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  1. (...sry, been so busy I forgot I even posted this question, lol... ...in couple weeks, gettin carpal surgeries on hands, so been bustin a** to get as much stuff done as I can b4 getting laid-up for 3-9 months...) -thx everyone, that's all pretty much what I thought, too... I'm kinda stuck between all 3 (found unused XP MCE, as well), for some reason the XP MCE install is gettin pretty boggy (I'll have to dig up my old regular XP [non-MCE] backup for comparison, it ran *much* better/faster, dunno why), and I'm not even done w/it yet, but looks like that'll be best for security/compatibility for him(/them)... -btw, there are so many tweak sites/options out there, any (safe, stable) site recommendations for XP Pro sp2 MCE (Media Center Edition) ?
  2. -Hi, I have two old (but fairly decent) p3's I'm giving to perma-noob older friends, and I keep changing my mind about which OS to put on it: winME (w/icky parts yanked, of course, & fully updated/tweaked), or 98se (w/98se2me, etc)... -puters: an old pavilion XE-735 (p3 866, updated v2.1 intel mobo 810, 512mb sdram), and somewhat better gateway p3 Performance 866 w/intel 815e mobo, 512mb sdram. Both came with ME in 2000... -both users will be installing/using cameras, scanners, etc., which, in my experience, neither 98se nor ME particularly like (STIMON must DIE!), and, did I mention, "older" PERMA-UBER-NOOBS ? -plus, surfing security is a major concern w/these guys, as well... -so, I humbly ask the uber-PRO's here what you think would be my best bet for long-term stability/security/etc, tweaked 98se vs. tweaked ME... ? thx... (ps: xp, properly tweaked, runs VERY well on the better 815e, but I/we don't have an extra copy or the $69+ to purchase one, so 98/me will have to do)
  3. -latest OLEUP has problem (w/winME): -after reboot, during DOS posting, "windows could not update file %1 to file %2" --exactly as it displayed... ? -didn't have time to debug (frankly, I've grown weary of wondering if these occasionally buggy "updates" are causing more corruption than help, rarely bother with w98 or ME anymore now that I've finally got previously-hated XP tweaked very well plus a recent cpu upgrade to p4 2.53ghz = speedy acceptable XP, plus all the other usual problems with trying to stay w/98 or ME; -hopefully this error msg might be sufficient to point ya in the right direction... I thank all you great people for all the help/work with w98/ME, but this previously-devoted w98 lover has finally given up... yes, I sometimes now feel like a traitor, lol, but it just isn't workable anymore... if the ever-lingering stability issues + ever-increasing compatibility issues ever (somehow) get resolved, I'd be ecstatic to return to good ol' 98se/ME... >;] . . (ps: recently, I've been working on many old puters (6 and 7 yr old p3's, etc), and after disabling/yanking all the xp CRAP (and properly upgrading those old systems to pretty much the max that their mobo's can take, and EXTREMELY cheaply, too, < $50 to max out each one), it works quite quickly and well, even on those old slow systems... so the famous "old hardware" reasons for sticking w/98/ME instead of xp just haven't applied to ANY of the old systems I've tried it on... another nail in the coffin, I'm afraid...)
  4. ? stupid question here, probably, but could someone please explain the need for this? I've never had any problems accessing winupdate, whether it's win98se, winME, xp, and have never heard of any such problems w/my friends/family... ? (unless, of course, this is somehow a "WGA" issue, but I didn't think that applied to w9x...?)
  5. -I agree, Anonymous, we all get a little wound-up at times (especially Erpdude8 , and, yes, myself ), don't take it personally, just a little over-enthusiasm for our own viewpoints sometimes... -You still of course know that we all (incl. Erp) worship your work and place you up on the highest pedestal along with MDGx & Co. UBER-appreciations, guys... >;]
  6. -crap, tried the ati radeon 9800se (256-bit 128mb DDR; softmodded by OmegaDrivers to 9800xt/pro's 8 pipelines) in the p3-866 w98se puter (agp 4x, and it does have 512mb SDRAM, not 384) and it still couldn't handle cs:source... even at minimum settings, only getting 10-20 fps (25-30 fps in "empty" lan game, barely playable, but w/other net players in the game it crawls around 10-15 fps)... ... -WOW, didn't know Source was SUCH a (Micro$hit-like) HOG compared to cs 1.6 (which plays perfectly, 50+ fps with net players, even with the ancient TNT2 vid card or just intel i815e integrated graphics!)... this is REDICULOUS, since Source doesn't look/play THAT much better than 1.6 ! ... sigh... looks like she'll just have to stick to 1.6, or Condition Zero, etc... ... (I did notice cheap < $20 cpu upgrades on ebay for this mobo, but max is around 1ghz, only + 15% from the 866, might gain 3 fps... I might be able to use a "Tualatin adapter" to shoehorn in a Tualatin-core p3, maybe up to 1.4ghz, but those things cost more, $60+ incl adapter, and we're already pushing the old 200W psu...)
