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  1. Can anyone tell me what XPCREATE folder to put the following XP updates: KB903235 KB901214 KB898461 KB896344 Also, do any of these replace older KB updates or should I just add them without deleting anything else? Thanks for your help! ps: does anyone know what happened to green machine?
  2. jimmytop


    Well I thought I posted this earlier but I don't see it so maybe I hit the wrong button. Anyway, this update: http://download.microsoft.com/download/b/6...742-x86-ENU.exe 7702DA240992B0F1D76B602D5C598C6E Was shown for me as a critical update on Windows Update site. So, what folder does it go in for XPCreate? Also, is the old XPCTHLST.TXT file compatible with the new version of XPCreate? I kept one on my local drive for the old version. Just wondering if it will work for the new version. Thanks
  3. jimmytop

    Unofficial DLURL

    Well I downloaded all of the Feb 8 updates, 10 in all. I'm just not sure where to put them. Does anyone have an updated hotfix list file or DLURL they can post? Thanks!
  4. The Windows Genuine Advantage thing is purely voluntary right now. There is no restrictions on downloading currently. These restrictions are planned by MS for later in the year. If you are having trouble downloading anything right now, it is NOT because of the Windows Genuine Advantage program. As stated by others, XPCreate works fantastic today, auto downloads and everything. Already slipstreamed my XP full and my XP Upgrade CD's and not a problem. My original post was just to give a heads up in case the developer wanted to get a jump on any potential problems the Windows Genuine Advantage will cause in the FUTURE.
  5. Doesn't matter. The current autodownloader has no way to prove to microsoft that the incoming request is coming from a genuine windows PC....
  6. Ah, but you won't see any troubles. Until they implement the Genuine Advantage program. Which is expected mid-year from what I'm hearing. I take it you haven't heard of it....? Sounds like it will impact automatic downloads.
  7. It seems this will affect the XPCreate's ability to automatically download updates/patches/hotfixes. Will this be addressed in a future version?
  8. I got this message when I removed the dot net framework update from my hotfix list. I didn't realize that ndp1.1blahblahblah was an update patch to the dot net framework. So in other words, it's trying to patch a windows component (dot net framework) that doesn't exist. And since it can't patch nothing, you get the error. Solutions: make sure you are installing the dot net framework update. Or don't install the patch....
  9. The hotfix list doesn't have to be on a web server. I keep it on my local drive and just point the DLURL there. Just remember that once you're done editing the list on your local drive, make it read-only, otherwise XPCreate will move the file to the XPCreaete folder instead of copy it.
  10. I am using someone's custom unofficial DLURL (sorry I don't remember name but the the thread is in this forum). My official Win XP Pro CD with SP2 has a folder DOTNETFX with files in it dated 8/4/2004. Does that mean I don't need to slipstream the dotnetfx update? I tried it both ways (with and without) and the size of the CD is about 20meg bigger with..... Actually I really don't want the .net framework update..... if that's what it is.... it causes more trouble than it's worth....
  11. Oh, I'm just confused, I thought I saw it on the fail safe list on the web site. Nevermind, some day I'll figure this stuff all out
  12. Lol...ok, thanks. Is the reason I didn't get the Qchain installer automatically when I created my new SP2 cd because I left QLOG blank?
  13. I notice that the following INI file parameters aren't explained (or at least I couldn't find where they are explained). Would it be possible to update the web site to include descriptions and defaults for these? DOPATH=??? QLOG=??? SLIPMDC=??? SLIPSPK=??? Thanks!
  14. Ok, I've created a slipstreamed XP CD using XPCreate. I used my Retail SP1 XP CD and slipstreamed SP2 and the couple of other things included on the current hotfix/update list. Piece of cake So now, CDSOURCE folder contains original + SP2 and that's where XPCreate.ini is pointing for the XPSOURCE parameter. Now supposing that a few more hotfixes and/or updates come out and I want to create a new XP CD. Do I need to go into each one of the SVC-xxx folders and delete the previously downloaded hotfixes/updates so that when I run XPcreate.cmd it won't error out when it tries to download them again? I can't set DLAUTO=NO because that wouldn't be right either. Remember, there are some new hotfixes/updates available with the scenario I've described so obviously I would need to download them. But I don't want to re-download the ones I already have . Just trying to plan ahead a little bit
  15. Isn't the web site's fail-safe list out of date now that SP2 is out?
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