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  1. If you got it off MSDN, there should be a serial available for you there. I havent looked though because i didn't think they it would require one.
  2. utterly pointless post in regards to this thread... I believe Beta1 was primarily aimed at SECURITY and that enhancements to CSS and HTML amonst others will be made for Beta2. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well I certainly hope that security WAS the focus, because from the looks of it, all they have done is added tabs and changed the layout a bit.
  3. I can't get my batch script to work. I'm trying to silently install Firfox extensions, but it won't work. Here is the command for doing the job: start /wait "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -install-global-extension "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\adblock.xpi" And here is the same thing in the batch script: echo. echo Installing First Extension start /wait "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -install-global-extension "%PROGRAMFILES%\Mozilla Firefox\adblock.xpi" It won't work though! An error box titled "-install-global-extension" will come up saying: Or you could just copy the above code and make your own batch file and see the error yourself.
  4. I have relatives in Tehran, and they tell me Piracy is extremely rampant there. Most Xbox/PS2 games only cost one or two USD. And it is a similar situation with movies and Windows. But the thing is over there, it is open. The government doesn't care about anti=piracy of American goods. If you pirate something from Iran though, they will come after you) I have cousins in London who are extremely computer proficcient. They pirate goods all the time. Pirated WinXP, pirated games etc. But He does not sell it or use it for commercial purposes. It's strictly for his own enjoyment or learning. Yes it is still illegal, but MS should be hunting down the companies who do this. I had no idea they would do this to home users in India. Maybe you should try to promote Linux? It's a cliche thing to say, but some Linux distributions are really trying hard to target home users. Namely Lycoris and Ubuntu. Bottom line is that it is cheaper, and it will spare you 5250 rupees.
  5. If it is a WinXP CD, nLite will make light work of it. Just go to the last stage and it will do it for you.
  6. Of course. (Unless you dont want it to) It will work as if you put a Windows XP CD into any version of windows. You can make it look like whatever you want though.
  7. Repair/Maintenance tools can sometimes be dangerous. Best thing is to do a regular reformat (once every 3-6 months or so) and try minimize the amount of applications that you install.
  8. My PC always makes a beep. But that comes from the PC speaker, not the hard drive. Usually any noise coming from the hard drive should be a deep, low humming (normal) or an unpleasant grinding sound (very bad). But it won't beep.
  9. I have a properly working version... http://rapidshare.de/files/3456086/test.zip.html
  10. Yes but I haven't finished it totally. If you want it i'll post it when i'm done with it. Also because that program is shareware, there are limitations on it. The compiled .exe will only work for 4 days after compiling and it will add a dialogue box on start and a little text link in the corner. You can't expect much from a trial, but it's worth taking for a spin! (I'll get a .exe up in about 10 minutes)
  11. Blackbox is alright, but if you like the 'Windows XP' look, it's really not for you unless you want to customize it a LOT. It bever worked right for me anyway. Sure it would replace the shell, desktop, task bar etc etc, but when opening windows, and folders, they would appear as normal no matter what.
  12. If ever there is a commercial version or this, I will be intersted. You've caught my attention and I'm keeping an eye on this product now. I've also read the comments of other users being skeptical about this, and I'll hav to follow suit and be wary myself.
  13. I can't explain this very well in words, so the picture will do the talking. I dont have a DVD burner, and I wanted all my applications in one place. So I can't burn a large 1.2GB iso with a ton of things in it. Heres what I did: I simply made another cd with the silent installers on it, and used a program called Autoplay Media Studio 5. I won't explain what this does - I'll let the picture do the talking. So I have a GUI to choose which apps I want installed silently. Results are great. The background pictures in the setup.exe were taken from the original setup.exe, but the rest of it, placement, text and functionality are all from scratch. It looks very professional too! It's VERY flexible too.
  14. 128GB of physical memory? That would cause some power outages...
  15. @Jcarle MCE is XP Pro, but supposedly with much more support for all sorts of media, like movies, pictures etc. If you have a media capture card, you can do a lot with it. I havent tried it myself, but it is designed for maximum functionality with TVs, DVD players and things of that sort. Looks bloody nice too. I'm thinking of using that over XP Pro.
