, certainly different, not my cup of tea. also,m save some money, just screw your components to a piece of MDF board...
  17. 3GB total Ram 980MB used 61 Processes, these include: Outlook, Antivirus, Chat Software, Sync Center, Internet Explorer, Rainlender.
  18. RAID 0 is faster IO speeds, RAID 1 has faster read speeds than a single disk, but don't knwo how that comapres to read speeds of Raid 0. Raid 0 is suppose to be fasterm other wise what would be the point? As it has no fault tolerance, what would the benefit be? It can depend ont he actual setup, how many drives you have and how many controllers etc. http://www.m-techlaptops.com/raid.htm
  19. eset system security works spot on for me in 7
  20. Maleko


    Brilliant! "forwards joek to the girlfriend..."
  21. format, clean install. Depending on system specs etc, add more ram.
  22. Personally I'm a fan of Coolermaster cases
  23. Offical? Maybe..we shall have to wait and see I li0ek it, but would prefer it WITHOUT the windows logo.
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