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  1. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    OK, after a test run I have something I am happy with. Thankyou for all the help. Basically I havn't fully automated it but its a close I can get while keeping some flexability for different machines and users and keys. I now just select the edition, drive to install to, enter a username and computer name, skip or enter a key and done. I do have 1 small problem that I can't seem to find an answer for. Under a normal none attended install, I normally select English Australia, and I never get a language bar in windows afterwards. This time around thou I have en-AU set as the user local, and en-US for all other options. But now I get a Language bar in windows. I presume I need to enter en-AU somewhere else but looking the the help files it is not showing as a valid option. What do I need to change to fix it 100% for Australia? Don't worry, I solved it.
  2. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    OK thankyou. Thats answered allot of my questions now. There is only one more question left, and that is how to merge both the x86 and the x64 xml files. If I have a working x86 Autounattend.xml file and I have a working x64 Autounattend.xml file, what do I do to merge the 2 files into 1 file? Like do I just past one after the other or is there something specific I need to do?
  3. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    I think you have misread me. I don't want to be able to use 1 Key for all editions. I don't even really want a key at all. This setup is intended for me to use to reinstall customer computers, getting majority of the basic setup tasks and apps out of the way. What I do at this stage is either enter the real key (of the computer sticker) during install or skip key on install and enter it later. What I would like to do ideally is just skip the key and activation parts in the setup. I wasn't asking about putting 1 key in the xml but wondering if there was a way to add ALL default keys for all the editions in the xml rather than integrating them into the images. If that's not possible is there a way to just skip the key entering altogether like one would do by manually clicking skip.
  4. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    Not sure how I am being rude. And even more unsure on were that answer is from or what question it revolves around. Everyone knows that each version needs its own keys. I wasn't ever asking for 1 Key. I was asking if there was anyway that I can put all of them into the XML, instead of injecting them. And at what point did I say I ONLY had ultimate? I have All versions except for enterprise for both x86 and x64 in my WIM. And I still don't know how to combine the 2 files I have. After reading the other post regarding the keys, if I can't have them all in the XML, then is my only other option (other than integrate) is to either have separate xml's for each version that I can swap around per install, or forget about skipping the key thru setup.
  5. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    In regards to the keys, if there is really no way of putting them into the xml then I htink I understand the batch file to intergrate the keys. My question on this is, is it a different run to set for x86 and x64 or will that one batch file be valid for both? And seeing I don't want to delete the starter and basic, I can see the lines I need to REM out, but how do I findout my current index of all the images, so I can assign the correct key to the correct index, and finally by intergrating the keys is it no different than skipping the key during the setup (as in will windows still ask for a key when we go to Validate, or will it think it already has a key)
  6. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    Its still not very clear. Very vague information. First the example given earlier shows errors when opened in WAIK. Secondly I grabbed one of the files that RT7Lite generated and put in your sample above, and now shows an error saying "Cannot find Windows Image information in Answer file". I have all the settings I want in 2 separate files, x86 and a x64. I can see there are references to amd64 and x86 within these files so I know at least something is different between the 2 even thou I have the same settings. Now do I simple copy and past both file into one file one after the other or do I have to put in key and image information for each image I want access to? Also is there a way to not put the key in the image and keep all keys in the xml? PS: I already know about combining by integrating all into same WIM and deleting the ie.cfg file. That's what I have had for some time know, I am only trying to integrate some more updates and getting some of it automated now with RT7Lite.
  7. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    So Far so good. My only issue atm is the unattended xml. Still unsure on how to combine and to allow me to still select all editions in my WIM. I have kep a copy of the file from the first RT7Lite run, and I have the second file (so one for x86 and another x64). I know you said not to use them, but why not? I have made my customisations and they are in these files. I don't want to have to learn a great deal regarding the unattended files. Basically I just want to combine my x86 version with my x64 version but have it apply to all editions for each.
  8. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    OK. I think I have got it. I'll give you guys an update after my next attempt. Hopefully with success and not more questions LOL. Thanks heaps everyone for the help very much appreciated.
