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  1. I had followed that guide and after getting to the VM creation screen, I saw no way to add a ATI/nVidia/3dfx video card to my virtual machine, do I need to install a module or a ROM to get them to work?
  2. Appreciate this, will try when I get home, the main issue I faced however was 98 not even detecting the NE2000 device, which to be fair was not installed during installation so there's a possibility that it didn't install the files required for NE2000 devices, or maybe I'm stupid and wrong, who knows? Anyways, will be sure to try ASAP and get back to you with results.
  3. P.S I will accept a guide to setup QEMU with functioning graphics and sound WITH A GUI.
  4. I am on a Ryzen 3 2600, I have tried 86Box, it was incredibly slow with no drivers or really anything good about it, I can't even figure out how to get QEMU to work, there's no GUI nor any GUIs currently available and updated for Windows 10, plus even with a slightly older GUI I noticed there were virtually no GPUs to choose from, even when I've read "QEMU can do Voodoo emulation!!!", DOSBox-X ran at great speeds and had all 3 of the things I had requested albeit with an older sound card which wasn't an issue since I enjoy the OPL synth sound. However, a major deal breaker was that I couldn't figure out how to get the NE2000 Ethernet emulation to work which meant no networking whatsoever, along with the issue they don't have an IRC or a Discord chat which stopped me from getting support quick and easy, plus I ran into issues with the virtual CD-ROM device , so what I'm trying to figure out is, how I can run 98 reliably, with good CPU speeds, a decent GPU, 512-1024 MBs of RAM, sound, and networking?
  5. This tool was a single EXE file named something along the lines of "NTT5D" and it could mask your windows version to make any program think you were using a different version of Windows, can someone find this? I believe blackwingcat made it but I'm not sure It was not a kernel extension.
  6. VMWare 12 worked, 86box is laggy (I'm on a AMD Bulldozer CPU), and I'm not even sure if Qemu has a UI.
  7. I don't currently have screenshots, but Windows 98SE seems to give me errors about random things but especially rundll32, and this happens on login, setup, and just while performing tasks like booting up MS office. I know this behavior doesn't seem to appear on Intel PCs, and it happens on both Virtualbox, and VMware, any fix available for this?

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