  16. Yes, changing the config.ini is exactly the only thing i've done. I didn't make this thread to show how I was gettng the job done, but rather to understand if there is a way to install extensions via this way. Well It's not a problem now. I found an easy way to install extensions.
  17. I made silent installers for both of these using WinRAR SFX. It's a VERY quick and easy way to get the job done. Heres what you do if you are interested: 1. Download Firefox 2. Extract everything in the Firefox Setup file to a folder 3. Open 'config.ini' 4. Change 'Run Mode' to Silent 5. Save and close 6. Make a new archive out of everything you extracted from the original install .exe 7. Check create SFX archive 8. Go to Advanced > SFX Options 9. In the Run After Extraction textbox, type 'setup.exe' 10. Go to the 'Modes' tab 11. Check Unpack to Temporary Folder 12. Then select the 'Hide all' option and the 'Overwrite all files' option just underneath that Then just go ahead and create your archive. This one is a no-brainer. Anyway I should mention that you do not have to make an SFX archive. If you unpack the setup file, and change the config.ini, that is enough! Although I am making an SFX so that I will save some space. (No DVD Burner.....Yet). If you do not pack with WinRAR, the total space required for Firefox will be just under 17MB. With WinRAR it will be just over 5MB. This is EXACTLY the same process for Thunderbird. OK So this process works...But how to I install FF extensions? TIA
  18. eVGA is very reliable, and well priced.
  19. First of all, if you want to save a little money, but still have good performance, you should look into getting two 6600GTs. The 7800GTX, while is fairly incredible, is overpriced. They are all $599 except for one brans which overclocked the memory slightly and is selling it for $20 more. (Big deal) I wish I could tell you more about the Athlon X2s. If you separated the X2 chips, what would each of the chips be equal to? Make sure to use XP Professional for X2 chips. Home can't handle dual CPUs.
  20. Haha... Thanks. I just wish I saw this thread before I made my unattended CD. :| Oh well...I'll get it right next time. Thanks.
  21. I may be living in the stone age here, but why do you want to protect a UACD? We are all creating custom Windows installations for ourselves or possibly for a buisiness. Custom... It's not like anyone will want one of our UACDs will they?
  22. This would be great for an XP DVD, but not so much as CD if you are, like I am, adding additional software onto the installation. Two questions- How much more space does it take? How much faster is it? Take into account that installing on VMWare isn't going to be as fast as doing an actual install, so do you know how long it would take to install on VMWare without uncompressing?
  23. Actually, the problem was not overheating at all. My computer runs quite cool. Good News: I fixed the problem. In my original of Windows 2000, I overclocked my Graphics card slightly. In my new install of XP, XP was telling the card to run at default frequencies, but the card was still running at the faster frequencies. I fixed that conflict and now my computer runs like a dream! Thank you very much
  24. My AGP Aperature setting is what it should be (128).I originally had Windows 2000 Pro, then I reformatted and installed XP SP2. Then I had the exact problems described in the first post. --But here is where it gets wierd-- I did a clean install of Windows 2000 - exactly what I had before - and the problems remained. I still had the exact same problems, even though I did a full reinstall of 2000. My CPU is slightly overclocked. It is a P3 866MHz and I overclocked it to around 1000 something MHz. It runs at about the same temperature as when it wasn't overclocked. I'm gonna try that right now.
  25. I have a big problem with XP SP2. I cannot play ANY video files what so ever. I can't play .mov, .avi, mpg, asf, .wmv or any other movie file you can think of regardless of what player I use. I cannot start any games. And I don't *think* I can run all of the DirectX tests. If I do any of these things, windows will freeze, followed by my mouse and the system will beep once. Music will still play for a little bit. My screen will soon black out and say that I need to check the signal cable, and then the computer will reboot and work fine until I do one of these things again. Any ideas? Everything works like a charm except if I try and do anything graphicallt based. I don't think I can view pages with java applets in them. If I try to integrate a hotfix, driver of service pack with nLite, this same thing will happen. Other programs such as Photoshop and Word work fine though. If you need more info, ask. P3 1GHz 384MB RAM WinXP Pro SP2 DirectX 9.0C eVGA FX5200 128MB Abit VH6T motherboard (Yes, I know my system is old, but I'm working on a new one) TIA

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