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  1. Hello and Welcome! gotta admit i aint been around for a long time and the increase in members is great. The MSFN guy's do a great job and they know their stuff (if they dont someone who's a member normally does). Please enjoy your stay and hope you find everything you need.
  2. Well i def fit into the "other's" catagory here use Xgen Quick heal 7 on all my machines
  3. I think the 4000xt is kyro or kyro2 based card isnt it?? have u tried updating the drivers for it or maybe trying to get generic drivers from the kyro chip manufacturer. i have had the 4000xt and 4500xt and had no problems but i always used the latest drivers, they run generic drivers really well heres a link if it helps http://www.powervr.com/Downloads.asp hope this sorts the prob
  4. its in gpedit.msc under User config/Admin templates/system and its also under User config/Admin templates/Windows Components/Windows Update
  5. it may be that someone has disabled all access to it in the group policy editor. U can get to it from tweakui if u have it installed, if not use the admin tools in control panel and hit group policy editor check the windows update settings there hope this helps
  6. http://www.cramsession.com is a good site helped me get my MCP's and my MCSE also does A+ and loads of others hope this helps and Good Luck but believe me it aint hard its just knowing the MS way of doing things rather than the efficient way lol
  7. I had this from a couple of pc's in the last couple of days seems to be something with the standard setup for windows file protection it seems to go on a scan fest every now and again. If u just keep hitting cancel after about 9 times it seems to just sit back and disappear again (or it has on the pc's i have done) hope this helps the only true solution i have found to it is to disable wfp from the services (not the wisest way but it works)
  8. I just built my system after much painstaking over the parts got a final config together and low and behold the only thing giving probs is the SATA. Its built into the ICH5 on the 875P chipset and works well when emulating IDE connection but wont support Native mode. It doesnt bother me much as the system is more reliable than i ever expected and really runs well final specs were.. Gigabyte GA8-IK1100 P4 2.4c ghz with HT 2gb Samsung ECC DDR 333 2x Seagate barracudas 120gb in raid 0 Wildcat VP990 512mb G/C i have checked on ms technet and they say SATA native is not supported in current os's but will be in future versions. If i run in Raid i can use the intel disk that i got then F6 at install and all works well but had the unfortunate thing of one of the H/D's being faulty and had to return it. New one should be here soon but i am having to run one H/D at the mo and this is where the problem is it wont install or run XP on Native only if it emulates the SATA to IDE pri master. The weird thing is i can get it to install on SATA Native then on first boot gives a stop error saying 0x00007 this from my experience normally happens when the memory is to aggressivly timed or when a hard drive controller i.e SCSI cant find the drivers. It seems to work then this happens any help on this would be much apreciated especially if the help comes from someone who has SATA running in Native with no Raid.
  9. Guyver

    JK3 Amazing!

    Yep your right it is on the Q3a engine but with some serious revamping the graphics are like jk2 in looks only much smoother and far more flashy effects like steam from the saber when rain drops hit it. As for the link i found it on http://www.ravensoft.com theres a link to the official JKA site there not long and its out should be around the 17th of sept
  10. Guyver

    JK3 Amazing!

    Yeah it is Jedi Knight and sorry to hear u dont like it but hey im a Star Wars junkie got all the games i could find (and yeah i still play Tie Fighter) but i must admit i suck at them most the time!!!!! i do get my good days and playing online in mp death matchs and capture the flag, Duel is quite fun!!!
  11. has anyone else seen these ads for jk3 it looks amazing had a oppurtunity to play it and well its absolutly mind boggling!!! The graphics are not much more than a tweaked jk2 but the moves and fighting style is well the best i have ever seen. Just wanted to know how many ppl are waiting for this release and how many ppl are going to play this amazing game online. Has anyone seen a release date i was told sept 16th is the day to get it so i must say for me that falls well a day after payday cant wait to get this online and see if it can truly beat jk2
  12. Thats a decent spec machine and the 5600 is a new card the 5900 that your talking about is like its big brother, faster, smarter and a lot more expensive u have a really good card and if i were u id get some heavy duty gaming on the go really test the card for the money they dont disapoint
  13. Go for the Thermaltake Xaser III in blue thats one really well built case and it comes with a decent PSU (or does from my suppliers) the expansion bays are really put together nice (no finger cutting edges) and you cant really beat Thermaltake on cooling they got it sewn up!!!
  14. Thx for that Aaron i decided last night to go to Actebis and order them so 2 x 120gb drives coming today and a GA8- KNXP-Ultra aswell i think that should do for now!!!!
  15. Guyver


    This is the one im looking at for my new pc Globalwin Super Silent 22dBA 520W ATX Power Supply i have used Globalwin in the past and they have always impressed me if u want some more info it can be found here http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Glo...balwin_psu.html hope this helps
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