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  1. Its a desktop , Preferably , Using it on dual boot Can u change my name to the one I asked for in the general ?
  2. I'm feeling like , My hard drive is gonna blow up because it's making even louder noises than 90' and 00' hard drives
  3. I said i will stick with xp , but i didnt , i tried switching to newer versions , linux distros , but none of them filled my needs , So xp is the best
  4. xp is unsecure , i used it until the source code was leaked
  5. i have i5-2400 cpu intel hd 2000 2gb of ram currently running 7 professional 64 bit , is 2k possibpe?
  6. 800 mb of ram usage when no app is used , 1.58 gb ram usage when on 3 tabs of firefox , specs are 2gb of ram
  7. i dont use extemded kernel , i have i5-2400 cpu , I lost the other 2gb of ram due to an unknow failure of it
  8. Hey guys , i want a blue light filter , preefarbly flux , but it doesnt work , what latest version of it works on vista? the laetst works on xp though
  9. bro any program i try to run says windows 7 or up needed , how do i spoof

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