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  1. D.Arbib


    Normally I find layout.ini ]the Prefetch folder of Windows 7 , but for an unknown reason it is no longer showing - this is making difficulties in defragmenting Can anyone tell me how to get layout.ini back into the prefetch folder - for example from the original Windows 7 disk
  2. D.Arbib

    ADSL router

    I am currently using a Thomson ST 780WL router which has both LAN and usb connections, the latter being updated ib Device Manager The usb connection is necessary if I wish to use a secondary desktop and also because there is generally a router front panl light to indicate its connection. However Thomson have told me that they will not provide a driver for Windows 7 64 bit, even though they have issued one for Vista 64 bit I am trying to find a router with Windows 7 64 bit compatibility and whose CD will support Windows 7 64 bit updating of the usb connection in Device Manager Can you tell me if you know of an appropriate ADSL router , please Daniel Arbib
  3. Using XPpro/SP3/IE8 and MSN explorer 9.6 I am finding that it is becessary to sign-in to MSN Explorer 9.6 every time after re-booting and I cannot find a way to prevent this, and MSN could not help after a long chat. Can anyone advise
  4. D.Arbib

    Start Menu

    Windows XPpro/SP3/IE8 System is Ok with the exception that the Start Menu does not update with the most frequently used programs in spite of being set to do so I can copy and paste to Program List but this is not I want. Is there a registry fix or the like?
  5. D.Arbib


    Neither CD's nor DVD's will open when disks inserted. Using XPpro'SP3.IE8. On another identical setup on alternative hard drive, there is no problem, I have been through a number of help details including registry changes but have still not found a way to enable auto run of either CD's or DVD's and both are identified as working normally. So far looked at: 1. HKEY_LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM\Current Control set\Services\CDROM and set Autorun to 0 (also tried setting to 1.) 2. HKey Current User\Software\Windows\Current Versin\Policies\Explorer\No driveTypeAutorun and checked the value fix to 91 Also installed a fix from Microsoft but still cannot get auto run for CD's or DVD's Ideas please.
  6. XPpro/SP3/IE8 Click on Standby or use Hibernate from keyboard (enabled) hangs. I have found that I can access Standby from "Log Off" Is this a registry fault? I heve been told there might be a hotfix to resolve this. Advice please
  7. Using Logitech 5000. I have now uninstalled 4.0, cleaned out registry and installed 3.8 and have no further problem of Skype announcing that it could not find a webcam. One curiosoty is that if I install Skype 4.0 over the top of an installation it will then find the webcam, but again after a re-boot no webcam can be found. All very peculiar
  8. XPpro/SP3/IE8 I wonder if anybody has had this problem with Skype 4.0. Installed it and initially it found my logitech webcam but on re-booting announced that it could not find any webcam. Did an over the program re-installation and video was then found again but not after a re-boot This has ocuured on two computers. Eventually, in despair, I uninstalled 4.0 and cleaned what I could in registry and elsewhrer then installed 3.8 3.8 does not suffer from this problem and video remains always available. I have posted this information to Skype but had no reply (yet, after 2 weeks)
  9. D.Arbib


    I refer to kb926374 which confirms that Windows Mail in Vista Ultimate SP1 is useless so can someone explain why it is included in both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions and why it has not been sorted out in Microsoft update
  10. D.Arbib


    Well finally I installed Windows live mail and this worked fine wih hotmail. I have no idea why Hotmail was rejected by Windows Mail in Vista Ultimate SP1
  11. D.Arbib


    I tried to send an e-mail from Vista Windows mail and it kept on telling me that Hotmail was not supported and requests completion of pop and stmp details for another e-mial address. Finally I dowloaded Windows live and used live Mail which was OK So why on earth does Windows mail refuse its own hotmail account?
  12. I have installed on to a clean drive Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bit and I tried to install MSN Premiun from the CD I have in my possesion. This then created immediate error panel and automaitc repetive reboot sequences and, eventually, I had to re-wipe drive and re-install the OS I then e-mailed MSN and got two conflicting e-mails, One said that MSN Premium was currently unsuitable for this OS and the second, a day later, said that I could download MSN 96 which would be OK I have no idea how to proceed as I am loath to have to re-install all over again Anyone have advice for me please Daniel
  13. No errors found. Have tried once again a re-intallation and nothing else and problem still exists.
  14. I installed Vists Ultimate SP1 32 bit on a raw drive and this seemed OK (a little surprised that it did not require a full format as it does with XP) and had no problems installing Audio and a few other progams, but when I tried to sign in to Windows Messenger I got an immediate error panel "Windows has encountered a critical problem and will re-start automatically in one minute" It re-starts but the panel is shown again so the computer is locked into a cycle. The only way out is to re-install from scratch. I have repeated this problem on 3 completely new installations on raw drives. Seemingly Vista 64 bit Ultimate has not suffered the same way. I am at a loss to understand why this happens which is why I went through the complete re-installation twice more to ensure I was not dreaming.
  15. IN BIOS the "Oower" page with Advanced configuration and Power Interface is set to the default "S1&S3" I have tried either S1 or S3 alone and neither made any difference to Standby. I believe there is something in SP3 which causes the problem as I recall in the days pf SP2 there was no such problem

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