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  1. I can recommend that you embed the manifest file as a resource to your project, so it gets build inside the exe. Then you wont have to have a manifest file in your app folder. My experince is that it also gives less problems.
  2. That's probably because you tried in C#, the Shell command is VB(.NET) only!
  3. As I said, you should use the System.Diagnostics namespace, and the class Process will take care of that for you. Like an example: using System.Diagnostics; private void startProcess(string Path, string fileName) { Process install = new Process(); install.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = path; install.StartInfo.FileName = fileName; install.Start(); } And then in your code you execute like this: startProcess("C:\", "file.exe"); Above was just to show the options, you could do it like this: Process.Start("C:\file.exe"); You see the potential?
  4. Yeah I could use some help! I'm stuck in Part 1, Chapter 4, I just came to the apartment, where the recorder is monitor my apartment, and then MY apartment blows up(funny scene), I go out the hallway, proceed to the end of it, shoot ther bad guys! I go up the stairs, and then their is that door requiring a password! And there I'm stuck! A friend told me I should find some man cleaning grafitti from walls, but I can't get anywhere, only way I can go I back where I came from! I don't get it
  5. C# Process.Start("app.exe"); Remember to use the System.Diagnostics namespace for it to work, or else just System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("app.exe"); That goes for VB.NET also, which is prefered instead of the Shell action, because the other way gives you much more control, and you can set specific actions for your execution!
  6. Desert Combat, what else? A little Max Payne 2, but I'm stuck already in part 1... Live for Speed, awesome racing game by an independent developer! That's about it! Hope to get Hidden & Dangerous 2 sometime soon, that should be very good!
  7. Yeah Ok! But why is it a trend? They have only starred together once, in that Gigli one? Or am I wrong? I don't see the problem those two starring together!
  8. Dear god, i hope you're joking. No I'm not! I know it's better than the second one... but it's waaay to long since I saw the first one, it might be better than I remember! But I really enjoyed the third one, lots of crazy s***
  9. Yeah, me too! I think they can go one with that show for, like, ever! The first one was great, the second one was good(except the lesbian scene, that was great), and the third one was the best! That's very rare... so maybe a fourth one, wont be such a bad idea? :-)
  10. First off, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is not bad actors! Ever seen J.LO in Out of Sight? She can play other characters than sweet and romantic ones, and I enjoy her on movies! Ben Affleck is AWESOME, I love that guy. I haven't seen Gigly, only heard bad things about it! If they play bad, it's probably the director we have to blame... he tells the actors how to act! And who knows, maybe it's not that easy and relaxing to act with your girl/boyfriend? From the first time I heard about Jersey Girl, I was abosulely thrilled... I just couldn't wait! Offcourse I got a little disappointed that Kevin Smith wouldn't make more movies with Jay and Silent Bob(Strikes Back were the best comedies ever). But with Kevins intelligens, the way he uses the words, his humor... I haven't had one doubt, for one single second, that this movie wont be one of his best! Offcourse he's going for the more serious humor(like Chasing Amy, but also a great movie), instead of the Clerks/Mallrats style of humor! But come on, he's gotta grow up sometime... But, I do understand your consern about him changing his concept on movies, when you're used to the weed, dick and fart jokes, and knows he'll go for something like this(I was too for a second, but hey, it's Kevin Smith we're talking about. But again, don't worry... the movie will be great! He's also is associated with Scary Movie 3, if anyone should be interested! He have assisted with the script, so we aren't completly done with Kevins usual dick jokes!
  11. fwm

    JK3 Amazing!

    Jedi Academy is a cool game, though not as cool as Jedi Outcast! Jedi Outcast were one of the best games last year! You can't say the same about Jedi Academy! But hell, everything that contains a lightsaber, has my instant attention! Can't wait for Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic!
  12. There are dusins of themes based on the Longhorn Plex style... just search through sites like www.themexp.org and find one you think is best!
  13. I'm using StyleBuiler, to modify some themes for own use! I usually modifying the progress bars to show one solid, instead of individual chunks! But when I import a theme, change two values and modify the images, compile and run it, the 'common tasks' in explorer(the left frame with panes like File and Folder Tasks, Other Places and Detail), does not apply the xp style, but only shows in borring Windows Classic style! The same thing happens when I import a theme, and just compile it right away without modifying anything. What can I do to prevent that? Thanks in advance yo
  14. fwm

    Windows Longhorn

    wI-OSMAN: Really? The one in Longhorn can't do anything. It does the things Microsoft wants it to, and it's not like they are that creative with it. For Dashboard, anyone who knows .NET can make his own component. If just MS would allow thirdparty panes for their Sidebar, it would be ok, but as asual, they wont!
  15. Yeah, how do you change those icons?
  16. Doggie: Please tell... I also doubt it will work in .NET, but it will help me figure out a way, if I know how it's done in VB6. I recently made my switch from VB6 to VB.NET
  17. Nah, and there would offcourse be a nude scene with her and Gordon... LOL No seriously, she kinda looks like the girl from the HL2 trailer
  18. I've gotton this thing for orange lately, and have an orange Dashboard theme and an orange wallpaper. It should not be a to 'sharp' orange, but a light/dark-orange. No WindowsBlinds themes please! Thanks! Something to compare to would be: http://fwm.o4.dk/dashboard/prospect/prospect2.gif
  19. Sounds cool. I've been experimenting alot, but I can't find a working method!
  20. Robert De Niro as the G-man... maybe Brad Pitt as Gorden(when he has that beard). Shannon Elisabeth as the girl in Half-Life2. And finally Morgon Freeman and George Carlin as two scientest! That would be my choice... couldn't really think creative
  21. Is it possible in anyway, to resize a labels height, if the width gets off the form/area?
  22. Some forums for VB6, if you need any further help! http://www.visualbasicforum.com/ http://www.vbforums.com/ http://www.vbip.com/ And a nice site, with a lot of example code, source code download and discription: http://www.vbaccelerator.com/ There ya go!
  23. Well, C# is very much simelar to c++. Some even compare the syntax closely to Java/J#. The two biggest differences between C# and C++, are that C# doesn't use pointers, and it natively supports properties. There a lot of books about C#, so it's just a matter of spending some bucks on one of them, I recommend Sams Teach Yourself C# in 21 Days. Sams books has always been great. That's all you get from me I recently made a switch from VB6 to VB.NET, and I must admit, I hate the VS.NET interface, can't get used to it. But the code-writing is great though!
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