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  1. I know the 64bit folder on symantic corp 8 and 9 CD doesnt work on the AMD 64bit system but not sure if the new 10 will or not.
  2. Thought I would start a thread on known working software. Like antivirus and other usefull and somewhat needed programs to run 64Bit windows everyday Working Antivirus McAfee Enterprise 8 Avast No virtual drives work that I know of but for those wanting to watch BIN and ISO IMG files that used to virtual load dvds and cds try VLC (google it, its free) Almost everything ive tried works, I noticed Winrar doesnt have the shell extensions which im used too. I cant get VIA SATA drivers to work in windows (Non raided) So i hope those come out soon. The new ones from via are for raid not single sata drives

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