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  1. Awesome! Great job, wish i had the time to play with it more, its just it always seems to do what i need it to do, so never much to post about!
  2. Just wanted to say congratulations!
  3. Just one very small thing I noticed when signing up. Can you make the password hidden as its typed on the signup form? I know, like I said, very small thing. Otherwise looks very good!
  4. proggie apparently dead, try using RunOnceExMaker.
  5. And so using any files from that OS for anything other than evaluation or using for more than 60 days), would be a breach of EULA and illegal, right? Not trying to bust your chops, just saying if you want to help others get a small XP, keep it XP, you know KISS. PS You would have to own embedded to use minlogon legally also wouldnt you?
  6. How could one use files from win2003 if they dont own it?
  7. rgreen83

    XPize 3.2

    Thanks so much! No problems here and love seeing it actively maintained!
  8. Where did they say they were using an unattended install? Granted this should be in another section then since this one falls under unattended discussion and support.
  9. So do i understand right that 5.04.13 is not working quite right and I should wait until it is fixed to get it?
  10. I think it would just be easier to reference win64 compatability here since they already have huge lists going. They have a software, a hardware, and a native 64bit application list. http://www.3dvelocity.com/articles/win64co...n64softlist.htm
  11. Hmm seems weird microsoft would mail you a cd with a bad boot sector.
  12. Thank so much for not reading the forum rules, post this in the win98 forum and someone will likely help you there.
  13. I hate to keep bugging you, but you call this a snapshot method, do you mean it works in the same way as a program like ghost or true image? I certainly havent seen a way to make a silent exe of my programs with them, only reimage an entire partition to an earlier state. You say they arent good enough for corporate use, and I believe you and understand why it would make a difference, but for home install it would save a lot of time over methods like runonceex wouldnt it?
  14. Soulin: What problems would be caused? I am pretty skeptical of this program, just because if it were really that easy I think ppl on here would have been using it a long time ago.
  15. I for one dont use this program because I have never heard of it. Where would one get it? Also could you do your install on a virtual pc and then install your programs and make a silent exe for use on your disc for your real install?
  16. Is this program dead? someone know how to get in touch with eagle?
  17. rgreen83

    XPize uAE 1.2

    Thank you Xpero! mmmm prettier!
  18. I think look in your nlite.inf and all the tweaks you selected sould be in there, just find the one that disabled it and then go fix it back in your registry.
  19. Calios has made a map of all available tweaks in the tweaks support thread at the top. I think if you "disable logging of executed programs" would cause that.
  20. I know you meant close in you title as in "near" but i think maybe ppl will think you are requesting the thread be closed and not look into your thread.
  21. Why did you bump this thread after it was a month gone? has something changed?
  22. Is this an nlite error or user error? what exactly did you change in winnt.sif?

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