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  1. I did wonder whether there would be an unofficial driver somewhere. I'm very happy with it. I bought one for my husband's Shuttle too; he's been making do with onboard graphics for two years! (The problem with the Shuttle is that newer cards are just too big!)
  2. We went to another local PC shop today and bought one of the cards from your list Petr (nVidia FX5200). The shop assistant kept telling me that it was a few years old and that I should buy a more recent card The new card is now in place and things are running smoothly. It does support DirectX 9.... it is on the menu to install. Everything is faster (even web pages load more quickly) so I'm very happy. Penny
  3. This link does not work for me Hi Roman, I found that if I went back to https://support.ati.com/ics/ I could get to the page via the drivers link. Penny
  4. Thanks for the info. Petr. Some of the old cards are still available, brand new, from a couple of online companies, so I'll compare your list to their catalogues and hopefully I'll find a match. Thanks again for all the help, Penny
  5. Hi all, Thanks for all the replies: you've given me a lot to be going on with. The mobo is a gigabyte GA-5AA with an AMD K6-2 450 and 768MB memory. The current graphics card is a 3dfx Voodoo Banshee which won't run DirectX 9 and because the company no longer exists there isn't an updated driver for it. This all came about because I'm trying to run a game that I bought recently on one of those re-release labels. It won't work because (according to their support) my card is obsolete and won't run Dx9 ... even though the game itself originally ran on Directx 6. Support suggested getting an Nvidia Geforce 6200 which is AGP 8x; my current card is 4x. I'm told that there is little difference in performance from running an 8x card on a 4x slot... but I suspect that my AGP slot isn't even 4x. [edit: just dug out the mobo manual: it's 2x.] The card that I have works well for most stuff that I do, though the system does get a little slow when I'm doing something graphics intensive like photo editing. Thanks again for the welcomes and the replies, Penny P.S. The mobo is BabyAT so I've only ever been able to upgrade it once then BabyAt died a death.
  6. Greetings, I'm new on here: nice to find a Win 98 friendly forum. I need a new graphics card for my grand old 98 SE workhorse (first built in 98 but various upgrades since). What is the best AGP graphics card that I can put in it? Thanks, Penny P.S. I've asked the samequestion in several places, e.g. my local computer shop, and the response is always the same: "Why don't you just buy a new PC?". Answer: "Because I don't want to. I've got years of software and hardware, all still going strong; my system is stable; it does what I want it to: why should I spend lots of money on a new PC when the one that I have works so well?".

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