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  1. lol Esturgeon pretty much shot herself in the foot thanks to her stupid SJW troonery*, not to mention that all the SNP do is end up benefitting the Tories (the Holyrood/Ulster votes also affect Westminster for whatever reason) due to the broken FPTP system, which just causes even more tension and also takes away Labour seats from the north where they are most prominent... (and the Tories will just block any attempt anyways, as has been proven in recent months) in other words, your efforts to break something that's been a thing for centuries are pointless and mostly ingrained in "tories bad", which is something I don't really want to deal with either, it'd be nice to actually not have to deal with them either lol * I don't mean the actual place called Troon, but knowing the SNP they'd rename it to not offend the woke people
  2. https://disk.yandex.com/d/Zf6Z3Boxo_C7tg win32 got the 1000 series NVIDIA GTX to work on Vista a while ago without issues by modding the driver. Given you can't get Steam to work on Vista I guess this is adequate enough, can probably play stuff up to about 2016-2017ish... if emulating games is a concern, I remember a friend got CEMU to run fullspeed using an overclocked Pentium G4560 and a GTX 1080 back in 2017 (and that was on Win10), so yeah.
  3. It barely differs from IE9 at that stage of development anyways rendering engine wise. IE11 was pretty much the only decent IE since IE5, and it was pretty much dead on arrival for obvious reasons. A lot of why IE sucked though was more to do with maintaining corporate compatibility and Microsoft internal decisions, rather than the actual IE team being incompetent - after all, it was them who started the tradition of sending cakes upon new major browser versions This comes from the IE7 era: Amusingly, they sent them a cupcake when Firefox switched to rapid-release cycle: https://www.geekwire.com/2011/cupcake-firefox-5-microsoft-fun-mozillas-rapid-release/
  4. Not really much point, even IE11 barely works anymore. Unless there's some piece of software you use (corporate thing) that requires a later version of IE than 9.x or other fringe reason...
  5. I don't know how he doesn't know where I am, because I was talking to him on Discord for the past three months or so. As for why I took the forum down... well, a mountain is less stubborn than him sometimes and he wouldn't do what I wanted him to do. *insert the sound of things exploding here* >new owner K4sum1 was always user ID 1 though? In the original plans, he was meant to be the 'community admin', so really the board was always his XDDD
  6. Invidious also seems to stutter much less. I presume it's using h264 instead of other codecs.
  7. Yes. I dunno what I'm even trying to achieve here, other than raking things up from ages ago out of sheer paranoia. It's not like I have anything to actually contribute to the project anyway, words/suggestions/bugs/otherwise. I'm still not so sure myself what my ulterior motive is for anything I do. Probably trying to be relevant around a bunch of people who actually make a positive impact in some kind of society... and then when I make a fool of myself in front of them or bore/annoy them to death, I start going on a drama-spooling spree. Maybe I should start properly respecting where my position is (in other words, "lolcow tier") before doing literally anything.
  8. Trivia: Donkey Kong Country 2 has an enemy called Kaboom (keeping inline with the whole 'K' theme, and the main enemies being the Kremlings, an obvious pun on the Russian government...) ... well, the barrel is a subtle insult, since the backwards 'n' would be read as 'i' in Cyrillic... in other words, it says tit. (Which has similar energy as calling someone a knob in the UK.)
  9. Agreed but expect Windows 8.1 to go the same way as Vista did, in other words due to a lack of testers, particularly with open source projects that don't have the resources to support both 7 and 8.1 at the same time, it's cheaper/easier for companies and FOSS projects to simply not test on anything below Win10 now, particularly as so few people actually use 8.1 compared to 7 that usage statistics would be negligable at best. Also 10 LTSC 2019 is actually pretty cool and is supported officially until 2029. No, I won't be exchanging links.
  10. I'm referring to an unofficial build being made by someone here, potentially. There's already a fork of that MailNews thing if I remember right by roytam1, as well as "IceApe", which appears to be SeaMonkey 2.49.4. I guess I just think people don't give SeaMonkey enough credit around these parts of the community. Waterfox has been rendered obsolete to me ever since Firefox started offering their own 64-bit builds in stable, which was the point of the browser in the first place... I was going by the most recent SeaMonkey Meeting page on the Mozilla wiki, which refers to the engine as running on a heavily modded version of Gecko 56. (Or maybe I screwed up and misread 2022 as 2023, who knows. Lol.)
