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  1. well it would be USB-Stick for me here in germany. but we always have the dumbest names for thing just imagine what we call "mobile / cell phone" .... it is actually "handy" and that isn't even a translation. actually "pen drive" will be what most stores will call it here, but "usb stick" is more common just take a look here
  2. Well first of all I find "free" pretty vast describtion. My first thoughts went straight to open source. But since you seem to be looking for a free-of-charge programming language and this is a Microsoft centered website I recommend Microsoft Visual Studio Express I have no idea about the limitations but it is free-of-charge for as long as you don't use it to write software you are trying to sell.
  3. One question comes to mind: What groups have the users been added to? If you are unsure what exactly your users are ("Users", "Administrators") you may verify that at "Control Panel" -> "Adminstrator Tools" (Title may differ) -> Computer Settings (May be different aswell) and there you go to "Local Users and Groups".
  4. BTW, you can have a hell of a lot of fun with that host file. Just ask our trainees :-D
  5. No I was talking about an SP2 for MUI. The page you link only translates problems for WMP and Movie Maker etc. But the "Security Center" and the "Wireless Wizard" will still remain in english!! Atleast that's what I caught roughly reading the page ;-) But I don't know anything for sure ATM. Nephilim
  6. There is something that is called "Multilanguage User Interface". I don't know about the prices in other countries, but in germany a Windows XP pro MUI version only costs about 4 Euros more than a standard XP pro licence. I am using this kind of installation at work and it works perfectly fine. It works like this: Install Windows XP pro (english) Install any language pack you like (I can't find a list, but you may start looking here: Windows XP Home and Professional Editions) Set your regional settings to the standard language (this is a per user setting, although you may define a default language) Microsoft says that merely all languages that are available at these 4 cds will change 98% of all text boxes. I can confirm that for german, englisch, polish italian and spanish. A great thing to do, but be careful with service pack 2 as there is a lot of new text in it. I heard that MS will be releasing the MUI version a month later that SP2 which means that it will be appr. at the beginning of september! Nephilim P.S.: BTW, Office 2003 also features this MUI installation. Other programs and tools, may set their language within the registry for CURRENT_USER. So there you have you MUI installation!
  7. Hi everyone, I just noticed that there is a nice piece of Software that is called "Outlook Web Access 2003". I tried to google for some information and it seems that I need an Exchange Server running. Is that true? Could anyone tell me what I really need to get this thing working? Do I need a server or such? The thing is that I would like to read my E-Mails when I am not at home. Thanks in advance, Nephilim
  8. I am using Kaspersky ATM, although I am already thinking about switch again. I don't like NAV's patch behaviour, although I am not able to tell you why ;-) Kaspersky seems to be a very good AV program, but it is anoying to see my hardisk working overtime at every windows startup. I need to wait 5 minutes before I can even think about using my computer, which is kind of odd as I am using a notebook. A quick workaround is sending my NB to hibernate, but I usually forget to do so ;-) Nephilim
  9. Thanks a lot guys. Well both pages are kind of interesting, but none of it featured the details I needed. Nevermind, I will just leave that part out or better stick to the infos I have. BTW Kaspersky's www.viruslist.com is a great page for informations about viruses aswell. All complete with information they debugged from viruses and stuff. Nephilim
  10. Isn't there anybody out there knowing a page like this??
  11. I think the problem is that Agere has written such a bad driver that windows doesn't want to recognize it as driver for the modem. I already tried everything of what you said, but nothing worked. Furthermore I think that "DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore" is not the right place to start. Sure Windows will not automatically install an unsigned driver, but the driver isn't just unsigned it's "inappropiate" as far as Windows thinks. Although it works very well when forced to be installed. Nephilim
  12. Yes it has! Why? Whether I install using the setup routine, or if I use the OEMDriverPath version with my unattended installation, it doesn't make the slightest difference. Windows will add the driver to its drivers library but won't install the driver properly. The device manager will show "PCI Modem" with an exclamation mark. If I update the driver then it will work fine, although windows tells me something like "the driver wasn't written for this hardware. do you want to continue? (y/n)"! Nephilim
  13. Ooops, must have mist that Thanks gamehead200 and sorry for the trouble. No trouble! Nephilim
  14. Well I tried your modem driver but it didn't work either. I now have written an AutoIT script to install my driver automatically. Thanks for the help though. Nephilim
  15. Hi everyone, I have no idea where to ask this on MSFN, so I though "Windows XP" would be as good as any. If I am at the wrong forum, I would like to excuse and ask a moderator to move this thread. Okay, now for my real question: I am currently writing an article about computer viruses, worms etc. and therefore I would you to ask if there is a website with statistics about those things. A friend of mine came across one a little while ago, but doesn't remember where and how. Is there anybody out there knowing some page like that? I already tried to google that up, but after 3 hours I am completely exhausted now! Thanks in advance, Nephilim
  16. Hi benners, I tried the same procedure with my modem driver, but it wouldn't work. I will download your modem driver from acer's ftp server and try to get this one running, maybe this will help. Thanks for the advice and I will report any results. Nephilim
  17. Hi everyone, I would like to setup my w-lan configuration during setup. I know that it is possible to save my settings on a USB Stick or Harddrive, but can they be deployed unattendedly? Any help appreciated. Nephilim
  18. Well SiMoNsAyS, today nuhi released a newer version of nLite (0.98.7 Beta) and according to this screenshot it supports Bluetooth: Nephilim P.S.: I know the difference between infrared and bluetooth, thank you.
  19. I have a theory on this: If you set the value at the HKEY_USERS\.Default it is the default value for all users that will be added in the future. If you set the value at the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software it is, as it says, applied to the CURRENT user. If you add this registry entry during setup, you will most likely set it for the Administrator account, if for any at all. Well I haven't tested this, but I think, this could actually be correct. I will try to verify this with my current unattended installation, but this could take a little while. I would appreciate it if you could post your results if you are faster than me. Nephilim P.S.: Well atleast I answered
  20. Strange, I thought it was already implemented in nLite. Atleast the drivers section of nLite says so. Haven't tried to remove it though! Nephilim
  21. I will give it a try, although I will use the cmdlines.txt area. This is because I need to have windows activated before my first login, otherwise I would only be able to login as admin. I don't know if that is a good idea, but I will give it a shot. Thanks, Nephilim
  22. Well I think that would be a great idea, too. But you know these programmers everybody is unsatisfied with the otherones doing and they cannot get along with each other. ;-) I think the biggest problem would be to find a common programming language. Some stuff is written with .net, most likely C#, others is not. I have heard that some other stuff is Visual Basic and maybe some is even written in Delphi. The problem is, that you cannot mix these things.
  23. Hi everyone, I am currently trying to get an OEM version of WinXP pro Sp2 to install unattendedly. Besides some small things everything runs smoothly by now, but there is one bigger thing that I'ld to you guys about: I would like to automatically activate my installation. I already tried to place the wpa.dbl into the $$\System32 folder of my cd, but it appears that it will be overwritten during the installation process. So my question is at what point of the installation process can I copy this file, without it being overwritten again? Thanks in advance, Nephilim
  24. I would have, if there was one. ´

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