  7. -well, I game (cs:source = heavy load, w/my p4 + 9800pro vid card) for several hrs straight, and no glitches/pwr symptoms (psu=420w) ever, so I doubt it was pwr issue... but thx for the idea, anyway... -I DID, just the day b4 the scan, find/yank a bad molex pwr "Y" cable, kept cycling my 2nd HD... and that WAS the HD which I was scanning when the reboot occurred, so perhaps that caused a bit of corruption which (for some reason) scandisk's surface scan couldn't handle... ?... still strange, tho... oh well.
  8. ...edit: nevermind, it was just a fluke, only reason I overreacted was because I NEVER get spontaneous reboots on my main system (almost never get any errors at all), ESPECIALLY right in the middle of scandisk... -ps: scandisk log didn't show anything, chkdsk /r in winXP = same thing, HD health=perfect... this was weird... oh well, it happens... my bad
  9. -hmm, sounds like something the Great Guru MDGx could answer right off the top of his spark-emitting head... >;] (ps: I've just recently added a cheapo webcam to an ancient ME install, after applying many of the unofficial updates (tho not sesp2, IE6, or any WMP stuff above 7.1), and it was immediately recognized and working perfectly in seconds...)
  10. -thx for the replies, sry it's been 6 days but I've been overly-busy (and overly frustrated, lol)... ... -yes, it's dual-boot w98se & xp pro sp2 (both fully updated, of course) ... -Re: "...mixing OSes use..." --?? not applicable, it's WIN XP that can't read a disc that WIN XP just burned! yet win98se CAN read the very same disc... ... -Re: "...burning progs..." --well, I only use CD Burner XP Pro because it's the only prog (free or otherwise) that can burn DVDs at a reasonable speed (6x-8x) with my newish 16x DVD burner; most others (and I've tried MANY), for some reason, burn very slowly, regardless of media brand/type, aspi layers, firmwares, etc... Only one or two others burned at the same speed, and those were not freeware, so SCREW EM. (...spent a LOT of time experimenting...) ... -Re: "...file types..." -?? how could that apply? As mentioned, all were Data discs, with testing combo of large files & many small files... ... -Re: "...different disc drives..." -nope, same system (dual boot), same drives... ... -ok, one thing I keep forgetting to try, is to see if those burned discs can be seen on some different XP computers... that would narrow it down to my XP settings/drive or a fundamental XP flaw in reading discs... if the former, then perhaps experimenting with different XP installs on my same puter (b4 updates, after, etc) might help... >;]
  11. --if it's gonna become "Abandonware", and it's always been Freeware, then I wouldn't worry about the licensing crap... (tho it would be nice to see what response -- if any -- was received by chozo4 regarding his email inquiry...) >;] . EDIT: well, it's been quite a while, probably means no response... ?
  12. -for startup stuff, I've been enjoying "Starter" by CodeStuff (freeware, http://codestuff.cjb.net/, also listed at snapfiles.com, etc)... -but be sure to tweak the Options, incl. "show advanced"-stuff, properly, for the best (and most complete) results... >;]
  13. -along with age, the QUALITY of the hardware can be an important factor when choosing an OS, too... . -as evidenced by my experience with two computers, one old (p3-866mhz, 384mb SDRAM, new in 2000, came w/winME but ran it soooo bad it took me 3 days right out of the box just to get the pre-loaded ME to boot properly!) w/good quality intel I815EP mobo, and one newer (p4-1.8ghz CELERON [ick!], 512mb DDR, new in 2003) w/cheapo Matsonic MS9327E+ (sis 650 chipset) mobo... -both dual-boot w98se & winxp pro sp2, but the old puter runs xp MUCH better, faster, and the newer puter seems to like win98se MUCH better than xp, no matter what I do to it/them... (probably an issue w/lousy drivers for the lousy newer mobo, altho I've spent WEEKS experimenting w/every possible driver & bios combination/tweaks/etc I could find for the dam thing ; NEVER settle for a cheapo mobo! ) ... -so, I use the new(er) puter w/98se as my Primary, and the old one w/xp when I need to... kinda backwards, huh? . {---this stuff is probably obvious/given, but just mentioning...} >;]
