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  1. I have a lot of old mpg videos but for some reason no thumbnails appear for them, all other video formats show thumbnails without an issue. I tried both vlc and windows media player but no difference. Lastly my friend tried it on a fresh install of windows 10 he had and it displayed the thumbnails. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. Doesn't seem to work in seamonkey anymore, this error edit: works on my main pc for some reason
  3. CS: source and HL2 deathmatch no longer work, they give this error "Steam Beta must be running to make use of Find Servers". Creating a local server doesn't work too, it complains about the cdkey not being validated. This all clearly means they got update again and don't work anymore. By the way, I am the author of this video:
  4. I just tried your rebuilt version of 360chrome and its nice to see v13 with chromium 86 working on xp without those https issues with the vanilla, just a question? How secure is the browser, is it safe to login into discord or youtube for example?
  5. here is an old hacked installer that has the xp block removed but it no longer works as roblox is a web installer and will try to install the latest version which is incomatible and will give a kernel error. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZsHURBm1wmdDiblH5klNwF178qaLgTTz/view
  6. These are the last versions that work http://i430vx.net/files/XP/EOL/VC1719_redist.XPx64.exe http://i430vx.net/files/XP/EOL/VC1719_redist.XPx86.exe
  7. I solved this, it appears that it had an issue with working in vmware therefore the login screen appeared broken. I tested it and it works fine in both virtualbox and real hardware.
  8. The origin legacy client worked until January 14th 2020 https://help.ea.com/en-gb/help/origin/origin/operating-system-not-supported-by-origin/ it was possible to use origin on xp/vista till then. Now all version of origin 9 are blocked from connecting.
  9. I somewhat figured it out, If I have a windows live id saved it will autofill it allowing me to press the sign in button. The login screen is still glitched but it allows me to log in.
  10. I tried installing msn but didn't change anything, also it says that it only automatically enters your details if you have msn installed
  11. Thanks for replying l, no I don’t use proxhtttps. I will instsll msn and try again
  12. xp128bit

    GFWM on XP

    I installed the GFWL package on my Windows XP because a few games a had needed it (or at least its dll's) the package I installed included the last version of the redist and client. It works fine in games however the marketplace client doesn't. It opens but looks broken and is transparent for some reason, and for some weird reason it doesn't even show to place to type in the password. https://imgur.com/a/1pIpNKD The client definetly supports XP and there is even video evidence of it plus showing what the login is meant to looks like. I assume it needs some patch or hotfix or whatever to work, if so does anyone know? Edit: the client work fine on windows 7/10 and I am able to login
  13. The best options going foward are probably going to be Tlauncher, MultiMc and Mineshafter.

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