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  1. I hear you loud and clear on the single point of failure. But - I didn't really do not want to have to build out another "server" either. I do have a bunch of parts laying around here but that means more rackspace, noise etc etc. But logically a working network is wayyyyy more important. Especially since I am just now dipping my toe into a domain structure. I should probably consider your layout and leave the file server standalone and place these other two elements in a separate space where I can ensure everything can be accessed if an issue arises. So - ESXI vs Hyper-V? Where should I go? Pros? Cons? VP
  2. Thanks for the update. Your ideas are exactly where I am at. But I am confused (for the File Server portion) on whether to go hardware RAID (LSI 2308 onboard the Supermicro) - OR go with Storage Spaces (native to WS2012R2). Both have pros and cons. As far as the OS goes - that will be on a single SSD and will be imaged daily so I am not worried about running that in RAID1. And the actual file server data stash represents the "2" in our 3-2-1 backup strategy. Every file that is stored on the server - has it's origin on a workstation. Then all the data on the server is sent to Crashplan - so we have three copies of everything at all times. With respect the the VMs - that's exactly what I needed to hear. File server on the physical install of Windows Server 2012R2 - and then do I just add the Hyper-V role to the physical file server and set up the DC and WSUS servers as separate VMs? Appreciate the info! VP
  3. We have a very small network here with just a half dozen Windows 7 workstations and I recently took delivery of the following parts to build what I planned to be an "old school" new master file server for the home network: SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SL7-F-O Micro ATX Server Motherboard LGA 1150 Intel C222 DDR3 1600 Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 Haswell 3.1GHz LGA 1150 80W Server Processor Crucial 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Server Memory 4x4TB Seagate NAS ST4000VN000 But then I started thinking about how much admin I am doing on the network so this may be the time to move away from the "WORKGROUP" hassles and finally get an Active Directory layout going. Given the physical parts above - and assuming a clean install of some form of Windows Server (Standard 2012R2, Hyper-V Server 2012R2?) - what would be the most efficient way to make the following happen: 1. New Domain Controller (with AD) 2. WSUS Services (Windows updates are getting annoying) 3. New File Server to replace old Windows 2003 box that is definitely on the way out. Ideally - "efficient" to me means using the new hardware without needing to buy more stuff right away AND hopefully making admin/maintenance fairly easy. I am guessing I could install ALL of the above using Windows Server 2012R2 right on new physical box and treat it like normal old school server but I have been reading that installing things like a DC and WSUS might work out better being on separate server instances - meaning VMs would clearly be needed so I am open to using Hyper-V. Or maybe even installing Hyper-V Server and virtualizing ALL of the above? Just trying to establish some sort of "order" or plan prior to installing anything so I do not waste a ton of time going down one track and find out I should have been doing something better. Appreciate any "intel" from the field. This is all new to me so be gentle VP
  4. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    Interesting. Well - so far with just 2x1GB in here - this board is flying! Well - I went ahead and returned the 2x2GB...and found the exact same RAM but in 4x1GB sticks for half the price! Tiger Direct was having a sale...picked up 2 2x1GB packs for 130 bucks after rebate. Can't go wrong there. Should be here tomorrow for the big test. Cheers!
  5. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    I would like to think that too....but this rig runs absolutely beauty - with no hardware changes - with Windows XP 64 installed. If it was a hardware thing - one would think you would see it in all situations. I could not believe the responsiveness and smooth operation with x64 installed. It was so snappy - it was almost not real. But I can't go full bore on 64bit yet - so what to do? On your Dell with 4GB - are you 2x2gb sticks or 4x1GB? I will be testing 4x1GB shortly to see if the same occurs - but several resources have mentioned it could actually be the 2GB stick itself that is causing issues. It's really too bad - cause I wanted to stay with these two stick and then add two more identical in the future.... I am just about to fill out the RMA and get these bad boys back to the supplier and use the refund to get some more 1GB sticks. Cheers! VP
  6. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    Yep - I was just reading up on that. WIth this Intel board (DP35DP) - I can run 3 one GB sticks in dual channel mode with no problem. That should be the ultimate sweet spot for XP 32bit. Cheers! VP
  7. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    Well gang - It WAS the memory. After several folks peaked my curiosity - I nabbed a pair of 1GB modules after work and popped them in....reinstalled Win XP clean and the card is operating absolutely fantastic after moving the memory back to 2GB. Not sure what the story is - but this particular board with this particular card under XP 32 bit - just doesn't like 4GB onboard. I also forgot to mention other oddball things that were happening - like my optical drives suddenly running like it was 1997...in my early (still with 4GB on board) installs with XP 32bit - the bloody install took 45 minutes. In addition to the sluggish video...I was getting slow response from apps...poor network response and on and on. After getting the 4GB out...last night's one and only install took just 16 minutes and now this rig is really purring along. Looks like I will be returning these 2GB sticks instead of the 8600GT! For the record (and a tip for the value conscious out there) I chose Kingston ValueRAM 2GB PC2-6400 DDR2 SDRAM Kit (2 x 1GB). $75.00 for 2GB whereas the Corsair was somewhere around $150. for the same 2GB. Personally for what I am doing with this new rig (digital audio) - there is no difference that I can feel at all in performance between the much fancier packaged Corsair and the pedestrian looking Kingston. If anything - the box runs much better under the 2GB of Kingston. Cheers! VP
  8. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    Hmmm, could this have something to do with the 4GB and how it’s installed? Do you use dual channel? I don’t think it’s the video card performance, more likely it’s the motherboard/RAM in combination with the OS… Well - you may be onto something. I posted this on a few other boards - including eVGA's forums and several folks have reported back about the memory when used with the XP. Frustrating part is - I can't find anything on this via google or checking out a ton of other forums/posts. Yes - the Corsair RAM is a matched pair of 2GB modules running in dual channel mode. Next up - I am going to test the 8600 with a matched pair of 1GB modules in a clean XP install and see what happens. If the sluggishness disappears - then problem solved. Thanks! VP
  9. New Workstation But Disappointing eVGA performance