  14. -hmm, good timing, I'm currently rehabbing an old (yet VERY reliable) Gateway p3-866mhz (bought new in 2000) for some (relatively minimal) gaming for a friend's daughter, and I need to get a better vid card. . -specs: p3 socket 370 866mhz, intel mobo 815EP chipset, 384mb SDRAM, win98se+98se2me -current agp card: Riva TNT2 M64 (came w/puter, and *surprisingly* plays counter-strike 1.6 very well, but not so great cs:source, which is what she'd like to start playing, so new vid card is needed...) . -I have another, 3-yr old puter (p4 1.8ghz, sis 650 chipset w/512mb DDR ram) running win98se++ with an ATI Radeon 9800se ("soft-modded" to 9800xt/pro performance, using old 98-compatible OmegaDrivers SoftMod option during driver install and MUCH bigger VGA fan), and I haven't had any problems... I'm going to try the 9800 card in the p3, see how it performs w/cs:source, but I imagine it's a bit of overkill since the little old TNT2 card was able to handle cs:1.6 perfectly, and almost cs:source (around 20fps avg for 'source; not bad for an ancient card, selling for $20 today, huh). .. -so, I'd like to upgrade that TNT2 a bit, somewhere between the two cards, stressing the CHEAPLY factor , so as to be able to handle cs:source around 35+fps... (I know, increasing the ram from 384mb would help, and is on the "future"-list, but I believe upgrading that ancient TNT2 would be the best performance/$$ bet right now...) ... --any ideas/recommendations, anybody?
  15. -Hey, anyone encounter this before? Some (not all) burned SL DVD's (just data backups, not bootable/etc), burned in XP, and verified by the burning program as perfect, are not accessible at all in winXP, altho are perfectly accessible in win98se... ??? -error: "Windows cannot read from this disk. ...might be corrupted, or incompatible format..." ? -no fancy burn/format settings, std. cdfs iso/joliet, DVD+R, burned at slow stable 4x (w/16x media, 16x NEC ND3550A burner (been using for 6 months, no probs), latest 1.06 firmware), and win98se has no trouble reading them (altho some w98se apps also can't read em)... ... (using CDburnerXPpro 3.0.116, tho none of this info is really important, as my only question is: why can old, scorned w98se read what "supposedly" superior XP can't? -especially when they were CREATED in xp, and even verified, file by file, by the burning software after the burn? Seems like xp just can't "mount" it, afterwards... ?) ... -anybody run across this crap? -any ideas? (and please, no "well just use a better burning prog", or "use better media", cause that's Crap, w98se has no prob reading/using it exactly as it is, every time, every dvd, instantly, so why not xp? Also please no "well xp doesn't like your cheap burner", because xp is supposed to be BETTER with hardware, at least that's one of the key arguments towards "upgrading" to xp... ?) (yes, by now u can tell I'm NOT a huge xp fan, tho I am forced to use it for stability/compatibility purposes... ) ... -thx, Bri... >;]
  16. -hmm, seems like a lot of effort to fix a prob which has a very easy (and completely successful/reliable) workaround... -when I delete 9000+ files (copies of windows or progfiles dirs), all I need to do is "cancel" the deletion process every 5-7 seconds, and repeat... takes maybe 4 cycles to finish, and no hang/corruption/etc at all... a very easy/simple/quick/reliable workaround, I've done it many many times for years now, no problems... [sticking w/IE5.5sp2 (+98se2me #3), of course; -never infected, will NEVER "crap-out" my w98se OS w/IE6+] >;] . -ps: I would like to invite anybody to try to "hack/infect" my IE5.5sp2 w98se OS, just out of curiosity... (and I don't usually run an antivirus, except on rare occasions when surfing "dangerous" sites, and even then it's never alerted me to any hack/virus attempts)... so, go ahead, please, attempt to infect me, I don't even believe it's realistically possible, so prove me wrong... >;] . -pps: use Firefox 99.9% of the time; but for the sake of this test, I'll go ahead and use Internet Excrement, see if I get infected...
