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  1. Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

  2. uxtheme.dll

    ive found a patching utill that works a treat thanks for all your help
  3. uxtheme.dll

    thanks for taht i tried the replacerlast night and it f**ked my system up so i had to re install windows ill give the rename a go
  4. uxtheme.dll

    and where can i get that?? i tried a direct coppy into c:\windows\system32 and i tried the same thing in safe mode
  5. What is Vista?

    now ive heard the code name longhorn but i neverrealy took any notice of the project can someone plese post a screen dump of ther "Vista" desktop so i can see what differances between WIN 98,WIN XP and vista ther are thanks
  6. uxtheme.dll

    hi i need to replace my uxtheme.dll with a hacked one but i carnt due to the file beeng used by windows can someone plese tell me how i can do this
  7. help

    ok thatns for pointing theat out i must have overlooked that does the new oem folder go in the I386 dir or in the xp home dir?
  8. help

    ther is a folder calld OEM do i create a folder in thier calld APPS and put the app install files in there?
  9. help

    that dosent help a bit it says the oem folder ant in the I386 folder and it is so do i just put it in the i386 folder or in the sorce withe the i386
  10. help

    hi im trying to get some apps to install when i install xp home edition ive been readin the MSFN Unatended guide but it does not tell me wher to put the app install programs here is a screen dump of thge sorce folder where should i create the folder for the apps?
  11. help

    hi no im not running nlite on my system at the moment and evrything that runs under IE works Perfectly except WPI im running Windows XP Home Edit and the problame seems to be with the FSO file and with JAVA SCRYPT is the anyfing i cna do to solve this asap
  12. help

    hi i downloaded the latest ver of wpi and it wont run all i get is a white screen and a s*** load of errors saying a file is null or missing can shoe one help me
  13. Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

    ok so what hapend to the project did it go tits up?>
  14. Easy RunOnceEx.cmd

    whats the big f***ing deall None of the f***in links work sorry for the bad language im just realy p***ed off can some one plese post a WORKING!!!!! link!!!!! PLESE
  15. help im a n00b

    hi first off im a complete n00b to all of this i downloaded xplode unreg ver and how do i use this app