    Most certainly. latest chipset...latest BIOS...latest everything....been going at this since last Friday night. The fact that this rig works so good with x64 (what an ironic statement that is) tells me that the hardware is pretty sound - given the right environment/circumstances. But the graphics are a disappointment...at least in XP 32 bit. Cheers! VP
  10. Hello, First some backgrounder - I built the following new workstation for digital audio production. 1 - Intel Core™2 Quad Processor Q6600 1 - Intel Desktop Board DP35DP *** 1 - eVGA e-GeForce 8600 GT (Superclocked) 256MB PCI-E *** 1 - Corsair XMS2 DHX TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX 1 - OD LG Multi-Writer DVD (PATA) 1 - HD - System: (SATA) Seagate 160 GB Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II 1 - HD - Recording: (SATA) Seagate 250GB Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II 1 - HD - Samples: (SATA) Seagate 500GB Barracuda 7200.10 SATA II 1 - ANTEC P182 Advanced Super Mid Tower Case 1 - ANTEC TruePower Trio 650W Power Supply w/ Triple +12V After overcoming a number of ugly scenarios (and doing some good learning) with the Intel DP35DP - I finally managed to get Windows XP onto the box. My biggest concerns however - are with the eVGA 8600GT. On paper - this is by far the best graphics display adapter I have ever owned. It should be a power house and run smooth in Windows XP SP2. After a completely clean install - this card is exhibiting all sorts of strange glitches and sluggish performance. Examples - when logging onto to Windows - I see numerous screen redraws. Opening Windows Explorer seems to feel like molasses on screen. When I open a series of network folders and hold down the Shift key and click the Close icon - on screen it feels like a slow stack of dominos falling as each folder painfully closes. If the screensaver is on - and I give the mouse a shake....the entire screen takes like a second to "repaint" itself. Of course - I first thought drivers. I have reinstalled Windows XP 32bit 6 times using the drivers that shipped with the card...the latest for nVidia...some older ones from nVidia and the latest from the eVGA site. Each of these driver sets exhibit some form of sluggishness. The newer the driver - the worse it seemed to get. The best performers were the driver that came with the card - some beta release (100.35 or so) from April 2007. So - then I thought OS. For kicks I rolled out my Windows XP x64 edition and installed that. It was like night and day. The 8600GT was super responsive and was virtually instant on screen when clicking on anything. For my workflow - x64 is superb - but I still am missing some key audio drivers - so it's not an option for full time use. Then I thought - maybe motherboard or something else - so I took the 8600 out and popped in a Quadro FX 560. The Quadro was even more responsive in this board - like it's in another league for 2D performance (much like my trusty Matrox cards from years gone by). So any thoughts? Anyone seen anything like this? Again - I am not a gamer and bought this card solely for 2D digital editing. The price was excellent and the build quality looks first rate. But considering the power of the card and the workstation that it's in - I am very disappointed in the sluggish performance under XP 32bit. I would think that the XP 32bit drivers would be the most mature and easiest to get up to speed. I am considering just returning the product. Any tips on things that I may be missing would be appreciated. Cheers! VP
  11. Windows XP x64 ENU

    Can this file be opened directly by the WUD application or does it have to be loaded ala the website - which is not working for me again. I can get to the UL page - then when I click on an update file...I go back to the UL page...no file gets loaded into WUD. Cheers! VP
  12. What the heck is up with the WUD website?

    I was able to download from the home machine. The work box was giving me the hassle...
  13. What the heck is up with the WUD website?

    Wonder whats up with IE/FF2? Will try a few things here...
  14. Howdy! So I go to download the latest WUD and the latest UL's...and no matter what I click on - I get sent back to the one and only page http://wud.jcarle.com/Default.aspx Click on Program Files Click on Download WUD225B895Setup.exe Get sent back to: http://wud.jcarle.com/Default.aspx Nothing happens? Tried it in both IE and FF2 Ideas?
  15. Making install disks month after month for multiple machines

    Thanks! I guess it would help to include "Options" choice in my builds...no wonder I wasn't seeing anything!