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  1. Add an user from cmd

    Please, could you explain, what is wrong, i tried to add user, but something wrong with syntax C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>dsadd user super -pwd 100100 -memberof Ad ministrators "Remote Desktop Users" -pwdneverexpires yes dsadd failed:Value for `Target object for this command' has incorrect format. type dsadd /? for help. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>
  2. Add an user from cmd

    I want to add an user to Win2003 sever, but in command line way. For example, I need add user: super and also add him to Remote desktop users, so I will be able to connect to server from other PC by using "super" account. Please explain me how to do that. I know how to add in GUI, but very interesting console method.
  3. After putting real setup.exe all works, but speed of loading to RAM about 7 minutes(tested on real hardware) and about 10 mins in Virtual Box. So I tried to use Plop, creates /boot folder on USB pendrive and put there plpbt.img. Then edited menu.lst: title Load USB2.0 find --set-root /boot/plpbt.img map --mem /boot/plpbt.img (fd0) map --hook chainloader (fd0)+1 rootnoverify (fd0) map --floppies=1 boot When Plop graphical screen started I chosen USB, but also available: hda partition1, hdb partition1, cdrom,floppy( also below setup, about, shutdown in grey colour), then it shows installing IHCI driver and back me to grub4dos menu. Then I've chosen Loading XP RAM install - /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO And after 30 sec received error Error 21: Selected disc does not Exist Press any key to continue... i pressed and it back to grub4dos menu again. What is the reason, wrong disk? If I not use Plop, setup starts, but as I mentioned need wait ~7 minutes.
  4. ilko_t : 1. XP_RAM.ISO size is 714MB 2.I set for VB use 1 GB of ram, because when less of 256 it reports-"cannot fit image to ram", and real machine has 4 Gb of ram. 3.Oops, I didn't make these steps. is it mandatory to put original setup.exe to \setup\I386\ in XP_INST.IMA?
  5. Could somebody help me figure out what is my problem. I did all above mentioned steps: 1. installed grub4dos on USB pendrive 2.Edited menu.lst title Loading XP RAM install - /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO ls /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO || find --set-root /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO map --mem /Inst/XP_INST.IMA (fd0) map --mem /Inst/XP_RAM.ISO (0xFF) map (hd0) (hd1) map (hd1) (hd0) map --hook chainloader (0xFF)/I386/SETUPLDR.BIN 3. Copied Inst folder with XP_INST.IMA and XP_RAM.ISO to USB pen drive 4. Then booted from pendrive in Virtual Box, chosen XP in menu and here is strange, just shows me that window, freezes, nothing happens, waited 15 minutes same. Also i have tested booting from this pendrive in real environment, no changes, freezes.