  9. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    OK thanks. I think I can nut out the Autounattended.xml file. Now I just want to be extra clear I have it right in my head. Takes a while to run RT7Lite so I want to at least be close to getting it right before my next attempt. Correct me if I am wrong: Run x86 RT7Lite on 32Bit 7. x64 on 64Bit 7 doesn't work. I can run 2 seperate WIM's (x86 + x64) thru RT7Lite making appropriate changes, or I can run a single combined WIM but run it thru twice for each Architecture. Choose Ultimate for each and apply to all images. Now only think I am not 100% clear on is, if I run 1 combined WIM thru RT7Lite twice will it overwrite the autounattened (so I have to back it up first to combine later) or will it do the combining itself?
  10. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    Not quite sure I understand. I have to do this on a 32Bit install using 32bit RT7Lite Do I use the already combined WIM which has x86 and x64 images? And if so do I run RT7Lite twice, one for x86 drivers and updates and again for x64 or do I run once with both x86 and x64 Drivers and updates? Or do I have to run on 2 WIM's a x86 and then a x64 WIM, then combine afterwards? Also what do I do about the Autounattended.xml file? how do I combine them?
  11. RT7Lite and AIO x86 x64

    Can anyone give me some insight? Just tried with 7Customizer and same issue. Has the unattended xml got anything to do with edition selection?
  12. Hi everyone. Just wanted to get a firm answer. Been looking for something for a week now and I can't get a clear answer. Can someone tell me how to customize Windows 7 using RT7Lite (or something else if I need to) and still have a AIO x86/x64 set. I have tried so far to directly use the AIO WIM and run RT7Lite on each edition but I then go to test and I can only select the x86 or x64 version of the last edition I customized. Do I have to customize the separate WIM's first then combine or what? Also in relation to this were are integrated drivers kept? Are they in the WIM itself?
  13. Hi all. Just a quick question here before I tear my hair out. I have recently gotton into SYSPREP and imaging with Clonezilla. Everything is fantastic. I have an Image now that will install any hardware using BASHRATS Driver Packs, I use Mysysprep for HAL issues, I have set Default User accounts and everything. My only final very last issue is Driver Signing. The problem is that when Mini Setup runs and starts to install drivers that are not in windows it prompts to continue with unsigned drivers. I don't want the prompt but I still want it to install. I have tried allot of differnet ways: 1. DrvierSigningPolicy=Ignore in the sysprep.inf 2. UpdateInstalledDrviers=Yes in the sysprep.inf 3. OemPnPDriversPath=Windows\Drivers in the sysprep.inf 4. Setting the driver signing to ignoe as default before syspreping (after sysprep it is reset to prompt.) THey way I have intergrated the drivers thou is slightly different. I extracted al lthe bashrat drivers and using a VB script I got a list of the directory paths and place the drivers into a C:\Windows\Drivers directory. I then placed the path list into the registry so that windows ALWAYS looks there for drivers. The only method I havn't tried so far is some are supposedly using an AutoIT script to auot click the continue. My only issue is that 1, if there are things built in then why don't they work and 2, how do I start the auoit script during mini setup. In writing this thou if you look above the DrvierSigningPolicy is coppied from my sysprep.inf file. I'll get back to you guys to let you know if its fixed now...... shame......
  14. Hi there, I was just wondering if there is any work being done on an unattended and slipstreamed Office 2007 installation. What I would like to beable to do is have a preinstall done (I build computers) for my customers and when you first start an office app it will ask for the serial. This way I can use different serials for each computer keeping all legit. Somehting similar to the Hide Default option for XP were it only shows the pages you havn't entered infor for. I have seen some threads here that is a 2007 unattended but they all have the serial built in. ANyhelp would be much appreciated. EDIT by Shark007 I took the liberty of moving your post to this thread It is the most likely place to get the answers you seek.
  15. Hi all. Just in the proccess of making my own AIO DVD. My question is in regards to the RunOncEX. FOr my standalone XP I have made I made it run the Applications direct from CD. I did this using the Unnatended Guide were I put a CD.txt file in the root of the CD. For this to still work on an AIO do I have to place that in the Root of the DVD or the Root of the OS folder. Not sure on how the AIO work exactly. when done right does it think the XPPRO folder for instance is the root of the CD or not.