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  1. http://www.kood.org/terminal-server-patch/ that file will allow concurrent sessions in win xp
  2. hello, thanks for this great resource. ive been lost trying to read through all the posts in this thread.. where exactly are the instructions for adding the files from oembios.net into my next rvm cd?
  3. possible some service it depends on is stopped, have you disabled any services?
  4. coconut

    vpn routes

    connect to both servers, do a route print from cmd, paste it here
  5. in most common case, NAT will be enabled on your dsl router/modem. foward port 3389 (default remote desktop port) to your server's internal static ip. unless your server has public ip address you will need to port foward. in your case, it would be under virtual server in your router/modem. also, like the others said make sure to turn on remote desktop and select users allowed. users must have a password to be able to connect.
  6. hello, i dont own maveck.com anymore, sorry for dead link. i will find somewhere to host the file and update it soon
  7. look for setupact.txt (or it could be setupact.log i dont remember), which is created during windows installation.
  8. i may be off but the problem is routing traffic from ethernet card to/from wireless card. your best bet would be a wireless router, you can get one cheap from newegg.com, or maybe you can get something going with the routing and remote access service. but anyways fastest, headache-free way is a wireless router - setting one up these days is a matter of minutes
  9. try this one Halfwalker: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64269
  10. so you dont get the install wizard. it just installs in background with default values, useful when making unattended windows cd, or to install it very quickly
  11. updates as of 8/29/2006 reg entries to disable welcome dialog and minimize dialog download: http://rapidshare.de/files/33048304/sb351silent.exe.html 2758 KB command: sb351silent /verysilent
  12. how many users we talking about here? you could give them local admin rights, no effects on domain
  13. need something like flashboot to make the usb drive bootable: http://www.prime-expert.com/flashboot/
  14. some process is putting it back maybe, boot into safemode and delete
  15. check your boot.ini bread, may be set to go straight into safemode
  16. all machines xp pro? goto my network places, browse the workgroup
  17. from before the problem maybe and he/she just said they cant reinstall ie so "lol" at you. cindy, some more info. version of windows/ie, how long ago did the problem start, etc. ive seen many times when buggy spyware was the cause of ie shutdowns, try with spybot and adaware
  18. well someone cant connect remotely without the password, only onto the physical machine
  19. psu could be failing. since you just reinstalled windows - try removing firewall, and check if it happens again. if it does, remove antivir and check again. unlikely these are the causes but best to eliminate all possibilities
  20. you spyware/virus free? got all windows updates?
  21. what does task manager show under performance tab? also look at processes list - any particular one eating cpu time?
  22. note that unless specified in gpedit.msc you do not have access to most drives/folders thru recovery console. i used it often in the past doing simple move/copy/delete stuff but since moved on to bartpe since then
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