  17. -Ponch: re: CD speeds: nope, CDs' (and DVDs') rates, at least in my experience, do speed up considerably the closer they get to the outer ring, as verified by an old Nero tweak which constantly shows accurate "real-time" writing rate, plus cd/dvd testing utils... suggesting a more or less constant rpm... (then again, I always have *uber*-cheap drives, perhaps the "better" drives do have variable rpm's) >;]
  18. lol, I hear ya, I've never been infected, even tho 95% of the time I don't run AV (and never firewall; router plus smart settings is good enough)... tho I've loaded-up my (dam) nephew's puter (on same subnet) with protection, and he still manages (weekly!) to get more infected than a Roadie... --and guess who gets to mop it all up, over and over? ... -Finally, his cs started really lagging from infection/corruption, and I refused to do a reinstall for him, so he's learned his lesson and now stays (relatively) clean... avoids warez, spends at least 1/2 sec thinkin bout it before rapid-fire clicking everything in sight, etc... >;]
  19. -hmm, bledd, you're right, 7zip can't add a file to an archive THRU THE FILE MANAGER, altho it CAN do it thru Explorer context menu... that's strange... One of 7zip's several oddball bugs/limitations, I guess... tho I still luv 7zip and use it almost exclusively... >;] ... *EDIT: wait, you CAN drap-and-drop additional files into 7zip's File Manager to add em to an archive... hmm, perhaps you really shouldn't block that Open archive option, I use it all the time, tho not to add files, mostly just to view, occasionally to grab a single file...
  20. (hey, Bledd, just checked out your UC page... I was diagnosed w/UC {and Ischemic Colitis, which is a lack of blood flow causing the lining cells to die en-mass; not good} about a year ago, altho I realized that I've had the symptoms for most of the past 10 yrs straight... Fortunately, I went to the hospital within 2 days of the "bad" symptoms, caught it early, and now have it mostly under control w/out any surgery {yet}... I'll probably need the same surgery as you within the next 10 yrs, tho... -how's the 2nd surgery results workin out for you?) <;]
  21. -trodas, you're right, when u try to save a pic from IE, it automatically brings up the My Pictures folder in thumbnail view, even if you changed that view to Details before... -BUT- -it's just 2 quick easy clicks to change that view into Details, each time... ... -PLUS: ? WHY are you using IE to save pics, or for pretty much anything else, when Firefox is so much faster/better/safer 95% of the time? AND Firefox does NOT have this "thumbnail" issue, when saving pics... yet another improvement over Eeeevil IE... ... (but for the record, yes, I HATE XP with a passion, for this same kind of issue (and sooo many others!) - yanking control out of user's hands, in soooo many ways, forcing LOTS of extra effort/"tweaks"/registry fixes, when GREAT ol' win98se did NOT do that crap! The ONLY bad thing about w98 vs XP is stability, and that's something which Micro$hit SHOULD have fixed in the early years, instead of forcing a complete OS change! [btw, MDGx's "98se2me" unofficial pkg fixes almost all of 98se's instability and other issues, makes 98se almost perfect ] In my own everyday use (as I believe is the case for 95% of users), I have yet to find ANYTHING that XP can do which can't be done easier, faster, better, safer in win98se (w/98se2me and his other regular unofficial updates, which are FAR FEWER than XP's MONTHLY SLEW of security fixes! -I mean, come ON, XP is 5 yrs old, win98se only 7, yet STILL half a dozen or more MONTHLY XP security fixes? What ever happened to LEMON LAWS?!)... -of course, this'll spark-up angry replies from Sheep *cough* I mean XP-lovers mentioning actions/stuff which 95% of users DON'T use/do (or even WANT) 99% of the time, and I don't mean to flame/troll/hijack, so my apologies... I myself AM *FORCED*, kicking and screaming, to use XP regularly for back-to-college classes, and after I spent a few WEEKS researching/tweaking/shredding the HELL out of XP's initial BLOAT crap, it isn't TOO slow/painful to {grudgingly} use {when absolutely necessary!}, but every day it still annoys me in so many little ways which 98se does NOT... -OK, I'll now happily wander back to MSFN's win98se unofficial update threads... ) >;]
  22. -it's ver. 6.00.2800.1580, from MDGx's "Unofficial MS IE 6.0/6.0 SP1 Patch" file... manual install/register of that file seems to work fine in IE5.5sp2 (at least on that one test page), but it'll need more testing of course to insure compatibility... >;]
  23. hey, has anybody noticed that the unofficial IE 6.0+ VGX.DLL file subs just fine into IE 5.5sp2? ... I unregistered the old one (located in Program Files), replaced it, re-registered, and voila, the test page displays just fine (it bombed before this "fix", as is proper for unprotected systems)... ... -granted, I've only tested it w/the one test page, have no idea if it's "fully" compatible... anybody know of any other test pages, or ways to test it?
  24. -hey, has anybody noticed that the unofficial IE 6.0+ VGX.DLL file subs just fine into IE 5.5sp2? ... I unregistered the old one (located in Program Files), replaced it, re-registered, and voila, the test page displays just fine (it bombed before this "fix", as is proper for unprotected systems)... ... -granted, I've only tested it w/the one test page, have no idea if it's "fully" compatible... anybody know of any other test pages, or ways to test it?

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