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  1. Well, I've managed to cure my problem with loading the FastTrak driver.It was a compatability problem with certain usb floppy drives. it took a usb floppy drive by Ploojk ( a branded Mitsumi drive ) to get my laptop to still recognise the floppy when installing. I tried 2 other usb floppy's but they were branded sony drives. My laptop is a Rock XTi, P4 3.6;1GB Ram, 2 x60GB 7200 hdd's, ATI X800 mobile graphics chip and 2 x DVD+/-RW
  2. Thank you for the advice, but reading aboutlipstreaming or creating an unattended setup I find a bit daunting to be honest.
  3. I still get the same problem with different makes of usb floppy as well . I've tried configuring my hdd's in ATA mode but still get the same message.
  4. I am trying to do a fresh install of windows xp home. I have copied the raid driver to a floopy disk and am using an external usb floppy drive to load from. Everything in the install goes fine then i get the message " Insert the disk labeled: Promise FastTrak 376/378 Driver diskette into drive A: Press Enter when ready." Can someone tell me what file windows setup is looking for? I contacted my laptop support via email and they said that is could be a problem with certain usb floppy drives that xp setup has problems with. Is that likely? My install cd is XP with SP2 from mobile-support.net
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