  11. I'm wondering if there's any objection you have to me or @K4sum1 using this due to what happened in July of 2021... That said, I do not expect any bug reports or suggestions from either of us to be taken into consideration since I already presume we're both on your blocklist here (and likely of others too from that time). I was thinking about using it, and he still uses it, but I'd rather not anger the actual developers and those associated with the project by reminding them of what happened back then in any case. I'm aware I'm probably bound to some kind of "don't create any guides/information and give yourself credit for it" if I have such permission, and to avoid any possibility of a smear campaign against the developers of the project due to unintended association caused by myself or him. Thank you in advance. -CompileDesu
  12. Sites like romhacking.net have continued to survive for years on end because they don't host the original binary images (ROMs in their case), which are of course copyrighted to their respective authors; thus, they are not allowed to be reproduced using unauthorised methods or redistributed via unauthorised channels. As far as I can tell, patch files, unless you're patching a 0KB dummy file with the entire content (which wouldn't be the case here - compare it to something like pushing changes to a repo on Git, where it compares the differences in the file and alters it accordingly), aren't illegal under any jurisdiction. Reverse engineering also isn't illegal at all... however, using knowledge from leaked source code (or code that is under a non-disclosure agreement, such as from internal documents meant for company partners) alongside reverse-engineered code is also legally extremely questionable due to the dubious means of acquiring the code. This infamously was the subject of a lawsuit between Atari/TENGEN and Nintendo when the former cracked the 10NES chip using a combination of reverse engineering and documents that were only meant for developers/publishers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_Games_Corp._v._Nintendo_of_America_Inc.# Basically as long as the original binary isn't contained somewhere (an MD5+SHA1/2 hash and/or reasonable description such as a file version is perfectly acceptable), it should be fine from a legal point of view. (For disclaimer purposes, I'm not a lawyer, so correct if necessary should someone be more qualified than me to talk about this topic.)
  13. SeaMonkey's WebComponents support is improving - GitHub is beginning to work again under it, so that's something. (it runs on a highly modified FF56 base with security backports from the latest Firefox ESR) Also, for those who like memes, one of its developers (tomman) was the creator of the infamous CrazyBus tech demo for the Mega Drive back in 2004. http://helmet.kafuka.org/bboard/thread.php?pid=7385#7385 (link also contains a fixed version of Flashblock for SeaMonkey 2.53.x) Wondering if the improved support and the active browser development (worth keeping an eye on, perhaps also worth helping with the upstream too btw) could potentially result in an XP backport? If so, I'd be more than happy to look into getting it featured on the "contributed builds" page for SeaMonkey itself. Or perhaps talk to them directly about that... they're not particularly a hostile bunch unlike PM, they were screwed over by Mozilla harder than anyone really, having had their infrastructure pretty much stripped away from them around the time Firefox decided to go super-woke with its public relations.
  14. Eh, I need Steam, so I'll probably head back to Windows 7 anyways. (Garry's Mod actually officially runs on XP, yet because of Steam effectively blocking it from running on XP, you can't download/play it on there without a nonexistent client. --no-browser doesn't work because half the thing is embedded Chrome. Amazing.)
  15. I guess I just installed it wrong then... last time I looked it wasn't clear in the slightest what I had to do. Somewhat off-topic but I've just realised that if anyone wants to share modified system files they should probably look into using the xdelta/bps formats*, which are normally used for video game ROMs, but a policy on most ROM hacking forums/communities is that you don't share original binaries out in the open, only 'patches' that you apply to a self-sourced binary. (The one exception being the SM64 community, but since when have they had any ethics whatsoever?) * xdelta/bps doesn't let you patch a mismatched file.
  16. Ideally, ungoogled-chromium would be the best option. Also I'm still not sure why someone didn't take a backup of the svn/git repo of the last known working compile for win7 along with the build tools, that would at least make it easier to analyse the source at a fixed point in time and perhaps backport things.
  17. AtGames is a terrible company, they used to make those official Sega flashbacks running on an ARM SoC, presumably running a hacked up version of PicoDrive at the lowest settings (going by the audio), and they were, to say the least, godawful. Note, the "M2" Mega Drive Mini is a different product to this, and is MUCH better.
  18. This sounds more like a security via obscurity thing than anything else. And you never know what some nolife pentester is going to be spending half the day trying to do even to a piece of closed source software, regardless of how obscure or out of date it is. There's one board that's been dead for years and yet some lamer still spams it every now and again using old accounts/exploits that haven't been patched for years, so...
  19. I can see why you wouldn't emulate the 2600. Try playing breakout without the original paddle controller on an emulator and you'll see what I mean.
  20. Yeah, I'm not sure what codec tenor is using for its video-gifs. YouTube under invidious for instance is far less screwy, which I presume is some form of h264. At least now I know k-lite isn't causing some kind of conflict, so thanks about that. ^o^
  21. lol OneCore install it and half your system turns into Portuguese for some reason
  22. On Windows XP it seems like Chinese Chromium forks don't tend to play all that nicely with videos... I've noticed that Firefox forks seem to handle this better, oddly enough. A good example of this is Tenor 'GIF's which are actually just looping MP4s. https://tenor.com/en-GB/view/uzume-tennouboshi-neptunia-mainichi-compile-heart-gif-23868039 Select the MP4 option in MiniBrowser, then select it in Chrome 49, then select it in any Firefox fork, and you'll see what I mean... (Note: I have K-Lite 13.8.5 installed and I have it also set to use HTTP/HTTPS stream source, I hope this isn't a problem.)
  23. I guess that was due to 9/11, which led to the 'war on terror', the PATRIOT act, etc. All while conveniently forgetting that sending people to war that ultimately affects the most, ordinary human beings, it all just feels like a big distraction from the true issues undermining society.
  24. https://digdeeper.club/articles/email.xhtml ProtonMail don't seem particularly trustworthy

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